Ballet Dancer Spanked

This was a really tough one to work out how to post. The first thing that I did was try to convert the article using a PDF translator, now it worked in part, but because the article was so old the translation was more work than I had to devote to it. So here is what I am going to do, I am going to post a smaller main page and underneath that I broke the article into 5 pieces so that you can read the story. Trust me, it is worth reading as the story is great. Now I have the MASSIVE main article, but to post it and try and get you to read it would be really difficult, so I reduced the size and shared a smaller copy. The main JPG is available upon request.

This story from 1925 is about a ballet dancer who gets spanked, and her beau tries to get retribution against the ballet teacher. A genuine article and one of the rare spanking pieces that I paid for, for you guys to enjoy. Click on each picture to read the story. You won’t be able to read it from the main picture, but you can do so from the other 5 pieces.


3 comments to Ballet Dancer Spanked

  • This was an interesting find that I’m sure is an original discovery of yours. I see the problem –the type is old and a little blurred and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software has trouble correctly identifying the letters under such conditions. I’ve had similar problems with using OCR to convert old spanking fiction or articles from printed form to digital so I could put them into new webpages.

  • Richard Windsor


    Indeed that was the case. Had the article been smaller I would have taken the time to edit the OCR conversion,in fact I started to but there was way too many blurs and it was taking forever just for the first page.

  • NJSpank

    Nice one Richard,wow.


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