Streetcar Sundays – 71

It just dawned on me that this is the 71st photo in the series, that is a crazy amount and I have just as many still to post. Hopefully everyone still finds them as enjoyable. As you can see I am trying to pick the pace up again for posting, there was a period there where I would go weeks without a post, but I am getting back towards the old rhythm.

This weeks MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pic goes back to 1953 and it is from Warrensburg, NY. It’s funny actually, but I have another one from Warrensburg in 1953, but it must be from a different state. Still, it is kind of neat that two different towns of the same name featured the same spanking in the same year.

1 comment to Streetcar Sundays – 71

  • jimc

    i really enjoy your Streetcar Sundays and this is one of my favorites as it is really clear and i love the positioning (not to mention that 1953 was a very good year). Thanks for all your posts and how many different ones you have found and shared. Have a great day.

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