Sorority Spanking Sundays –9

Yesterday I had a few hours to spare so I went on a hunt again. It wasn’t the most fruitful of days, but I was able to find three more sorority spanking pics so that will extend Sorority Spanking Sunday’s by three more weeks. Yeah, it takes me hours to find pics, which is part of the problem when there is no search tool in my paid subscriptions, I have to go through each book page by page, man do I have to put in a lot of effort to find this stuff, lol.

This weeks entry is from Howard Payne, aptly named I might add, in 1946. This pic will be added to my Windsor’s Sorority Spankings folder. In that folder you will see my entire collection of spanking finds, both the ones that I pay for and those rare finds that I make. Also check the tabs on the top row, I have discovered some of the most unique spanking finds there are and I add them to my collection frequently. I have paid good money to treat everyone to the best 🙂

3 comments to Sorority Spanking Sundays –9

  • NJSpank

    Holy crap,those are some paddles,great find Richard,thanks.

  • Paddles (really boat oars) that long could never be controlled properly. One of the interesting things about these old finds of yours,Richard,is that they demonstrate just how bad paddling technique has often been throughout the years!

    I understand how much work it is to find these photos. I have discovered the same thing when I search for spanking comics and comics-related art (e.g. superheroes involved in spankings) –the best finds,that no spanko has ever seen before,come from painstakingly going through various “vanilla”sources. Anyone can type “spanking”into a search engine,but there’s an awful lot of spanking material you can’t find that way.

  • Web-Ed,

    I think I could write a book on the topic,and I have no doubt that sometimes you feel the same frustration that I do. Namely that you devote hours into your work and hobby and you get so little credit for your time and effort. In my case I pay for most of my material and sometimes I think I am paying for other people to reap the success of my effort.

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