Full White Panties – Janus

Last year I posted some exclusive spanking pics from Janus magazine that Roy Tersley had sent me. It came in as the 4th most viewed page of 2011, but just as importantly it was the top picture post of 2011.

Roy is currently archiving thousands of pics for Janus Worldwide and their website is coming together nicely. Let me give you some advice when going to the site though, if you see a post that appeals to you, be sure to click on the post itself, you will find extra pictures contained within the post. Here is an example post of two Janus darlings, Nicola Redway and Priscilla Waters, I clicked on the post to get the direct link to the page and was delighted to find more pics within the post itself. Some time in the near future I am going to write about my early life in the spanking world and my trips to the Janus bookstore starting in 1979. VISIT JANUS WORLDWIDE.

Anyway, Roy uncovered another gem for me to share with you, and while he cannot find the letter that it came with at the moment, this pic was submitted by a reader of his wife. For lovers of full backed white panties you should love this. Underneath the pic is a poll for you đŸ™‚

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  1. This naughty woman deserves to have her white panties taken down, and given a good caning on her bare bottom. ‘Six or more strokes’ should befall her naked rear end.

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