A Free Weekend

This weekend I get a nice three day weekend where I will be able to catch up on some areas of this site and some posts that I am behind on. Either Saturday or Sunday I will post a bumper preview of the Weekend that will soon be upon us,  and I also have written an affiliate post that I will have up for a day and my “Year of the Houndog – Part 2” post is 75% done.

Today I am going to take you through some areas of my site. I make no bones about it,  I make money from this site,  which is perhaps the main reason why I get so bothered when all of my material is taken and I get no courtesy link back. In the last month for example,  despite the amount of unique material that I have provided to other spanking blogs,  I received one,  single,  solitary link back for the entire month. That was it,  just one for my Wednesday Classic 21. Quite frankly I think that I deserve a little bit more courtesy than that. If my material is good enough to take,  surely it is good enough for a polite link back? Basically money is being taken out of my pocket.

Obviously I understand that people don’t want it to be known that I am providing this material,  some of the blogs even run their own affiliate programs where they make money as well so why would they send traffic to me? My old fashioned views on respect though are a burden that I have to live with,  so I have to create my own links back 🙂

So this will be done in order of popularity and how each unique page that I have matches up to the others.


Surprisingly this is the most popular page on the site. I say it is surprising because all it is,  is a page full of spam. And yes,  I fully expect bloggers to copy this idea,  lol. On this page there are 64 galleries of schoolgirls getting spanked,  and this weekend I will be revamping the page a bit. View Schoolgirls….


My Photos:

Not as much of a surprise here,  after all a lot of people come here to see the girls who I am spanking. On the page itself you can see a host of spanking pics that I shot,  but at the top of the page is a link where you can see every spanking pic of me spanking lovely ladies. Just click that link and it will take you to 100’s of spanking pics posted over the years. View my spanking pics….


My Spanking Finds:

One of the newest pages but this one is becoming really popular. On this page I post all of the unique material that I post and is probably the one page where most of my pics are taken from. Practically all of the pics on here I have paid for and spent hours searching for and they are all unique to the spanking world. Click this link for a whole page of beautiful finds. Windsor’s Spanking Finds….

Forestville Central High School - 1952 - mind of her own

My Videos:

This page was created for the video trailers to the movies that I sell. You don’t need to buy anything here as they are all free videos. The page needs some work as I have a lot of videos to add,  but you can see some spanking action already of Richard Windsor spanking naughty girls. My Videos….

Windsor’s Sorority Spankings:

I think I am the only person in the spanking blogging world who has a special page devoted to Sorority Spankings,  though I think that Michael Masterson has something similar on his website promoting Real Spankings. Again,  I find all of these from my paid subscriptions so they are all unique. Sorority Spankings….

knoxville 1942

So those are the top 5 pages for the last month,  and without a write up here are the next pages in order of popularity that you can find on this site.

Spanking Stories – Fiction

Windsor’s Birthday Spankings

Windsor’s Stage Spankings

Spanking Stories – Real Life

Hot Movies

Windsor’s Kiss Me Kate’s

The Kiss me Kate’s are the latest page so it will take them a while to catch up with the rest 🙂

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  1. You are the best and do so much for the scene….espcially the school girls and their lovely panty being warmed, your clips are so well done, such lovely bottoms you spank and well, you are the classic male lap!
    Enjoy thanks

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