The Panties Are Down

It’s sad but it is true,I have lost the panty spanking website,the panties are down!! I won’t go into it but in a nutshell I screwed the index code up and ended up having my account suspended for the traffic that it drew. Not to worry though,there will be a brand new panty spanking website coming this weekend I can assure you.

This weekend is going to be a full one though. It a couple of weeks time we are going to announce something real big,a few of us having been working tirelessly over the last few weeks and we are getting close to an exciting launch. This weekend I have a lot of projects to do on the new site as well as building one of my own sites,the new panty spanking site of course.

I won’t be done there though,on Sunday afternoon I am going to be visiting my little Dutch cutie who is hankering for you know what 😉 This girl is fairly new and I have only played with her once,but she is a real doll and even though I have to scale back a bit,it will be a great day. At some point over the weekend I will also upload some pics from last week’s play session with the adorable Sara Fields,yet another cutie.

Anyway,here is a 6 pack of pics to tide you over and I will get right on to building the new panty spanking site.

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  • Richard,
    I can’t wait to see the photos with Sara Fields! I met her at Boardwalk Badness and she’s a very pretty girl.

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