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A reader of this blog by the name of jimc posed a few questions to me recently and I thought that it would make for a good post. Many times I am asked questions but for the most part it is done privately,  however,  as I am answering some here,  if you have a question for me then feel free to leave it as a comment on this post or shoot me an email at

Here are Jim’s questions and I will do my best to answer them all as best I can,  and I don’t mind saying that some of these questions are pretty tough. I will try to intersperse some pictures throughout the post as well.

“Do you enjoy the weight of the person over your knee, do you enjoy the position, the submission, the outfits, the sounds of a spanking or are there other things that you seek when you play or don’t play as the case may be?”

So let’s start with the first one,  a very dangerous question for any man,  lol,  “Do you enjoy the weight of the person over your knee”?

Well I have to break this down before I even start. In order for me to do OTK I have to be sat in a straight backed chair,  full stop. There are logistics for this that come into play and they are vitally important for me. To start with,  I’m only 5’6″ tall and my legs are short  “28”  inseam”  and I’m a bit of a bloater. That means that the actual space on my lap is limited at best. Don’t get me wrong,  there is enough room for any girl to fit,  but unless I am in a straight chair my feet don’t reach the ground for balance. OTK on a bed or a couch simply doesn’t work for me,  my feet don’t touch the ground,  I’m not  ‘over’  the person,  rather I’m leaning backwards,  and after a minute or so the compensation that I am putting on my arm and back gets too much. I bet nobody ever thought so much goes into a spanking,  right? Quite simply,  I can’t get a decent swing otherwise and at best I offer no more than a tame spanking.

So before I even enjoy the weight of the person,  I have to set myself up properly.


With that said,  I don’t think that weight is the word that I would use,  but I do enjoy the human contact that is for sure. Whether it is in the otk position or if it was standing next to someone.

photo 4

Do I enjoy the OTK position? No question,  it is by far my favorite and given the choice I do it as much as I can.

What about the submission?

That is a tricky question for me because it all depends on the person and our relationship. There are times where no submission is required when you our just having a playful game of spanking,  but for other times it can be really hot. I thought about this one a lot today and how my relationships are formed both in the spanking world and in the real world.

There is no doubt that I can be difficult to have a relationship with if things aren’t great. Don’t get me wrong,  my barometer for friendship is so incredibly basic,  I’ll be friends with just about anyone. I’m completely drawn to kindhearted people so all someone has to do is be friendly to me. Conversely though,  and I will admit that this is perhaps my biggest flaw in life,  I’m more than content with who I am. That can really affect my relationships because I have to have the basic rules in place. If I ever feel that my company isn’t wanted,  or that my friendship isn’t that important to someone,  I can move on in a nanosecond. It might not sound like it but that can be a real problem with friendships/relationships.

It is a strange one really because I have no malice in my heart,  even if the heart is colder than most  🙂  While I have lost many friendships over the years in the scene,  I’m always here. The moment that someone wants to rekindle a friendship or make me feel welcome then I hold no vindictiveness. If I was a friend of someone once then I’m generally always their friend 99% of the time,  even if we never see or talk to each other anymore. A lot of these thoughts are actually from communications that I have had recently with an old play partner. When we stopped playing we had a bit of an argument,  but ten years later our friendship is back on track. There are times when you realize that you just weren’t compatible,  but I still hold no malice to anyone.

I’m also not going to lie,  and yes,  I have noticed that Jim’s questions are being replaced by my ramblings. When my mom died a few months ago it pretty much mellowed me a lot. Now there is just my brother and myself and while I am not thinking morbidly,  there are more yesterday’s than there are tomorrow’s,  I want to enjoy what is left with the people who want to enjoy me. I’ve always got my brother so I will never lose. I am brutally stubborn though,  I will never be anywhere that I am not welcome,  I have far too much pride for that. And that my friends is my biggest burden in life.

So submission,  there is far more to the word than just a simple answer. But in the right situation with the right person,  it is very hot.

Now asking me about outfits is like asking Stephen Hawkins about the universe,  I could talk for hours on it. In fact the answer is far too long to even include here but yes,  they are very important to me. I generally fall afoul of a section of women with this answer,  but it is an honest answer. I just ask that people separate what is MY opinion from what is their/society’s opinion. There is this vision that I have as to what constitutes femininity as it applies to me in the spanking scene. To save writing it here though I have already written a complete article on FEMININITY AN SUBMISSIONI’m a glutton for punishment,  what can I tell you? You just have to remember that I am only talking about my fantasy vision,  not femininity as a whole.


And now the final part of Jim’s question,  do I enjoy the sounds of the spanking or are there other things that you seek when you play?

I’m going to tap into my sadistic side here and tell you a tale of a spanking scene that I did on film. Now I’m going to say that almost every girl that I have filmed with has been into spanking,  but there was one time where the girl may have enjoyed spanking,  but perhaps she enjoyed it at a different level than we shot at. Being really honest,  and cruel,  I have to tell the truth here,  lol,  the girl had a super hard time getting through the spanking and kicked and squirmed like an eel throughout it. Because her reactions were so genuine,  I have to say that it was the hottest thing ever. We had a safeword in place just like they do on any set,  but she was a trooper and got through it,  and the look she gave me afterwards could have started a war 🙂

Yes,  I’m a perceptive person and any of a thousand things can make it for me,  a look,  a sound,  a comment. It all ties in to what we all call  “The dance”. Many years ago it was how Pixie and I became friends,  she knew how to dance. That sassy comment that puts one foot over the line,  where you aren’t sure whether it is sass or an innocent remark. Of course we all know what it is,  and you dance until it is clear to all. In that situation though it is the acceptance that is the most important,  never start sassing someone who you have no intention of letting spank you.

That is actually a good way to answer that final question,  what are the other things that work?

The dance works. A look,  a remark,  a haughty passing,  a flirt. It works for me if someone wants to play,  and they play the game that gives me the opportunity to play with them. It doesn’t take much to do and I’m pretty simple.

That last line just made me laugh actually,  I can imagine saying to one of my spanking friends  “It doesn’t take much to do and I’m pretty simple”

I can picture half a dozen of those girls saying right now  “Yes,  I noticed”

The dance,  that is something that I definitely crave.

3 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. Great answers to my questions and thank you for throwing in some pics as well. I liked that you answered more than you might have if the questions had just been on the forms. I thought my questions asked for a little more specifics about the scene and your play and you did deliver. I have enjoyed your talking during some of your shoots and I remember some banter from a couple that was on Spanking Tube several years ago. The husband says something like “do you know why you are getting this spanking?” and the wife playfully replied “Well, if you don’t know, why I am I over your knee then?” He then reminded her why she was over his knee and it was a fun spanking. For some reason while I enjoy chair spanking I enjoy couch of bed spanking better ( I think it offers better control I guess and in some ways I want a spanking to be longer and I think the spankee would be more comfortable in that position rather than pecarilessly perched otk on a chair). I would say I prefer the contact of otk than of having them bend over and just spanking them and I think sounds I just mean the sounds of hand slapping flesh, but not crying (I want the spankeee to enjoy the spanking experience and want to get spanked again by me so I think I hold myself back many times.). So thanks for your time in answering my questions. Have a great day.

  2. Terrific answers. I love OTK as it is pure. Whether I am spanking or being spanked, OTK is awesome.

    Sounds I love the sounds of a spanking just erotic and fun… listen that is.

    Great post my friend.


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