Out In The Wilderness

This past week I have been trying to list as many audio spanking links as I could find, and there is one staring me in the face that I wasn’t even aware of. Yes, there is in fact another guy who has a wealth of audio spanking material. In fact it would be fair to say that I am the pretender out there as this person has been doing it for years already. It was one of his readers, Jenny, who alerted me to this fact so I popped over to see what was on offer. I mean I didn’t even need to search for it, there is a tab on the home page labelled “Audio”.

The person in question is DEVLIN O’NEILL and he has a wealth of spanking audios if that is what you like to listen to. Just click the highlighted text and you will be taken directly to Devlin’s audio page where everything is neatly listed. From that page you will also have access to Devlin’s blog. In fact, if you watch the rotating link on the right hand side of this blog, you will see Devlin in action in the film “Spanking Girl Gone Wild”

Now I haven’t listened to anything as of yet, but I will give it a bash this upcoming weekend. By all accounts Devlin also has two full length books that he has also recorded in audio format. In fact let me pop over to his site to see if I can find the links for them.

Ok, I found them both on the same post. The books are entitled “Spank Her” and “Little Red Riding Drawers” and both can be FOUND HERE. Just click on the highlighted text.

One additional item for today is about corner time. Now I’m not the biggest proponent in the world of corner time, but I also know that some people get a tremendous amount of pleasure from seeing naughty girls standing in the corner. These particular images are vanilla, which, for those of us who are connoisseurs of vanilla spanking images, one would imagine that the same would apply to pictures of girls standing in the corner. The images come from the 12th episode of the BLACKPINK reality show called “24/365 with BLACKPINK”. I have left the times on the images where you can find the scenes in question.

In this episode the four girls go back to school for a challenge, and yes, they dress in their school outfits for the entire episode. Jennie gets sent to the corner twice (images 1 and 4) and Rosé puts her nose in the corner in images 2 and 3. What is interesting for those of you who don’t know, which is likely to be 99% of you, lol, even though they are a Korean supergroup, Jennie was born in South Korea but grew up in New Zealand. Rosé is from New Zealand but grew up in Australia, and the other girl that you see in image 3 in the small circle, that is Lisa who is from Thailand. So one would imagine that all of them are quite knowledgeable as to the meaning of standing in the corner.

They remain in their school uniforms for episode 13 but I haven’t watched that one yet, so maybe there is more corner time to come. If you look it up on Youtube then be sure to turn the subtitles on.

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  1. Devlin,

    It’s all good my friend, I was glad that one of your readers told me about your audio work.


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