1970 Kiss Me Kate

Before I say anything today, I just want to let you know that I will be closing the FREE VIDEO GIVEAWAY tomorrow so this really is your last chance.

The past few weeks I have taken some valuable time to myself and have withdrawn a bit from social media. When I got to the FMS party I was suffering a bit from burn out and I hardly played at all that weekend. Generally when I get to this stage I find that I need to pull away for a bit and concentrate on hobbies. Now of course the hobbies are spanking related,but they put my mind at ease, researching unique finds and material, jotting down story/roleplay ideas, and in a non spanking part, catching up on the dozens of DVD’s that haven’t even been opened.

The downside to feeling a bit burnt out is that I have no tolerance for bullshit. I’m a firm believer in conducting yourself in an appropriate manner as much as is humanly possible at all times, which is one reason I pull away from places like Fetlife. What I would ordinarily laugh at and make light of, in this mood I find myself taking the bait. It is one area that I am conscious of and I do my best to withdraw from situations that would cause me to not appear as I would normally appear. It would make sense,right? You can’t be nasty to somebody one day and then expect them to do something for you the next because you want something, life doesn’t work that way.

Now does this mean that I am not happy? Not in the least, I am always happy. Think about it, I consider myself blessed that I get to live my life the way that I want to live it. In the spanking world I have met some of the nicest people and have been gifted some wonderful partners with who to share that with. Nobody is above the spanking world just because of the nature of what we do. I can’t sweat someone not wanting to play with me,  or not being able to play with someone that catches my eye, why would I, there are plenty of girls who do and I have never gone short.

So before your pic let me offer a little advice. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what your size is, what your emotional baggage is, or how hard you can spank, either guy or girl for all of those criteria. It is about the connections that you make, it is about how you conduct yourself as a person, and most importantly of all, it is what you do for the other person. That in reality is an extension of who you are as a person with a spanko twist included. My own criteria is very simple and follows those guidelines, what is important to me is that the other person, and this goes for both guys and gals, is a genuinely nice, caring, giving individual. There are so many incredibly wonderful people that I have met through spanking that I couldn’t wish for any more. Why am I always happy? Why wouldn’t I be?

Right, here is your pic. Last night I pondered whether or not I should pay some more money to go through some library archives, and after debating for about 0.7 seconds I plopped $28 down and the wabbit went a hunting. Now this hasn’t been the most successful purchase to date, but the initial scan turned up about 20 pics which included a new to me “Men are like streetcars”pic that will be shared on Sunday.

So from 1970, here is a Kiss me Kate/Taming of the Shrew pic that has been sat in my folders for about a year.

so 70


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