Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 47

It’s a bit late on a Sunday but there is still time for me to get the weekly Sunday pic up. Now I was going to do some writing tonight but unfortunately I got caught up with something. That something being that for the first time in a while I had some free time on my hands so I have been picture hunting. Haven’t found anything of note yet tonight,  but I do hold out hope that I will at least find one rare pic.

Part of the reason that I was going to write was based on a comment that one of my readers,  Jim,  posed to me. I was sat here saying to myself,  ooh,  good questions. Here is what he asked…

Do you enjoy the weight of the person over your knee,  do you enjoy the position,  the submission,  the outfits,  the sounds of a spanking or are there other things that you seek when you play or don’t play as the case may be?

That really got my mind ticking because everything that he asked I have an answer for. There are definitely things that enhance spanking play for me. Now I don’t expect to get them all,  but when you get one or two aspects per play session then it generally makes them more enjoyable. For me personally,  and long time readers may be sick to death of hearing it,  lol,  there is anywhere up to a hundred different things that work for me. It starts first and foremost with the personal interaction and is perhaps the reason that I don’t play anywhere near as much as other people at parties. I’m not cheated in any form though because my quality I would say is on an equal with anyone’s quantity.

Before I get carried away though I am going to save that post for tomorrow. Thank you for the questions,  Jim,  and not only that,  all of the people who used to ask me questions on the forms that I had. Many people preferred to do that as opposed to writing a comment,  but as you have probably noticed I was unfortunately forced to remove those forms. While that avenue has been closed though you can still email me at

Now the Sunday candid this week originally came via will@gotham56. This copy of the pic is not his,  however he did provide me with the lead to find a better quality of this particular pic,  so I hope that when he comes here he finds a nice surprise of an improved version of a pic he already has.

The pic is from 1960 and will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES spanking folder. If you click on the link you will find many pics just like this,  some of my best finds,  period.

richfield mn 60a


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  • jimc

    Hi Richard, I am glad my comment got you thinking. I enjoy reading about people’s spanking experiences and wonder how they rival mine. As you said there are hundreds of things that enhance a spanking. Every girl that I have spanked it has been with implied consent so that has been one of my areas that I enjoyed my experiences with those women the best. Great senior superlative picture. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.


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