F/M Friday 42

This week I might go on a posting blitz so be prepared 🙂

Before making this post today I looked at the stats for this blog for the last 365 days, and the reason that I did so was to get the stats for the F/M COLLECTION page. It is one stat that always really surprises me compared to the other pages on this blog. As you can see from the list below, the forward slash (/) is the homepage of this blog where naturally most people begin their journey. Following that is the page that Google smashes on my website, CLASSIC MOTHER AND DAUGHTER SPANKING PICS. The post itself is rather generic in that it only includes six F/F spanking images, and being the avid promoter that I am, simply because Google sends the majority of my search traffic to that page, I also use it to stick up a cheeky video referral page as well as links to all of my stories. Click on the image below for the full sized version.

Third on the list, and the one that surprises me the most is the F/M Collection page. What I am showing you in the image above is page hits for the last 365 days, but the stats are consistent, any 365 day period and the stats above will rarely change. I have had this blog for 15 years now, there are 1,724 posts and 90 pages, and actually if I was to go a bit further I have probably deleted more than 200 posts over time as well.

In all of those years, this is 42nd F/M Friday post, which means there are 1,682 posts that are either M/F or F/F, plus 89 pages if you take out the F/M Collection page. Yet somehow 50 people a day click on the page where all of the F/M spanking pics are gathered. It’s not even like there is additional F/M material on my site for people to look at. Out of all of the stories on my website, just a singular one can be referred to as an F/M story, though in reality it is an F/F and F/M spanking story. That story is called THE FLY ON THE WALL and up until this year it would generally rank as my third most read story each 365 day period. The past 365 days though it has begun to slip down the list a bit but even then, 12 people a day still read that story, which adds up to over 4,000 views a year just for that story alone.

Just as a side note, the stats on this blog are probably the main reason that I don’t post my stories elsewhere. If I take out the two hub pages where the REAL LIFE SPANKING STORIES and the FICTIONAL SPANKING STORIES are listed in their respective genres, the individual stories themselves are still read in total 125,000 times a year. In fact many times I have even considered allowing some guest authors to contribute a story, but at the same time I kind of think that thought makes me sound a bit pretentious, lol.

In fact another side note is that I have long thought about writing a full length spanking book and self publishing it. Obviously I have a massive marketing tool at my disposal to promote the book. Now that doesn’t mean that I will pull all stories and only do it for money, that’s not what I am about at all. Everything barring one book will still be for free, but it will give people an opportunity to purchase something to support the work that I have done for the last 15 years. Just so that you know though, I have thought about doing this for about 8 years now and I am still no further along, lol.

So why do people flock to the F/M Collection page? I have a feeling that I know the answer to that, and I don’t think that it is any different as to why people come to this blog in the first place. It is because the F/M spanking pics that I dig up have yet to be seen in the spanking world. Now obviously I am aware that other spankos will take those photos afterwards on post them on their own platforms, but when viewers realize where the images originate from then the come, as the old saying goes, straight to the horse’s mouth. I mean why wouldn’t you?

As I have grown older then my long time readers will know that I barely even mention images being pilfered from this site anymore. That wasn’t always the case, in fact I used to get bent out of shape by the practice that people were building their own credibility off of the back of my hard work. Perhaps the biggest reason of all with that was that the people who were snaffling the pics were actually denying their audience a wealth of material by not linking back to where they got the pics from. It’s been a couple of years now that I stopped even concerning myself with the practice. You can’t change the behavior of others, you can only change your own behavior. I’m always going to give you guys super rare spanking pictures and I think that people know that already, I no longer need to have any more WHINE and cheese parties 🙂

One final thing before the image for this week, as I mentioned above, the stories on this website are one of the main reasons that a significant portion of readers come here for. The MOTHER SPANKS SERIES has been hugely successful on this website, with all three chapters filling out the top three spots for most read stories annually. (CHAPTER 1CHAPTER 2CHAPTER 3) As the story has progressed it seems that the natural progression is for part 4 to feature Mrs. Pat Ferris having an old fashioned maternal “discussion” with her daughter’s boyfriend.

It is difficult for me to write, hence why I have put it off for so long, because I have never written a straight up F/M spanking story before. What I might do is perhaps do the F/M part and then later in the chapter revert back to M/F when Tim takes Elaine in hand once he learns the true benefit of getting a spanking himself. It might surprise you but I have had future chapters in mind for a while now. Many people wanted Tim to spank Mrs. Ferris but I can’t do that. Firstly because it doesn’t mesh with the nature of the story, and secondly, while I understand that there is a sub fetish in the spanking world for younger spanking older, I don’t share that angle of our lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that I won’t write a story like that at some point, you know like a 28 year old lodger spanking his 55 year old landlady or something, but it doesn’t fit the dynamic of this story.

Future chapters will involve a closer look at the nasty belt that Brittney’s father owns, and I’m even considering Tim joining Bri for a rather painful lesson at her Father’s discretion, and while I am going to have a hard time fitting it in, because so many people want to see Elaine’s mom get spanked, perhaps Bri’s dad will dish out a birthday spanking with his belt to the woman who gave his own daughter a birthday spanking without his permission to do so. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander!! Unfortunately that will also result much further down the line with Elaine herself feeling the stinging impact of that horrible, nasty leather belt. There is also a character called Judy who made an appearance in part 3 who will come back to the story at some point.

Anyway, I have got myself way too distracted here yet again, I only came here today to post a spanking pic, lol. So here you go, a paddling pic from Louisville, Kentucky in 1960.