SaeRock Spanking

Today I will be sticking with the Japanese spanking that I began with earlier this week.

It is a little hard to talk about Twitter because I still have a lot of seething anger from there, but I will do my best to be professional. I always remind myself that I am not a spiteful person, I have no malicious intentions, and I am certainly not a vengeful person. During a time of need I provided. That’s all I need to know, that’s all that is important to me. When I start to think about what happened during my time of need, that’s when I close the door and I tell myself that the door will never be reopened, it is now permanently closed. See how easy it is? That’s how you move on in life and you don’t look back.

Earlier in the year, for personal reasons, I deleted my decade old Twitter spanking profile. During this process I had created a vanilla account so that I could continue to interact with the vanilla groups and individuals that I had become friends with over the years. Then at some point I deleted the spanking profile altogether and continued only with my vanilla one. In order to keep up with the spanking industry I then subscribed to producers of spanking material, but that was it, beyond following spanking vendors I have no interest at all.

As you would have seen over the years, I like to use this blog to promote merchants of spanking material, I like to bring positive energy to the lifestyle, so I wanted to stay up to date with what people were producing.

During the summer, one of these website owners gave a shout out to a new spanking vendor in Japan. I mean it was new to me anyway because I had been away for so long.


If you have followed me for long enough then you will know that I obviously have a soft spot for Japan. In 2018 I went to Japan for 3 weeks, then it 2019 I went back to Japan for over a month and toured the entire country. So to see that there was an independent person in Japan making their own spanking material made me very happy. Especially as the likelihood of my going back to Japan is not very high. My next international trip is going to be to South Korea, and then I will probably visit Vietnam a year after that. Of course when that will happen I have no idea based on theΒ  international flying rules at the moment.

So anyway, I began to follow SAEROCK over on Twitter because she was releasing short video clips. Now even though at the time Sae was not selling videos, whenever people are comfortable enough sharing video clips, then the chances are that a video store will soon follow. And then this image appeared in my Twitter feed and my eyes opened up wide.

A sailor girl outfit, white nylon panties and stockings, be still my beating heart πŸ™‚

If you wish to watch the above clip on Twitter then you can do so RIGHT HERE, and be sure to click on the ‘Follow’ button so that you don’t miss any of Sae’s updates.

Anyway, that is just a side note to the main purpose for today. Sae has here OWN WEBSITE which is in the process of development right now. There are currently 57 videos for sale, an amazing amount for someone so new to selling videos, and obviously as you can guess, there are going to be many more videos to come. Some of the videos that Sae offers are an hour long and I don’t think that any video costs more than $25.99, and that price is only on the hour long videos, everything else is much cheaper than that.

Here is the DIRECT LINK to SaeRock’s video store where you can check out all of her videos. Inside you will find lots of cute outfits, a good time for the word Kawaii πŸ™‚ There are many implements used, and from what I can see the bath brush seems to get Sae’s attention the most, but the cane also makes frequent appearances as does the small wooden paddle. While my blog is solely about spanking, I do know that some of my readers are also fans of anal play and enemas, and you will find plenty of those in Sae’s store as well. Below is just a small sampling of videos in Sae’s store.

Don’t get me wrong though, for people like myself who only like spanking and cute outfits, there is more than enough material on Sae’s website to keep you happy, especially if you like Japanese women wearing schoolgirl attire πŸ™‚ So do yourself a favor and check out Sae’s videos, that are very economical and with Christmas just around the corner, why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present. I am sure that you will all find something that you like. If I am not mistaken, almost all videos have a preview clip on the video page.

SaeRock’s Video Page

I will add Sae’s store to my spanking vendor’s page, and just so that you all know, I asked for and received Sae’s permission to make this blog post. It doesn’t cost anything to be polite and courteous. So go and show her some love guys, follow Sae on Twitter and check out her new website. If you prefer you can also go through the route of SAE’S ONLYFANS page.