Can't Even Give It Away

*It might be explained that the comments on 3 of the 4 stories were closed, perhaps that’s why nobody was commenting on them, lol. Okay, I will still send the video link to everyone tomorrow but I will leave it active for a few extra days as I was the one who fudged up here*

Tonight I am uploading the video to a file sharing site and tomorrow I will give the link out to the 20 or so people who have requested it. This one video has outsold all of my other videos by a long shot and I made pretty good money on it, yet I can’t give it away for free, lol. I have spammed the snot out of it on three sites this week, had somewhere in the region on eight thousand people read the posts, yet only 20 people want it for free, pretty amazing.

As I have stated, the video shown below is for free, no strings attached, I am simply giving it away. All I have asked in return is that people comment on one of the following stories listed below and leave your email address when you comment (I can see it when you submit the form so you don’t have to publish it). It is as simple as that. This is the last chance, I had planned to eventually give away all of my videos for free but as this project has been far from popular I will make this a one off deal I think. So this is your final shot, comment on a story and you are in, once done I will remove these video posts.

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  • NJSpank

    I posted on all of them but yeah that was the issue the comments were closed,thank you sir

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