Windsor Wednesday Classic – 92

It has been a bit of a late one at work today and while I love to write,  I will have to keep it a bit short today as a brother has things to do. The best news is that I was doing some window shopping online today for a new digital voice recorder. It is going to run me about $60 but with a spanking party coming up it is going to be totally worth it.

Now I will be totally frank with you,  I have no cotton picking idea just who is going to be going to this spanking party so I am taking a pot shot that I will be able to get any audio recordings done. In years past there has always been a host of website owners and models attend,  but like I said,  this year I am clueless as to who will be there. Now,  I’m like a kid at Christmas,  I could probably get the item cheaper online,  but I want it now so I will pick it up before the weekend. And the reason for that of course is? Because I want to give it a trial run this weekend and record a podcast.

There is going to be one other slight problem that I run into,  and that is the podcast host that I use only has a small amount of free bandwidth to use. So I will probably end up having to buy a subscription somewhere as well. Now don’t worry,  every podcast that I do or every interview will be totally free and will be my gift to you. If the financial cost is steep then I might record some stories and sell them for a few pennies,  but the interviews will ALWAYS be totally free one way or another. I might even create a Google account specifically for this purpose as I am sure that I can host them in Google Drive.

Anyway,  more on that soon,  now it is time for the Windsor Wednesday classic,  and this week we have a genuine birthday spanking for you. Now okay,  it isn’t the best shot,  position or photograph,  but it is real,  so that has to count for something,  right?

This will be added to my WINDSORS BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.


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