Windsor Wednesday Classic – 240

This week I got a little bit of good news that hopefully I can pull off in June. Just as long as I can meet the COVID rules and regulations, it is quite likely that I will be able to go to Spain in early June. More on that after the spanking pic for this week.

One of the fun aspects of searching through newspaper archives is playing mix and match with keywords. A lot of times you have to alter your search terms in order to find those rare spanking pics. Here’s a new one that I found from the play ‘Kiss Me Kate’. Now normally, as I have mentioned a dozen times already, I’m not really a fan of Kiss Me Kate spanking pics. It certainly has something to do with the period costumes that they wear, it just never tickles my fancy.

However, quite often you can find pre production publicity pics that are posed in everyday street clothes, and therefore we are able to find some OTK spanking pics in modern day clothing. Here is one such pic that I just found this week, the rehearsal of the spanking scene from Kiss Me Kate. The lady playing Kate is a married woman, do ya suppose that she is saying “Hey honey, are you watching”? Click on the image for the full sized version and this will be added to my WINDSOR’S KISS ME KATE’S spanking folder.

On the vanilla front there is this one band that I have yet to see that I really want to watch in person. They are called Jack Baymoore and the Bandits and I looked around to see where they will be playing this year. Almost right away I found the poster below where they will be performing in Spain at a festival. Now aside from Jack Baymoore, everyone else on the bill is either from Europe or Canada and I have hardly seen any of them live, so I looked into seeing whether it would be possible to go. The flight aside, the accommodation in Calella is dirt cheap, so just as long as I can work out what I need to do to return to the USA then I think that I am going to go to this event.

6 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 240

  1. Love the photo. Wonder if he is really spanking her hard? But she is cute. Amazing.

    That trip sounds wonderful and don’t know most of the music but very cool. Hope it works for you.


  2. With a retro show like that you might just find some ladies in retro dresses/skirts (and white panties) that could make the trip extra special!

  3. I enjoy LOL because of the otk and I really enjoy pictures of rehearsals in street clothes like this one.I really enjoyed this one.hope you get to travel for your music and without vivid restrictions.Thanks for sharing this great pic.

  4. Ron,

    Either way, it is better than those images with the full skirt and 15 layers of petticoat, lol.


  5. Warmhand,

    This is the music that I have followed for decades, and the one thing about me in that music scene is that I don’t hide who I am. So quite often, even if it isn’t serious, I am fortunate enough to have some playful interactions with the ladies.


  6. Jim,

    Likewise my friend, I only really enjoy Kiss Me Kate rehearsal pics, unless of course they raise the skirt in the production itself. Fingers crossed that I can get to Spain in a couple of months.


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