Windsor Wednesday Classic – 42

Something different this week in that it isn’t a stage spanking pic. After my Sunday post I received some really good emails from some of the top names in the stage spanking genre, people who have been known to give up their personal collections to bloggers over time. There are a couple who have expressed some deep interest and this week I am going to be communicating with them further to see how we can help each other. Based on that, this week I am going to go into my grab bag of rare spanking pics and post one that I think you will all love. It is one of the clearer pics that I have from the 50’s and this one is from 1958.

Whilst it doesn’t say “Birthday spanking”, I am short on a proper place to store this at the moment so I will add it to my birthday spankings folder until I sort out where pics like this will go.


hi 58

5 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 42

  • Love your old pic’s and appreciate your effort and work

  • NJSpank

    Thanks Rich,this one is interesting being makes one wonder is she really enjoying this or is he not spanking her hard enough,well done and thanks

  • Hi Richard and thanks for posting that pic “What did I do to deserve this?”This looks to be a scene from the 1950s or 1960s. While I do enjoy the many skirts-up,leggy OTK poses that we see nowadays,I still love to watch M/F scenes where the spanking is given over the lady’s skirt…especially if they are posed as expertly as this is.

  • Will @ gotham56

    Isn’t that a great picture and she’s a year older than me too. Brings back memories.

  • Rich you are the master of nostalgic spanking! xOxO

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