Streetcar Sundays –12

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It is Sunday and time for the usual classic Men Are Like Streetcars pic. This week has been a very eventful one in terms of communication. When I had mentioned last week that on not a single occasion has any of my Men Are Like Streetcars Sunday pics been linked to in any of the dozens of locations that they have been re-posted, some people mistook it that I was saying that I was getting no comments. Trust me, it is the nature of the blogging beast, comments are rare and that doesn’t bother me in the least. What did happen though is that out of the woodwork, almost all of the stage spanking buffs came out of hiding and started to email me. To say it has been eventful is an understatement. I have been engaged in searching tips with people, sharing of links and more importantly than anything, we have been trading off classic pics.

Be sure to check this weeks SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S pic, it is a classic.

Now this is a true trade off. While I maintain that I find my own material, in this instance it is a collaborative effort. When I send someone a pic that might have taken me 4 hours to find, in return I get the same from the other person who has spent as much time looking as I have. You have to understand, probably 40% of pics are not labelled for search and they have to be manually discovered.

One person that I spoke with today suggested that I create a forum where us aficionados can discuss the various plays that I bring to you,which of course I would also combine with the Sorority pics and the candid ones. Now I set up a forum today very quickly but I won’t get to work on it until after work tomorrow, so I will share that link as well when it is up and running. Much like Chross has a forum for movie spankings, I will have one for my specialty of rare spanking pics.

Okay, enough of that babble, here is this weeks entry from 1952, a nice sized spanking pic from the play. Coincidentally, some of the pics that I have already posted I now have copies that are like quadruple in size and are as crisp as a daisy. You will also notice that I have started to put my website address back on the pics so that I can get credit for my efforts. This was born from the idea that anyone who submits a pic to me, and there have been many, that I will leave a permanent credit on the pic for the person who sent it.

For all MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pics simply click the highlighted text.

br 52

2 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 12

  • jim

    wow,this was indeed a classic find. i liked her clothing and positioning the best on this one. I do hope that you do find some that you have not found and continue this series. i have to admit that these finds do show a lot of the era in which they were made as well. Thank you again. have a great day.

  • NJSpank

    Beautiful lady and cloths otk but dude lose the paper please!

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