Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 148

Do you guys realize that I have posted more already this year than I would normally post in an entire year, and we are not even halfway through the year yet. Better yet for you guys, I still have tons of really great stuff to share with you.

As you all know I have been on a British kick for a few weeks and now is the time that I need to start sharing my finds with you.

Now pardon me for doing my happy dance, but here is one of the awesome pics that I discovered recently with my $35 purchase. This spanking is from the play “The More the Merrier” and this is the second spanking pic that I have shared from this play. One must wonder if Richard Windsor has more spanking pics from this play 🙂 I was not able to find this image online anywhere using search engines, so it is quite likely a brand spanking new addition to our little community.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder.


An Old British Cartoon

Today I was all set to spend the day interacting on my new video on Youtube. Having spent hours yesterday creating a four minute video I was really excited with my efforts, but there was one issue that I didn’t count on, the video tanked.

The response was brutal. Normally when you upload a video you want at a bare minimum a click through rate of 4.0 to 4.9 or higher. My videos do really well there and I even have videos with a click through rate as high as 8.7.

What is the current click through rate of my latest video though? One point freaking seven.

1.7 is brutally bad. What does that number mean? It means that people are seeing my video thumbnail and 1.7 people out of a hundred are choosing to watch the video, or alternatively, 98.3 people out of a 100 are choosing to skip it 🙂

The video is a four minute story about a Korean independence fighter who was buried in the town where I live, but because he died alone, for 85 years nobody knew he was there. He was finally discovered in 2008, and then two months ago his remains were repatriated back into South Korea with a full honor ceremony having been in Queens, New York for exactly 100 years. The story of this man was immortalized in the Korean Netflix drama, Mr. Sunshine.

To say I am disappointed is a bit of an understatement, lol, I was so happy with my efforts and it always sucks when your efforts fail.

LINK TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL if you feel like brightening my day and watching my latest video 🙂 Cheap plug I know, but I put so much effort in yesterday and I am pretty disappointed by the response.

Anyway, you aren’t hear to listen to my pity party, are you? No sir, you are all here to see what I have to offer in the spanking world for today, right?

My offering today is a cartoon from a British newspaper in the post war years. The image is displaying a Father spanking his 19 year old daughter for coming home late. However, this cartoon was added to a response page of people responding to the original story from the week before.

The response page would probably tickle you pink. Even in the 1940s you can tell that the people writing in are doing so for wank material. Various descriptions of home spankings written by men pretending to be teenage girls of various ages. In fact I dare say that many of the entries were written by the newspaper staff.

But, at least the image is good to look at, and quite likely the original ‘Letter to the editor’ was genuine. In fact I didn’t look for the original letter, perhaps I should do that, I only download the reply page to that letter.

F/M Friday 61

Imagine there’s no spanking!!

This image was one that I posted way back in 2009, but the copy that I originally posted was dreadfully poor. Thankfully it was recently uploaded to Ebay and as you can see here, it is a crystal clear image.

I have no idea who is paddling John Lennon here, nor do I care much. Click on the image itself for the full sized pic and I will add this to my F/M COLLECTION folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 262

Here is one of the British images that I recently discovered from the 1950s, a happy bride getting a spanking on her wedding day. This must be the ‘good old days’ that people often speak of 😉

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.

This next part is specifically for Jimc, a guy who is always extremely generous in leaving comments on this blog. He had remarked that the spanking in the play LITTLE ACORNS is the only play on my blog that he doesn’t know the reason for the actual spanking.

Origins and minute details are not normally something that I care that much for, however, I was able to dig up a little synopsis just for Jim that I will share for you now. In the play the character Pandora is spanking Millie.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 147

Now that the birthday spanking series is over I can get back to posting the horde of pics that I have stockpiled. Obviously I will post all of the British finds over time, but I also have a ton of other pics that I need to get through as well.

The image today is from the play ALL AMERICAN FAMILY. Now one slight change that I have made to this blog is the links to the various school plays page. As that page was growing way too big I have started to break it down a bit. For any play that I have 4 or more spanking pics from, I will now create a separate page for that play. This is going to reduce the number of pics on the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder which in turn should improve the viewing experience.

So ALL AMERICAN FAMILY now has its own page being that I have amassed 9 spanking pictures from that play already.

So here is this week’s entry, and of course it is a dandy. You wouldn’t expect anything less from me, right? I work so hard to find these virtually unseen before spanking pics. Of course that doesn’t mean that nobody has seen them before, but outside of perhaps a handful of people at most, these are all new additions to the spanking world. The little indistinguishable lines that I add to pics tells me whether they have been poached or not 🙂

This image does come with a confession though, I have altered it very slightly. Between the head of the spanker and the elbow of the witness, there were two very young heads peeking in on the spanking which I have blurred out.

I think that everyone is aware that these images come from a different time frame. A time where spanking was more widely accepted and images of such were used in widely available mainstream publications. These images are a nostalgia trip for many of us, especially for people my age and older who grew up in a time prior to the Internet.

Despite this though, I do try my hardest to remove items that may be viewed differently for example in today’s day and age. A classic example of this would be the use of “Blackface”. In plays set in the 1950s I can tell you through my years of research that there is an abundance of plays where one (sometimes more) of the characters in the play is wearing blackface. This of course mostly stems from the fact that schools/community center’s/village halls back then were not integrated, so there was no diversity pool with which to select from for additional characters. So while I am an avid supporter of pics being shared that show the entire scene, not just the spanking part, if there is a character in the scene wearing blackface then I will edit that part out. That is just my personal moral compass as to what I find acceptable, or in this case, what I don’t find acceptable.

Anyway, Christ alive, you’re not here to listen to me talk your ear off, are you? What’s a matter with me, just post the damn spanking pic already 🙂

There is one very glaring thing happening in this awesome pic that I was very quick to notice. Despite the happy faces I can’t help but notice the left arm of the young lady. While the spanker is holding onto her right arm in front of her, the young lady is acutely aware (perhaps through years of experience?) that her left arm needs to be pinned behind her back, lol. Maybe that is why she is laughing? “Hey dude, you’re holding the wrong arm”

Spanked To Stardom

At the end of 2023 there will be no “Top ten of 2023” like I would normally do. Why is that you may ask! It’s quite simple really, I’m manipulating the results.

If you look over to the right hand side of this blog you will see a “Featured Posts” tab. At the top of that tab is the ROGER THE SIXTH spanking pic that I discovered. I can tell you already that the top post in 2023 will be the Roger the Sixth post, closely followed by Barbara Windsor getting a spanking in the post I titled CARRY ON SPANKING.

It is natural for people to click that ready made link and as you will see in the ‘Popular Posts’ tab, the Roger the Sixth post is going to frequently occupy the top spot. So it wouldn’t really be a true reflection of what people are viewing on this site rather than me pointing them to view something.

The second half of the “Featured Posts” tab will change frequently. Whenever I feel like I need to let people know of my past work and rare finds.

So what is today’s tale about?

Today is a little feature about a singing star who got her break when a big band singer, who would soon become a big band leader himself, discovered her at the Apollo Theater when she was eighteen years old. You don’t need me to speculate or hypothesize, you can read the story for yourself down below 🙂

By the way, Sarah’s nickname was “Sassy”, just so that you know 😉 Click on the newspaper clipping for a larger version that may be easier to read.

A Little Treasure Hunting

Something happened last week that got my mind to thinking, and it made me realize that I could make a little post on this topic. The subject in question is treasure hunting, and of course in our little world that means hunting for spanking pics.

Now I’m going to make a confession here. As you all know, my enjoyment comes from finding pics that you probably haven’t seen before, hence the term treasure hunting, but today I am going to break my usual role for a change and I am going to share with you an image from someone else’s work.

This first image appeared last week on that newspaper site that I have been telling you about. You know the one, the site where a guy is saving his spanking finds as clippings and they are being shared with the public for free, even though he is the one who is paying for them. Now I don’t want to mention his name because he might not want that, however should he also be a visitor to this site and he is okay with me sharing that then I will happily do so.

This was the image that he discovered last week from the play “Perchance to Dream”. The image is his find, however what I am sharing is my own copy that I retrieved from the British site.

So why did this trigger a thought? It’s quite simple really, I went to the British site to locate this image being that it is from Exeter, basically because I wanted to post my own edit to include the title. The ‘clipping’ doesn’t include it as the downloader edited it for his own purpose.

So on the British site I went, searching for “Perchance to dream spanking”. And what did I get in return? As we would say in England, sweet f a! Thankfully I knew the publication that the image was in so I was going to find it, so I removed spanking from the search and voila, after applying localized filters the image showed up. Here is the kicker though, I could see why the word ‘Spanking’ didn’t show up. The word was in the description, but do you know what it was listed as? Wait for it… “apanking” LOL.

THAT is a huge problem that many of us collectors have when searching for spanking pics, especially on newspaper sites, the words aren’t always shown correctly. So for example, if in the search engine it reads the text as “Kiss me Mate”, then I will not get those results for “Kiss me Kate. That’s why you always have to use an alternate set of search terms, such as “Petruchio” or Katherine and Fred, or even “Kiss spanking” to make sure that you can search multiple avenues.

This also tells me that there are many more spanking pics out there that have yet to be found. Not to mention the millions of papers yet to be uploaded online. I can tell you now, I would never have found this “Perchance to Dream” image had it not been shared by someone else, that’s just facts.

This happens in other searches as well, even though the keywords that you want are displayed on the image. Take this MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pic for example.

This image shows up nowhere on the search engine, even though you can quite clearly see that it says Men are like Street Cars right on the image itself. I can run this search, narrow it down to the state and individual year and it will still not show up in the search engine.

It makes no logical sense whatsoever. How did I find the image? That’s simple, I was going through hundred’s of books page by page when I found this image, and I was shocked that it doesn’t show up in the search. So what I did is I added another word that is on the page and added it to a search for “men are like street cars”, and wouldn’t you know it shows up first on the search page and get this, the term “Men are like Street Cars” appears prominently in the description. I still have no idea why you can’t search for it without the extra word, because it recognizes the other words I am searching for.

The real fun part about going on a treasure hunt though is my favorite activity, going through books page by page, year by year. It can be a tiring, tedious process, but it can be oh so rewarding.

Mostly I find those really bad quality images when searching this way, but quite often I will find a gem like this one.

Imagine my surprise when I opened a book, likely about book number 120 that day by that point, lol, and the very first image in the book was this spanking pic. Yes, that’s how the yearbook began, with a spanking.

There is only one way that you will find this pic, it will not be found in any search engine unless you are extraordinarily lucky and you find it while looking for something else. This spanking image can only be found the old fashioned way, by searching for hours through individual books.

Actually, I guess there is a second way, you can let me do all of the hard work and then “Find” it on my blog, haha 🙂

So the bottom line is this, I’ve probably got enough material already to post something new to the spanking community every day for the next two years, and then take into account that quite often I find more new pics in a week than I actually post.

Treasure hunting is something that I love to do, with some music playing in the background as I go hunting for treasures the old fashioned way. It seems certain to me that I have only scratched the surface so far, mostly because I tend to focus on the 50s and early 60s, there are decades of material still to search through.

In December I would have been doing this for the community for 17 years, and my initial goal was perhaps to do it for 20 years and then call it quits. However, I don’t know if I will even end, maybe I can keep this going for 25 years, who knows. Other factors will of course play a part, age and health primarily, but also if the audience loses interest. However, I’m pretty sure that the last of my generation who are around the same age as me will still appreciate the memories as much as I do. The days before we had the Internet and we would have to use alternate means to get our fix.

And One For Luck

So did you enjoy the 60 birthday spanking pics in honor of my 60th birthday? My hope is that you did. So now we move on to the next phase of my unloading of spanking pics.

As you are no doubt aware, I just paid $35 to access a library archive to see what I could dig up for you guys. Was it worth it? I’m going to have to be honest, the answer is no. Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t dig up some awesome pics because I really did, but the number that I found was piss poor.

Now I have found some pics from British plays that I have never seen before, which also likely means that the spanking community has not seen them before either. There is roughly ten of them, plus a wealth of additional spanking pics not related to plays. All told there are going to be around 50 pieces, but I still think that is a low number.

It isn’t much return for the investment, however, with that said, when I look back over the years I have paid far more than that for individual pieces for my personal collection that I was kind enough to share with the spanking world.

For example, the Jenny Maxwell smiling pic as she is getting SPANKED BY ELVIS PRESLEY, that is from my personal collection. Back in 2011 I paid $15 for that image alone. More recently the missing NATALIE WOOD SPANKING PIC, that was another purchase that I made that I was happy to donate to my site for you all to enjoy. There are countless other spanking pics that I have purchased over the years for my personal collection and shared them with you all. So when you think about it, $35 for 50 or so pieces, at the end of the day it isn’t such a bad deal compared to how much I have paid in the past for individual pieces, lol.

So for now, here is the one for luck to go along with the 60 birthday spanking pics, and I will see you all tomorrow. This image is obviously from one of the ‘Spanked Wives’ clubs that popped up in the late 30s/early 40s.

Birthday Bonanza 20 – Men Are Like Streetcars

So we have arrived at the final day of the birthday spanking bonanza series, I feel like I am now closer to 61 than I am 60, lol. I hope that you enjoyed all of the offerings that I have given you over the last 20 days, and in some cases a lot of time and effort went into finding certain pics.

To finish the series I have a nice little treat for you. Today we will end the birthday spanking bonanza series with a selection of pics from the play, MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS.

The first image is one of the most exciting finds that I have made for Streetcars pics in a while. This was the one that I mentioned several weeks ago where I searched and searched tediously for hours trying to dig up extra pics. At the time the pics had dried up and the only hits that I was getting in the search engine was text hits. But then, all of a sudden, way deep in the archived search, this image popped up out of the blue. I mean it was so far down that many people would have given up long before I did, and in fact in the past I have similarly given up when the images stopped appearing.

So this is my personal reward for all of the hard work and effort that I put in, and isn’t it a corker. What a wonderful smile on the young lady’s face and I have to say that it is a pretty nice silhouette of her bottom, lol.

Image number two I have posted before, but this copy is much cleaner. It was found in the actual book rather than being archived by a third party site. And the third image was also another recent find on the newspaper site.

A grand total of 60 spanking pics, one for each year of my age. Stay tuned because the one for luck will be coming on Thursday 😉 On Friday there will be a new image along with a write up regarding picture hunting. The post is already made and is scheduled to post automatically.

Birthday Bonanza 19 – Canoe Paddle

The penultimate post in the series of 60 spanking pictures to celebrate my 60th birthday. Today our theme is canoe paddles and I will add these pictures to one of my folders, I just haven’t decided which one will go where yet.

Join us tomorrow for some brand spanking new Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics as our final birthday spanking post, which is kind of appropriate being that I always post the Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics on a Sunday. (Edit: this post was bumped back a couple of days due to the Roger The Sixth post)