The Podcasts Are Coming

Here we have it guys,  in anticipation of the spanking party season I have purchased myself a digital voice recorder with the intention of recording as many audio interviews as I can in the upcoming year. Not only will I be doing interviews but I will also be doing regular podcasts about our favorite subject so perhaps I can bring you all in here. This weekend I want to record a lengthy podcast just so see how it goes. Of course I can come up with a hundred topics to talk about,  but is there anything that you would like to hear my opinion on?

Alright,  I’m setting myself up I know. I can hear the haters already saying  “What the fuck do we want with your opinion”? 🙂

Let me know if you have any thoughts or topics that are of interest to you and I will see if I can’t add them to the show this weekend. Enough talking though,  I wanted to test the digital voice recorder out so I have put together a little four minute ramble. Let me know what you think,  and please be honest,  I have very thick skin and I can take any criticism.

In a few weeks time I am going to a spanking party so the interviews will begin there. So far I have two lined up but if you are going to the party and you want to be interviewed then please let me know.


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  • Richard, this is awesome – I have always enjoyed your podcasts. I just listened to the 4 minute clip above using my cell phone browser and the audio is great. Very much looking forward to the new podcasts and interviews.


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