My Top Ten Shadowlane Videos (Numbers 1 through 5)

Wow,what a tough choice this was!! As I mentioned in a previous post,my top ten lists will be done with honesty and integrity,never will I create a list with the designed purpose of spamming my affiliates. Should an affiliate happen to be in a list then I will use it,but it will not influence any decision that I make. This is part one of two,I just didn’t realize how difficult this was going to be nor how long it was going to take me.

So the first list that I have is my top ten favorite Shadowlane videos. Now then,just for the record,I have not seen all of the videos of Shadowlane,not by a long shot. So this list is compiled based on the 35 that I have at one time or another owned,dating way back to when I used to purchase VHS tapes in a New York store. The criteria I use is pretty much the whole overall package,though I am guessing that the dynamics between the players,the scene itself and what the girls are wearing plays a huge role as to why each film reaches me. Also remember once more,my list is compiled from the movies I have seen and only accounts for a quarter of Shadowlane’s library. So here goes my list,all images used were obtained with the express permission of and are taken directly from their website. Underneath each film will be a direct link to the corresponding DVD on

At Number 1 we have:

Tony and Eve —A college fantasy.

Purchase DVD by clicking here –>Tony and Eve –A College Fantasy

No need for me to write anything here about this film,because I have already written a complete review of this,my favorite all time spanking film. You can read my full review right here –>My All Time Favorite Spanking Movie

Number 2 on the charts is:

Boy spanks girl,Vol 1

Purchase DVD by clicking here –>Boy Spanks Girl (Vol 1)

A tough call between positions 2 and 3,but this one won out for one simple reason. The spanking that Tom Byron gives Kristie Imboch is one of the best I have ever seen. Kristie is a real peach,a really gorgeous girl,and she and Tom have returned from a dinner date and they are trying to get around to that first spanking. You tell me how many of us have actually been there,knowing that the girl you took out for dinner is into spanking,but you don’t know how to make that initial contact. A great job of writing for this scene because it is so realistic.

However,the moment Kristie goes over Tom’s knee for that first swat to her skirt,look out!!! Man does that boy spank hard,and right from the get go as well. Okay,so she is also wearing white nylon panties,which really helps,and every single inch of them is covered very hard. In this scene there is also a caning and strapping and there is a further spanking scene between Larry Seldon and Juliet Severe which is also very,very good. The scene between Tom and Kristie though is perhaps the best single spanking scene I have seen. It is just a pity that Kristie made so few spanking films,she is totally awesome.

3rd on the list is:

Double feature #3

Purchase DVD by clicking here –>Spanking Double Feature #3

Yet another superb spanking scene,this time it is between Ralph Marvell and Bobbie Tawse. This one features a little brat throwing a temper tantrum and getting her due comeuppance. As if the spankings weren’t bad enough,Ralph breaks out this little rubber whippy thing that he uses on Bobbie’s bottom. Each time her hand reaches back from the sting he uses it on her thighs,talk about a girl struggling to get through her spanking. Yet another double feature this DVD is,but it has been so long since I saw the film that I can only remember Ralph and Bobbie’s scene,but a memorable one it was.

4th out of ten is:

Our sorority part 1.

Purchase DVD by clicking here –>Our Sorority,Part 1

This movie is an all girl spanking film,but it fulfilled a lot of fantasies for a young pup starting out in the world of online spanking,back in the days when all I had to connect to the world was a cheap webtv unit. The cast is first rate,featuring Alexis Payne and Stephanie Locke as the spankers and Kiri Kelly and Tanya Foxx as the spankee’s. Should I stop there? I mean seriously,anytime that you have Kiri Kelly and Tanya Foxx as the spankee’s,you know the film has to be good. The mischievous Kiri first teaches Tanya what to expect at this particular sorority and spanks the freshman herself,what a naughty girl that Kiri is. Of course she is going to get found out by the senior sister’s,and the spanking goes on for so long that they actually made a second movie with the same cast.

Nothing more than pure perversion rules in this film for me,four beautiful girls and a whole host of spanked bottoms 🙂

Number 5,the halfway mark:

Spanking Tutorial.

Purchase DVD by clicking here –>Spanking Tutorial

This one I would put at a must have for people wanting to explore the world of spanking for the first time. A young man hires a professional spankee to teach him how to properly deal with his brat of a girlfriend. Bobbie Tawse teaches the man how to give a proper spanking and in the final scene we see what he has learned. Poor Ariele Cole finds out that he learnt an awful lot!! A fantastic tutorial,and if you are looking to start out in a spanking relationship you can look no further than here to get started,it will teach you all you need to know. The Shadowlane write up says that the girls will love this one,but as a guy I also thoroughly enjoyed it. We can all be humble enough to learn a thing or two from time to time.

6 comments to My Top Ten Shadowlane Videos (Numbers 1 through 5)

  • Many thanks,Richard,for giving us your reviews of your Top Five spanking videos. I fully agree with your choices #1 and #5.

    Sorry I cannot comment on the “Sorority”video,as I am not into girl-girl spankings. Somehow they turn me off…AS MUCH as M/F turns me ON!!


  • Spankoguy

    My top 5.

    1. bad Girls Get Spanked

    2. Gentlemen prefer Brats

    3. I need to think about the other 3.

    Too many good ones to mention.

  • Spankoguy,I strongly second your support for Shadow Lane’s “Bad Girls Get Spanked”(SLV-038d).

    This video,starring Virginia Lewis and Tom Byron,is one of the most picturesque and arousing spank vids ever seen by anyone. It is so superb,I have nearly worn out my copy,and will probably try to buy a replacement soon.

    Incidentally,“Bad Girls Get Spanked”contains the BEST double spanking scene,ever!


  • Spankoguy

    Cheers right back at you!

  • Charlie

    I agree with you 100%. “Tony &Eve –a college fantasy”is the #1 video in my collection!

    Keep up the good work here.

  • BlackVelvet007

    I definitely agree that the Our Sorority videos belong on a top 10 list. Excellent F/f vid.

    I’m gonna laugh if Heirs to Misfortune makes your list. 😉 You’ll understand why once you’ve seen it.

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