Real Life Setting In

There are times when real life issues take more precedence over frivolous activities,  and lately this has applied to me. I’m not coming on here to announce a break or anything,  but there maybe periods where,  like this week for instance,  there are more important issues to take care of.

A short while ago my brother and I acquired the knowledge that our mom was poorly,  and yesterday we were given a rough timeline of what we should expect. In situations like this there is never a definitive time frame,  and the one you are given can in fact prolong for far longer than was expected. Needless to say though,  our mom has been informed that there are not many months left. If there is a positive,  and she has been hospitalized for a week now,  it is that she is not in any pain. One can only hope that when she comes home next week that will continue until the time comes.

In regards to that it has been a pretty tough week in the guilt department. Not guilt in the sense of any regrets,  none at all in that area,  but guilt from the fact that my brother has had to do everything and I’m not there to assist him. Funny enough when I spoke to him yesterday in what was supposed to make me feel better about the situation,  actually made me feel even guiltier.

What I am able to offer him is relief from the stress associated with this. From America I can call all of the members of our mom’s family,  which,  for obvious reasons,  you can only imagine is a stressful time. As much as that isn’t my favorite activity,  I know that he is more than happy for me to have that one. I’m able to be there for him as well at the times he needs. The two of us have a very close bond,  and of course I know that we are related,  but I have called him my best friend practically my whole life. And finally I am in a position where I can relieve some of the financial burden from them. We aren’t talking anything grandiose,  but it is something that I can provide. That was actually where the guilt set in yesterday,  when he told me how much that last part has helped him,  not having to have that additional worry of finances. Of course I was able to read into that,  that this situation has taken a toll on him a bit. Like I said,  we aren’t talking a big deal here,  but he doesn’t have to worry about finding 50 quid from somewhere to buy a commode,  and I can understand the type of relief that would come from that.

I’m not into using this blog to write about morbid things,  but there are times where events in real life are more important. This is one of those situations where real life is going to have more importance than the blog pr playful correspondence. I will still continue to share my vast collection of rare spanking pics as frequently as I can,  perhaps with not as much prose attached to them until things are sorted out. At least if I don’t post you will be aware that I haven’t disappeared,  it is just that there are other pressing matters going on at present.

In regards to spanking though,  I found this funny picture on Ebay this week,  which gives a whole new meaning to the term  “Self Spanking”. Even though it is only a cartoon,  that is one dreadfully naughty girl right there 🙂 Perhaps one of my German friends can translate this for us?


4 thoughts on “Real Life Setting In

  1. I am thankful that you feel able to share your concerns with your wider community of friends. I am sure that many of us, including myself, will be keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time in your life.
    We who have derived considerable profit from your blogging efforts and in many cases your friendship owe it to you to respond to your time of need with our patience, a ready ear and open heart and emotional support.
    Thank you for all you do in this unique fellowship of ours. May you be granted whatever peace and strength will help you through the hard hours ahead.
    I for one do not find a person sharing their grieves and concerns to be morbid but rather to be cathartic and otherwise helpful for both the one relating his story and for the listener.
    You have my email address if you care to share on a more personal level.

  2. Richard –
    These are never easy times for anyone no matter the ages, situation or distance.
    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    Phil above set it better than I, but remember this is your place to share and vent as need be.


  3. I guess there are a lot of people here who don’t know what to say, and the reason for that is that there is nothing adequate that anyone can say. Richard: may you have the strength and dignity you need at this difficult time. Everyone else: support Cancer Research and help humanity to wipe cancer off the face of the Earth; though it is too late for some of our loved ones, it will not be too late for other people.

  4. Richard you don’t know me but I feel like I know you thru reading your blog for years!! I just wanted to say that I’m sooo sorry to hear about your mum. And that it’s nice that you are able to help your brother as you are able!! I will miss your frequent post but understand that you have to do what you have to do!!!

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