Windsor Wednesday Classic – 75 – Thanksgiving

*Update*  If you tried to leave a comment via the comment box,  I didn’t realize that it was broken. It is fixed now 🙂

It is that time of years where we give thanks to all that we have in our lives. Whilst I might be taking the CM Punk route in regards to spanking parties,  the one thing that will not change is this blog. There is so much material that I have that it is likely to run another eight years. Without an interested audience though then it would be all for nought,  so today is my day to say thank you to everyone for your continued support of this site.

What I have for you today is one of the best pictures from my collection,  but I also have the FREE VIDEO that I promised you last week. Now I haven’t uploaded it to my Google Drive just yet so it won’t be ready until around 12pm EST today,  but that doesn’t mean that you can’t request it already. The video that I am going to upload is the only one that was asked for,  and that video is SARAH – THE BRATTY NIECE.


To get the video it is pretty simple and requires next to no effort on your part. Simply leave a comment on this post stating that you would like the video and you can have it,  but pay attention to this requirement. When you fill the form out you are required to put your email address,  enter in that box where you would like me to send the link to the video. You won’t need to put it in the comments section as I will be able to see the email address that you left the comment form. It’s as simple as that and this is my way of saying thanks to you all for your support. Remember,  I can’t send you the video link if you don’t leave your email address.

And now on to the Classic for this week. Now while the actual spankings could do with some work,  this is one of the clearest spanking pictures that I have from the 1950’s. The picture is from the play  “Damsels in Distress”  and if you click the link below you will be able to see the other 4 spanking pics that I have previously shared from this play already.


Damsels boiling

13 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 75 – Thanksgiving

  1. Please may I have the video? Love your blog btw. One day I might just try and return to the NYC party scene and meet you again. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Hi Richard,

    I simply love Sarah Gregory from the moment her very first movie appeared. We corresponded quite a while till she got too busy responding to the ever growing number of fans. Can’t blame her.. 🙂
    Would love to see you spanking her..! (Would love to do that myself)
    Kind regards, Erik aka Funbun

  3. Hi Richard – your work is highly appreciated here – so many rare pictures, stuff you’d never get to see except for your sterling work.
    I’d love the vido link of course!

  4. I had purchased this video a few years ago but lost it when my last laptop gave out on me. I didn’t and perhaps couldn’t have transferred it to my new computer. Thanks for the offer.

  5. Richard: I would like to receive the bratty niece video. I have been following your blog for over 4-years. Thank you for your continued great work.

  6. Hello Richard,

    Thanks for your e-mail with regards the free video “Sarah – The Bratty Niece”. Unfortunately when I clicked on “Your Comments” it came up with an error page. It appears that this is the only site we can leave a comment on. I’m guessing it’s not working on the other sites due to the number of people trying to leave comments!!

    Thank you so much for all the work you put in for all your sites, next time I see you I’ll get you a beer!!

    Have fun at the Christmas Party, so sad I couldn’t make it this year, the highlight for me last year was your tour. Would love to know what delights you are taking people to see this year, but obviously let me know after the party as it is a surprise for all the people attending.
    Best Wishes
    Mr Black

  7. Hi Richard

    Many thanks for offering this video, please send me the download link. I have always been fond of Sarah and this film, as the Bratty Niece, is one of her best. Thanks for the great work you do it is very much appreciated. Cheers

  8. I love otk and all that you share this picture of Damsels in distress did seem to be one of the closer spanking pics (more like a group publicity shot I would guess as one of them getting spanked is smiling and I loved her position the best.) I am glad you got your comments section fixed as I did try to leave comments on some of your stories and thought they had been deleted for some reason. Thanks again for the wonderful finds that you share. Have a great day

  9. Richard, glad to see The Bratty Niece emerge victorious (and well-spanked!) As I said in my comment nominating it, I’d love to get the link to download a copy of the video.
    And if you’re truly going all CM Punk on spanking parties (at least for now), does that mean we should expect a tell-all podcast in the near future where you reveal all the juicy reasons behind your absence? Just not sure who would be the Cabana to your Punk – maybe you’ll have to talk Pixie into starting a podcast!
    Thanks again for your willingness to share your videos along with your photo finds.

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