3 thoughts on “F/M Friday 22

  1. Hi,
    a curious couple of pictures, rather apposite as I have a curious picture of my own to offer you (from tumblr).
    I’ll send it as an attachment with your permission.
    ps I once sent you a pic of a schoolgirl, hands on head, waiting for the cane, since lost to me. If you still have it perhaps you could send it to me.
    Colin Mann

  2. Colin,

    You once sent me a picture? I mean how long ago are we talking? 5 years? 10 years? 12 years even?

    Let’s go with answer C shall we? October the 2nd, 2008 to be precise 😉 Remarkably, yes, I do have the picture!! How amazing is that? I will email it to you 😉


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