Wishful Thinking

I had hoped to write a topic I had in mind for today but unfortunately I ran out of time. Perhaps by the weekend I can get this done. The writing that I had in mind was the topic “You are not alone”,Β where I will share my thoughts on those people out there who only take part in our life via the Internet due to one circumstance or another. Like I said,Β let’s hope that I can do it by the weekend.

Be ready for another Windsor Wednesday Classic tomorrow πŸ™‚

1 comment to Wishful Thinking

  • NJSpank

    I often say to myself,too bad spanking,panty fun and other topics in the scene is something we just can’t talk to a bartender about or a friend,unless you know that friend is also a spanko. So many thoughts about the scene and really no one to listen. Can’t wait Rich to read your commentary.

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