Streetcar Sundays – 11

Being that this was the week that I was giving away yet more stuff for free it was a pretty disheartening week. As I have stated though, I’m no longer going to rant about it, I will simply ask politely. Being that so far I have paid $275 to bring these unique spanking pics to you all, and I have researched this project for more hours than you could ever possibly imagine, is it unreasonable to ask for a little bit of courtesy and respect and get a link back when the pics that I bring to you are all taken and posted elsewhere?

Today I hit upon yet another new spanking play, it was purely by accident as well as I was looking for something else. With the new information though I was able to come up with three spanking pics from this production to add to my ever growing list of stage spankings. And this time I didn’t have to pay any extra for this play, but I will in the future if I have to.

There are some weeks that I add more pics to my collection than I post on here, and to give you some idea, this is what I currently have archived on my hard drive which to my knowledge has never been posted anywhere before, virtually everything will be new to the spanking world. The current pic count is as follows, and this is in addition to everything that I have posted so far. Men are like Streetcars:66 more pics –Act Your Age:21 pics –Mind of her own:8 pics –Kiss me Kate/Shrew:50 pics –Various stage shows:62 pics (from at least 25 different productions, many never heard of before) –And I also have a miscellaneous folder of non categorized spankings pics that total 97 in number. That’s 304 never before seen unique spanking pics that you have coming your way. Like I said, you have no idea whatsoever just how long I sit there and go through books page after page after page as there are no search engines to speak of. It also tells me that I have only just scratched the surface.

This brings us to this weeks Streetcar Sunday pic. It’s funny really, despite the Streetcars folder being the most popular page on this blog this year, I have never once received a link back to any picture in this section from anywhere. In a way it is remarkable simply because everyone who has visited the folder are unique readers of this blog. This weeks entry comes from 1953, which happens to be the best year for spanking pics from “Men are like Streetcars”. Whenever I subscribe to a online library or archive, the first thing that I search through are all books from 1953.

As always, this pic will be added to the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder, some of the most unique pics that you will find. It is one of the reasons that I asked to be removed from the spanking blog of the year contest last year, I already know what I bring to the table 🙂

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5 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 11

  • NJSpank

    I try to respond Richard,sorry about you being so down about the responses. I love this one being her smile is extradinary. THanks

  • jim

    hi Richard,i also do try to respond to your site,but i had computer issues myself last week and was only able to access today. i am sorry i missed your giveaway,but i was not going to be able to get it anyway with my computer issues. I do think every blog does have its own appeal. i myself like coming to your blog for the stage spankings and your comments on them. I probably do not thank you enough for all the work i know you put into it,but do want you to know that i do look forward to it whenever i can get there. Thank you again and have a great day

  • Will @ gotham56

    Hello Richard,

    Don’t despair,the pleasure is in finding and mining the “mother lode”,and digital online old yearbooks are a “mother lode of mainstream spanking pictures”.

    I have near 1000 pictures from old US yearbooks including 140 scenes from Men “Are like Streetcars”and 114 FM/MF going back to the early 1900’s and know I’ve only scratched the surface.

    But still it is always nice to know when you share the “mother lode”that the time,money and effort (eye strain) is appreciated.

    You are doing a great job.

    E mail me if I can be of any help.


  • Richard Windsor

    Hey guys,

    This is nothing to do with getting comments,I already know that they are rarer than my spanking finds,lol. I was just a bit mad that someone took what I paid for and didn’t link back to me,and then they were credited with a link of their own for my work,it was like salt being rubbed in the wound.


    I am glad someone appreciates just how much work goes into this,increasing the screen size times 3 just to browse and then having to revert back when you *think* you have found something,lol. It is a great hobby and I am a little jealous that you have 140 Streetcar pics,that’s double what I have. Hopefully I will have new finds for you somewhere along the line.

    Anyway,bedtime. A one hour search yielded one new *Mind of her own* pic,so it least it was time well spent.

  • steve

    sad about responses …I for one am very grateful for your tireless research and generosity in sharing these wonderful images.

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