Happy Birthday America

Way back when in 1776,  Great Britain and America decided to call it a tie so that the British could try and impose their will elsewhere  🙂  It is also Republic Day in the Philippines so if you are visiting this site from there,  happy independence day to you as well. Ironic really that those two countries share independence day when you consider the leadership of both countries.

So today I am going to give you a bunch of pictures that probably wouldn’t get posted in any theme,  what I do is throw a bunch together to purge the archive somewhat.

Now if you follow me on social media,  and I don’t mean  ‘creepazoid stalker’  follow me,  but if you are friends with me elsewhere you will know that I have become somewhat of a hermit. It is hard to explain really,  I had started to go back to Fetlife,  but the last two national parties have raised debates. As a person watching from the sidelines,  you see the same old voices chipping in with their $5’s worth,  and it just presents a negative vibe that nobody enjoys. Actually,  I shouldn’t generalize,  it presents a negative vibe that proceeds to chase me away.

The current political climate has also destroyed Facebook. I have two Facebook accounts and I haven’t been to either of them in months. It no longer appears to be Facebook,  it is more like Hatebook where everyone has a platform to post their favorite negative topic ad nauseam.


Now I had just written this long post which followed the theme that I started to write above,  but I deleted it all. You are here for the pics,  right,  and I don’t want to disappoint my audience. If you want to keep up with me I am still active on Twitter. CLICK FOR MY TWITTER ACCOUNT.

4 comments to Happy Birthday America

  • jimc

    Thanks for sharing such great pics. I don’t do social media as i too find it to be mostly negative posts and i feel with the fact that employers do check the social media sites and you can get fired for what you post i stay away from it as a matter of self-preservation. I do miss your activity, but am always excited by what you share. Have great day.

  • Richard Windsor

    Thanks for your kind words, Jim. I’m going to try my hardest to update more frequently, at least a couple of times a week. While my interest may be waning, I still have a ton of stuff to share 🙂

  • jimc

    There is an article over at Chicago Spanking Review about the lifespan of a spanking blog and the different reasons why it does not last. Your blog has lasted for several years and you could probly just start it over and people would assume it was new material. For my part some of your older posts somehow had a virus attached to some of them and i suffered computer issues for awhile. This has happened on several sites not just yours and it may be another of long reasons while comments are limited or do not support your hard work. i cannot thank you enough for all you have shared in all of the spanking scene.(Actor; writer;researcher; poster;commenter;archivist; tour director (leading people to great plays, movies, sites etc);as well as sharing alot of your life with your family, friends and work. It is not hard to imagine that you are tired of the scene. Chross seems to have left and while his site is still running it does not appear to be any new material even on the forum. Many of the models are leaving as well (Pixie; LilliAnna; Erica; Rosaleen and all the others that i enjoyed and are leaving for their own reasons as well. I really just wanted to thank you for all you have shared and hope that you continue to share as collections while being collected showed lots of effort, time and research itwas something too to see it shared and appreciated by like -minded people. Have a great day.

  • Some nice paddling pics here, Richard.

    As for updating, I would suggest you choose an update frequency that’s easy for you to maintain. That way, you’ll be updating regularly but not so frequently that it becomes a strain and you get tired of doing it. I’ve generally been o.k. doing one or two updates a week myself, and while there was a time when I was doing four per week, I simply could not keep up that pace today. Of course, I make it more difficult by hand-coding everything without blogging software.

    An update schedule that is easy to maintain is one that won’t make updating seem like such a chore.


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