Thigh Turkey’s

Here are the virgin set of thigh turkey’s that I gave last weekend to the amazingly wonderful bundle of fun known as ellee. Her husband told me how to apply them but my first effort on the left leg was more palm than hand. So he gave me another pointer and as you can see on the right leg I got it down well this time. If you are curious,  the whiter the skin in the middle then the harder the smack was. The squeal of pain that ellee gave was pure music to my ears.

Seriously,  that girl reinvigorated my spanking lifestyle and I am now meaner than I have ever been to all the girls,  and they seem to love it 🙂 I’m so very lucky to be able to play from time to time with ellee,  and I hope that I can for years to come,  she is a diamond of a person as anyone who has met her will know.


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