Through The Decades

In between working my tail off today I was going through an old hard drive, and on that drive I found some great old photos. By that I mean that the photos are great for me. It wasn’t something that I actually planned but when I looked at them I noticed that they were covering a vast array of different decades.

The first picture has always been one of my favorites, which is funny because the rest of the photos from the set are pretty generic. This takes me back to the 1970’s when I first started exploring this interest of ours and I would travel to London to visit the JANUS STORE. It was always pretty difficult for me to find what I wanted as I was pretty specific. At that time the cane was a turnoff for me and almost all of the magazines of that era featured copious amounts of caning mixed in with other features. It was hard for me to find a magazine that gave me the most bang for my buck.

This image alone though was worth the price of ten magazines for me though, there are so many elements in one picture that allows you to create your own story. If memory serves me right, and let’s be honest, I’ve loved the picture for 35 or so years so of course I remember, this image stoked a pretty vivid thought process for me. I don’t remember who she was in the photo set, all I remember was that in my mind she was the naughty babysitter. We don’t know why, or what it was that she did, but she is about to receive her first ever spanking outside of her home.

That’s not a true story, it is just one that I created for this image a long time ago.

The second picture today is as classy as it gets, from either the late 90s or the early 00s. This is a picture that I posted many moons ago that I had forgotten about, and I was so happy to see it again in my folders. I personally think that this is one of the sexiest spanking pictures that I have ever seen, there is pure beauty in the submission. The image describes a lot about who I am as a person and what I like, and obviously pictures like this are almost impossible to find nowadays.

Then we go back to the 80s, and yes, this isn’t exactly an excellent copy of this photo, the image is one that means a lot to me. I’m almost sure that I have a clearer copy of this photo, but you have to remember that my collection of photos is unparalleled, it would take me a day to find it!! The 1980s were barren years for me, I can count my real life experiences during that time on one hand. Though the image is F/F, the girl getting spanked reminds me so much of one of the few spankings that I gave in the 80s. Such a great memory.

Then we come to the modern day, from last year in fact. This image is from FIRMHANDSPANKING and it is a classic for me. In fact an image of this quality is likely to make me a subscriber to a website and I haven’t been on Firmhand for probably ten years or so. Again I think that is is the whole set up that is so appealing, the high heeled shoes, the stockings and of course the panties. It does amuse me that she has kept her panties on but they are offering about 1% of protection from her spanking. Sucks to be her, eh? This is an awesome image!!

The last two photos are fairly generic in terms of spanking photos that circulate the Internet. You know what I always find funny? I am a lover of the 1950s, but I have never been a super big fan of spanking images from that era. I mean they are fine and you find a great one from time to time, but they never really did it for me. The reason for this I think is because I don’t relate to it, I was born in 1963 so by the time that I grew up the 1950s weren’t even close to me in terms of culture elements following me. In the 70s there were still aspects of the 60s that carried over, but not the 50s. Anyway, the first image is for those of you who love full coverage panties that also happen to be translucent. I know that there are some of you out there who like that.

3 thoughts on “Through The Decades

  1. I guess each of us have our favorite decade. I was born in the fifties so many of the spankings i grew up with from tv comic strips and even some movies were what shaped my spanking preferences.I think the fifties actually had more spankings than almost any other decade,but I remember many in the forties as well.I seem to remember thinking that spanking did take a short hiatus as I remember 1963as being the end of spanking as Blue Hawaii and Mcclintock and Donavan’s Reef were the last spankings it seemed and I was saddened by that fact. I was kinda born between the spanking hdhday. Of course finding spanking material was difficult as I was not able voluntarily bookstores and playboy did not have that much spanking back then although there were some in Penthouse;MR;and OUIidid not find about about Janusuntil much I think all of us had different ways to find out desires and I sure do enjoy all that you share as some i and some are new to me as well.Thanks for the great article and pics. I do enjoy your comments about the time as well.Have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    I’m in no doubt that had I have been born earlier then my influences would have likewise changed. While I am not certain and I have no data to back this up, I think that those of us who are older view spanking differently to those who grew up with the Internet. You know I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the Internet has made people feel entitled, but I do think that us older folk feel grateful for what we have, no matter how large or small!!

    The older that I get then the more that I realize what I want in life, and perhaps the more withdrawn I become from the scene. Of course there are still people who are delighted to play the way that you wish to play, and I learned early on that if you play on the lighter end of the scale, then you are more likely to play than you are not. It is a fascinating subject, though I am not sure that it is embraced by the generations that grew up with the Internet.


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