Streetcar Sundays – 72

Before I say anything else,  let me point out that this blog has been going for over ten years now and I anticipate doing it for another ten years. There is so much that I have that I want to share that it would be impossible not to do that before I closed up shop. Point being though,  I don’t ever envision not having this blog.

There is no denying that my interest has waned over the last couple of years,  not with blogging but with spanking in general. I once said to a good friend that everything that I ever wanted from the spanking scene I got,  in fact I got it ten fold. Being an older person you fully appreciate every opportunity that the Internet has provided,  I’ve done virtually everything I ever wanted to do,  and I got to do it to a point that I felt spoiled. There are still powerful scenes that drive me crazy and I can repeat them until the day I die,  but I have to admit that I have become a little selfish in doing only the things that I enjoy doing.

It would be fair to say that I am a bit of a loner,  but spanking parties bring out the best in me. For the most part my enjoyment comes from welcoming people into the scene. There are many people out there,  and I dare say many who read this blog who have never been to a party as of yet. They want to,  but they can’t take that final step to get them over the hump. A lot of it comes down to individual personalities,  and for a lot of people that would stem from overcoming shyness.

That is one area that I think I shine in because I think that we are all equals,  nobody is above anybody in the scene. I find it an honor to welcome people into the scene. If you have read me for a long time you will know that I refuse to take part in award shows. There is nothing that I have against them,  in fact many of my friends love them,  but I sit on the other side of the fence on that topic. All that stems from is my upbringing and my personality,  I refuse to put myself on a pedestal. I’m not better than anyone,  what I do appeals to a small fraction of our society and those are the people that I aim to please.

That brings me onto an article that JimC raised for me. Now I’m not going to link the article because in it someone mentions a friend of mine and what she went through,  and that is a topic that angers me. However,  there is a line from the article that really struck a bell for me,  and that line was  “Playing to an empty house”.

Now what is playing to an empty house?

The discussion in question was about the longevity of spanking blogs. One theory as to why blogs come and go,  and one that I can understand,  is the feeling that you are blogging to an empty house. Now I’ve mentioned this many times before and this is the reason why I never did the love our lurkers community event. Whenever I write or post something,  I don’t do it to get feedback. If what I write or post moves someone to the point that they feel they want to comment on it,  then those are the comments that are like gold to me. One term that I love is the phrase  “Posting for cookies”. That is something that I try to avoid at all costs. In fact when my mother passed away a couple of years ago I turned the comment section off when I wrote about it,  because I knew that plates and plates of cookies would arrive,  lol.

Why do I mention this though if comments aren’t that important to me? Well it is quite simple,  there are interests outside of spanking that appeal to me. If I find what I am doing is not appealing to the people I am posting it for,  then my interests tend to gravitate to doing things that give me enjoyment as well.

You have probably read that I watch next to no television,  save for one or two shows  (Hint: Game of Thrones tonight). With that said though,  I have just recently purchased a subscription to Netflix and oh my word,  what the heck was I waiting for? I find myself binge watching TV shows from all over the world. I’m currently obsessed with watching Japanese and Korean dramas,  and once I have had my fill with those there are others from Thailand,  China and Brazil just waiting for me. So I will be quite frank with you,  part of the reason that this blog has not been updated frequently as of late is two fold. Firstly,  my time is somewhat limited,  but secondly,  and perhaps more importantly,  I have been using my spare time to educate my mind. So in one sense,  playing to an empty house really doesn’t bother me,  mostly because I want people to comment only if what I say or post has inspired them in some way. Secondly though,  in a sense playing to an empty house does affect me. I get my 90 minutes of an evening and I sit there and internally say to myself,  do I spend that time blogging,  or do I watch another episode of that awesome Japanese show that I am watching? Catch 22 really. With that said,  this blog will always remain open and I will continue to share with you the awesome collection of rare photos that I have. Hopefully what I said makes sense to you all.

Right,  onto the photo for this week. It is a recent find and will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder. This one is from 1960 and took place in Portage,  Indiana. I love the look on her face,  which should be a nice treat for all of the fans of spanking faces!!

3 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 72

  • Topjosh

    I really appreciate this writing as a lot of this really hits home for me. Looking forward to seeing you soon Richard.

  • KB

    I will continue reading as long as you continue writing. Hopefully not in a weird stalkerish way. I really do enjoy reading your insights on things.

  • John Kernan

    A belated happy birthday. I just turned 69 this March. Let me say that I enjoy your work, and would love to spank some if these lovely girls. Take care and keep up the good work


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