The Holidays

As you can all tell,my blogs have suffered from a lack of posting during this holiday season. Have I been away? Actually,no,I have just taken a break from posting this week. Well that is not entirely true,FETLIFE ,which Aurora has so rightly dubbed FET-CRACK,lol,has seen numerous posts by me. It really is a great site,though of course picture-less wonders talking shit about others is of course rife.

This week I made contact with two girls who I knew 30 years ago,and I’m not sure if that was a wise thing. One of them was just a girl from school whose only real memory I have of her is manipulating the colors of a twister game,just so that we could maximise the upskirt viewage :) Sad,but nonetheless true,even sadder that I remember that her panties were light blue,lol. The other girl was someone who I obsessed over as a young man,but was too stupid to know what I was doing. Some of my memories include slow dancing with her,hanging out in her bedroom and as she lived close by,going for long walks with her.

Thing is I am stuck on the memory of a missed opportunity through my naivety,but that was 30 years ago. There was also a case of double jeopardy because one of her friends on Facebook is friends with my Brother,and as I have said many times,as open as I am I do hide from my family under this persona. Personally I don’t know why I made contact,though it was nice that she had a couple of pictures up from when I knew her.

Anyway,I should get back to posting today,just as long as I can tear myself away from the person on Fetlife attacking my friends Munchkin and Sass. Speaking of Munchkin,here is a pic of her minding me as she always does :)

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