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Playing With AI Storytelling

One day a while back I was browsing through spanking blogs when I found a post about spanking stories created by AI over on Strict Julie. I didn’t think too much more about it but I know that she had turned out a hundred plus stories using it.

Now I already use a ChatGPT substitute to help me with my vanilla Youtube scripts. What generally happens is I put my script into the AI and it returns my writing in a more presentable format. It is perfect for what I need because my scripts tend to run longer than my video footage and the AI pretty much halves what I have written.

Well this week I was scrolling the blogs again and once more I saw a more recent post on the strictjulie site concerning an alternate pay site for creating stories. Let me tell you at this point that most AI story generators are heavily censored, you need a degree in engineering to circumvent its filters, lol. In the comments on the latest post Strict Julie gave an example of the prompts she used to generate a story.

So I wondered if the AI that I used could generate a spanking story. By the way, I got the idea from Strict Julie’s site, therefore as a decent human being I am linking to her site as a courtesy for bringing the idea to the table. That’s only fair, right?

Now look, I can tinker with it until the cows come home, but, I entered my prompts based on the structure example that Strict Julie provided and this is what it spanked out. Like I said, I could have tinkered with it and created something much longer, but my only intention is to show you the possibilities. So I present to you a story written by AI.

The Country Store Paddle

The sun was shining brightly on the small country store, casting a warm glow on the wooden exterior. The bell above the door chimed as Jessica pushed it open, the tiny bell echoing through the empty store. She had been searching for the perfect paddle for her sorority, something that would be both fun and functional. As she wandered the aisles, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment as she glanced around.

“Can I help you find something?” The store owner, a tall, muscular man with a salt and pepper beard, asked, his voice deep and friendly.

“Uh, yes,” Jessica stammered, “I’m looking for a paddle for my sorority. Something fun and…uh…”

“Spankable?” The store owner suggested with a grin, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

Jessica blushed even harder, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. “Yeah, exactly,” she muttered, her voice barely audible.

The store owner led her to the back of the store, where a shelf was filled with various paddles. “We have a variety of paddles here,” he said, gesturing to the shelf. “From light and fun to heavy and serious.”

Jessica glanced at the paddles, her eyes widening as she took in the range of sizes and shapes. “I’m not sure which one to choose,” she said hesitantly.

The store owner leaned in closer, his voice dropping to a whisper. “Let me give you some advice,” he said, his eyes twinkling. “If you want a paddle that’s both fun and effective, you should try it out first.”

Jessica’s eyes widened in surprise, but she nodded, her curiosity piqued. “How do I do that?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

The store owner smirked, his eyes still locked on Jessica’s. “I’ll close the store for a few minutes, and I’ll show you.”

Jessica hesitated for a moment, but then nodded, her curiosity getting the better of her. “Okay,” she said, her voice barely audible.

The store owner locked the door and pulled down the blinds. He then flipped on the lights, casting their shadows on the wooden floor. “Alright,” he said, his voice low and husky. “Let’s see how you like a spanking.”

Jessica’s heart raced as the store owner led her over to a wooden chair in the corner of the room. He sat down and patted his lap, his eyes never leaving Jessica’s face. “Over my lap,” he ordered, his voice firm and commanding.

Jessica hesitated for a moment, but then she stepped forward and bent over the store owner’s lap, her hands landing on the floor in front of her. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her face flushing with embarrassment.

The store owner reached up and grabbed a small wooden paddle from the shelf, his eyes never leaving Jessica’s face. “This is the one I recommend,” he said, his voice low and husky. “It’s small and light, but it packs a punch.”

Jessica’s eyes widened as the store owner brought the paddle down on her shorts, the sound of the impact echoing through the room. She yelped, her face flushing with embarrassment, but she didn’t move.

The store owner brought the paddle down again, and again, each time leaving a bright red mark on Jessica’s seat. She could feel her bottom starting to sting, but she didn’t move, her face burning with embarrassment.

Finally, the store owner stopped, his breath coming in ragged gasps. “Alright,” he said, his voice hoarse. “Now, let’s try it with your pants down.”

Jessica’s eyes widened in shock, but she didn’t move, her face burning with embarrassment. “What?” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

The store owner reached down and tugged her shorts down, exposing her thin pink panties. “I want you to feel what a real spanking feels like,” he said, his voice low and commanding.

Jessica’s heart raced as the store owner brought the paddle down on her bottom, the sound of the impact echoing through the room. She yelped, her face flushing with embarrassment, but she didn’t move.

The store owner brought the paddle down again, and again, each time leaving a bright red mark on Jessica’s bottom. She could feel her bottom starting to sting, her face burning with embarrassment.

Finally, the store owner stopped, his breath coming in ragged gasps. “Alright,” he said, his voice hoarse. “Now, let’s talk about the benefits of a paddle and a spanking.”

Jessica stood up, her face still burning with embarrassment, her hands rubbing the seat of her scorching bottom. “I… I don’t know what to say,” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

The store owner smiled, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “A paddle is a great tool for discipline, but it can also be a lot of fun,” he said, his voice low and husky. “And a good spanking can teach you a lesson, and make you feel good at the same time.”

Jessica’s face flushed with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but agree with the store owner. “I… I guess so,” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

The store owner grinned, his eyes still locked on Jessica’s face. “I’m glad we had this little chat,” he said, his voice low and commanding. “Now, let’s find you the perfect paddle for your sorority.”

Jessica nodded, her face still burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “Okay,” she said, her voice barely audible.

The store owner led Jessica back to the shelf, his eyes never leaving her face. “This one,” he said, pointing to a small wooden paddle with a heart-shaped handle. “It’s perfect for your sorority, and it’ll remind you of our little chat.”

Jessica nodded, her face still burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “Thanks,” she said, her voice barely audible.

The store owner smiled, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “You’re welcome,” he said, his voice low and husky. “And remember, a little spanking can go a long way.”

Jessica blushed even harder, her cheeks burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but agree. “I… I will,” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

With the paddle in hand, Jessica left the store, her face still burning with embarrassment, but her heart pounding with excitement. She couldn’t wait to share the paddle with her sorority sisters, and to see the looks on their faces when they heard the story of how she had found it.

As she walked back to her car, Jessica couldn’t help but think about the store owner’s words. A little spanking can go a long way, she thought, her face still burning with embarrassment, but her heart pounding with excitement. And she knew that she would never forget the day she had found the perfect paddle for her sorority.

After The Spanking

As Jessica drove back to the sorority house, her mind was still filled with the events of the day. She couldn’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and embarrassment, but she knew that the paddle would be a hit among her sorority sisters.

She pulled into the sorority parking lot, her heart racing as she got out of the car and made her way to the front door. As she opened the door, she could hear the laughter and chatter of her sisters filling the house. They were all gathered in the common room, enjoying a movie night.

Jessica walked into the room, her heart pounding in her chest, the paddle tucked discreetly under her arm. She couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, but she knew that she had to share the paddle with her sisters.

“Hey, girls!” Jessica called out, her voice shaking a little. “I found something really cool today!”

Her sisters turned to look at her, their eyes wide with curiosity. “What is it?” one of them asked, her voice filled with excitement.

Jessica held up the paddle, her face flushing with embarrassment. “It’s a paddle,” she stammered, her voice barely audible. “I found it at this little country store, and I thought it would be perfect for our sorority.”

Her sisters gasped in surprise, their eyes widening as they took in the paddle. “Wow, that’s so cool!” one of them exclaimed, her voice filled with excitement.

Jessica blushed even harder, her cheeks burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “Yeah, I thought so too,” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

As her sisters gathered around her, their eyes filled with curiosity, Jessica told them the story of how she had found the paddle, and the spanking she got in the process. Her sisters listened intently, their faces flushing with embarrassment, but they couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

“So, what do you think we should do with the paddle?” one of them asked, her voice filled with excitement.

Jessica thought for a moment, her face still burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “I think we should use it for fun,” she stammered, her voice barely audible. “Like, for punishment, but in a fun way.”

Her sisters nodded, their eyes twinkling with excitement. “That sounds like a great idea,” one of them said, her voice filled with enthusiasm.

And so, with the paddle in hand, Jessica and her sorority sisters began a new tradition. They would take turns spanking each other with the paddle, laughing and giggling as they tried to outdo each other. And every time they used the paddle, they would remember the day it was discovered.

As the years went by, the paddle became a symbol of their sorority, a reminder of the fun and laughter they had shared together.

And as Jessica looked back on her college years, she couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic. She had learned so much during her time in college, and she had made so many memories with her sorority sisters. But it was the paddle that stood out the most, a small wooden object that had brought them all so much fun and laughter.

As she graduated and prepared to leave college, Jessica couldn’t help but feel a little sad. But she knew that she would always have her memories of the paddle, and the spanking she had received in the process.

She packed up her belongings, her heart heavy with sadness, but her mind filled with the laughter and joy that the paddle had brought her. As she closed the door to her sorority house for the last time, she took one last look at the paddle, hanging on the wall, and smiled.

She knew that the paddle would always be a part of her, a reminder of the fun and laughter she had shared with her sorority sisters. And as she drove away from the college, her heart filled with nostalgia, she knew that she would never forget the day she had found the perfect paddle for her sorority.

Merry Christmas Everyone

The title simply reflects the posting date of December the 25th, if you celebrate a different holiday or no holiday at all, I wish you all well.

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of this blog but to be honest with you I couldn’t be arsed to write my usual yearly summary. Dwindling viewership, limited interaction and lack of enthusiasm prevented me from posting, but perhaps I will give the yearly update later in the week.

As it is Christmas there may be many of you out there all alone, so maybe a good spanking story with whet your whistle and provide you with some entertainment. I’m actually thinking of subscribing to Dreams of Spanking because I do love a good audio story. Pandora has an F/FFF one entitled “Aunt Gillian’s Hairbrush” that I have wanted to listen to for a while now.

I could buy the clip on clips4sale, but why not pay a few extra bucks and view the whole site instead. I’m sure that there are other audios that I would enjoy listening to. Anyway, here is my list of stories and I will be back soon with some rare spanking pictures.

Her Best Friend’s Dad


The last story that I posted I believe was the longest short story that I have written to date coming in at more than 6,200 words. Well I just surpassed that with my next story which comes in at a whopping 6,451 words. Once I started editing the story that I recently found I came to a realization, I don’t think that I ever have posted this story anywhere because it wasn’t finished. The initial concept had come from a story that I once read a long time ago on the Spanking Classics discussion board, and it has sat dormant for more than a decade. So yesterday I edited it and added the final 2,200 words or so.

It was very tempting to do a word play on the real Mr. Rogers, lol, you know like naming the story “Welcome to the neighborhood” or something like that, but I wanted to make sure that I separated the two characters and didn’t post anything cheesy. I’m also in a bit of a story writing mood so I might just begin my next story which would be part 4 of the Mother Spanks series.

So here is the new story, all 6,451 words of it. If you have feedback at the end of the story, both pro and con, then I would love to hear it. Because stories like this take hours to write, it is always comforting to hear words of encouragement and acknowledgement for your efforts.

Her Best Friend’s Dad:

Chapter 1:

Today was Amanda Vines’ 21st birthday, it was a day that would be very special to her and it would be a day that she wouldn’t soon forget. Now I wonder why that is?

The morning had come and gone, Amanda had arisen nice and early and was soon enjoying a lovely shower. As she dressed a smile had come to her face as only it could when somebody had a birthday. Breakfast with the family was a joyous affair as she got to open her presents soon after, mostly they were items she had requested so there was very little in the way of a surprise, though of course she was delighted with the new gadgets that she received.

Her day had already been planned, she was going to go to her friend Julie’s house, and later on in the afternoon they were meeting up with the rest of their little group for a day at the mall. Amanda wasn’t totally happy about the mall trip being that she was not exactly the cool kid amongst the group, she wanted the day to be about herself but she knew that Elizabeth would command all of the attention and would somehow bring the day around to being about her. She tried to shake the thoughts though because until the afternoon, the day was about her and she joyfully made the trek over to Julie’s house.

When she arrived at the Roger’s household it wasn’t long before she was in Julie’s room opening what she considered to be her best gift of the day. The gift itself was under no circumstances the most expensive gift she had received that day, nor again was it a complete surprise, but she loved Julie dearly and just the fact that it had come from her made the present very special indeed, in fact the wrapping itself must have taken half an hour to do, so much so that she didn’t even really want to ruin it by opening it. Open it she did though and the new hello kitty shirt couldn’t wait a single day to be worn, she quickly took off her white blouse and put the hello kitty shirt on, tucking it carefully into her short light blue flared skirt, heck, even the colors matched like she knew what skirt to wear that day, which of course was something that she fully well knew.

Soon enough it was time to get a bite to eat and the girls headed downstairs. When they stepped into the kitchen they were met by Julie’s dad, immediately Amanda began to play with her hair, her crush on him more than obvious now than it had ever been to anyone watching. When he asked them what they were up to today, Julie told him how it was Amanda’s birthday and that she was treating her to a day out. Mr. Rogers’ smiled at the blushing girl and said that he hoped that she would have a wonderful birthday, but then totally took her off guard when he said “Did you get your birthday spanking already?”

Amanda’s face could not have gotten any redder than it was the moment that he said that. Why couldn’t he have asked her that when the two of them were alone, she would have been over his lap with her panties down around her knees in a nanosecond if he had. Her face wasn’t red with embarrassment at the indignation of his suggestion, it was red from the embarrassment that she would have secretly loved a spanking from Mr. Rogers.

There was this one time about a year ago that Mr. Rogers playfully threatened her with a spanking, and while it wasn’t carried out Amanda would be lying if she said that she hadn’t thought about it long and hard afterwards. Despite her blushing she at least managed a cheeky response, perhaps with a secret long shot hope that maybe she would get a spanking. “Not yet Mr. Rogers, but here’s hoping”

Julie giggled at this playful exchange and said “Perhaps you should spank her daddy”

Trying not to be obvious, Amanda slapped her friend on the arm “Julie, you just stop, your daddy wouldn’t spank me”

Perhaps sensing that Amanda was being a little coy, Mr. Rogers pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down “Oh I wouldn’t eh, why don’t you come here and find out whether I would spank you or not”

A rush of excitement swept through Amanda’s body, had it not been for Julie being present she would have practically flown over his lap, but with Julie there she wasn’t giving up so easy, turning to her friend she said “Now look what you’ve done, maybe you should be the one getting the spanking”

Julie replied “It isn’t my birthday, is it Daddy?”

To which her father responded “No darling, only Amanda has a birthday today”

Amanda scrunched her nose up and went a little closer to Mr. Rogers “Fine, whatever” she said “Just don’t spank me too hard”

“And how old are we today”?

Oh boy, such a tough question. Amanda’s head tilted from side to side as her mouth moved as if she was trying to say something. In her mind she was pondering ‘can I get away with saying I am 260’? Obviously she couldn’t, but she could add a little sass to her demeanor “I’m 21” she replied “You know, so I’m clearly old enough to know right from wrong”

Mr. Rogers reached out his right hand and took Amanda by her hands and moved her next to him “So that is 21 spanks plus one for luck and one to grow on”

Amanda pressed her thighs against his and smiled sexily at him, Mr. Rogers smiled back and placed his hand on her lower back and guided her over his knees. Amanda felt totally vulnerable bent over like this with her bottom sticking up high and she quickly reached back to make sure her skirt had stayed down. Mr. Rogers watched her display and waited for her to put her hands back in front of her, then as quick as a flash he whipped the skirt all the way up. Amanda jumped and her hand flew back once more, first to grab the skirt that was now up her back and then to place her hand on her panties. Julie jumped for joy “Ooh, Daddy’s going to spank you on your panties”

Amanda scorned at her laughing friend “You are going to get such a spanking from me later, mark my words”

Mr. Rogers comfortably took Amanda’s hand and held it by her side, he looked down at her little bottom now encased by a tiny pair of pink nylon panties, the tone of which almost matched her skin tone, and patted it firmly half a dozen times. Looking at his daughter he said “Look at your little friend here, bent over my knees like a naughty little girl with her bottom sticking up in the air, seems to me she has been needing a spanking for a while now”

Julie laughed once more “Oh yes daddy, spank her good”

Amanda gave her friend the evil eye once more, feeling the warmth from Mr. Rogers palm resting on her bottom. She wondered whether all these pats were the actual birthday spanks or not as he patted her bottom several more times, her mind switching between embarrassment and excitement. One thing was for sure, he was certainly taking his sweet little time over the proceedings. Even Julie was wondering what the delay was as she eagerly awaited the spanking of her friend.

Mr. Rogers studied the target beneath him and picked his spot, he raised his hand a foot from the target and brought it down firmly on her right cheek. Amanda jumped at the impact and emitted a vocal sound from her mouth, quickly followed by “What the hell was that? That stung”. Mr. Rogers smiled and repeated the measure with five more steady spanks, alternating butt cheeks as he did so to the bucking woman beneath him. Amanda had scrunched her face up, the spanks were a lot harder than she thought they were going to be, though at the same time she would have been disappointed had they not been hard enough for her to feel them. As Mr. Rogers had paused in the spanking and as the warm glow started to build in Amanda’s bottom, she looked over her shoulder and said “I thought I said not to spank me hard”

Mr. Rogers caught a faint glimpse of the smile on her face and replied “I can spank you a lot harder if you want” to which the girl replied with the word no several times in a row. Now in a teasing mode, Mr. Rogers quickly snapped the hem of her underwear and said “Perhaps if you wore more sensible panties you would have a bit more protection back here”

“They are sensible, it’s not like I am wearing a thong or anything” she replied, then reached back to prevent them from riding up any further. “Besides, you have no right to even be looking at them”

“Well they are very pretty” Mr. Rogers added and patted her bum several more times.

Amanda looked over her shoulder and looked straight at Mr. Rogers “Look, can we just stop talking about my panties and get on with the spanking already”.

Mr. Rogers smiled and replied “As you wish my dear” and he delivered six more solid rapid spanks to the upturned bottom. Amanda bucked and twisted at each swat, thinking how fruitless it was to try and straighten her panties as they rose once more.

“How many is that?” he asked

Amanda was incredulous “Probably about sixty by now”

“No, that was twelve, and this is thirteen, and fourteen and fifteen and sixteen”. Mr. Rogers was spanking firmer than before and he watched with delight as each cheek started to glow.  Aiming at the bottom part of his cheeks he landed one more to each cheek, before delivering the last three right across the center of her bottom. He then announced “One to grow on” and delivered a real stinger to her left cheek, and finally one for luck as he did the same to the right cheek.

Amanda quickly got up and started to rub the seat of her panties as she walked back to Julie. Mr. Rogers grinned and thought to himself ‘For a young lady who was so concerned about me seeing her panties, she sure is showing them a lot now’

As Julie laughed both girls headed out of the kitchen, once at the door Amanda looked behind her and smiled at Mr. Rogers. Amanda didn’t stop rubbing her bottom for five minutes afterwards and both girls studied her pink bottom for quite a while longer. Before long the birthday spanking was forgotten and the girls talked about their day ahead, though not both of them had totally forgotten about the birthday spanking, it played over and over in Amanda’s mind. Yes, it did sting an awful lot, but Amanda loved every minute of it. Within the hour the girls headed back downstairs to leave for the day, but before they left Julie said she was going to get them some water to take with them. For a brief minute Amanda was alone with Mr. Rogers in the living room. He smiled at the blushing girl and asked “How is your bottom?”

Amanda just grinned back and replied “It’s tingling, but it is a nice feeling” then she winked at him.

Mr. Rogers enjoyed the sass and replied “You really must be a naughty girl then”

To which Amanda replied “I guess you were right, I have been needing a spanking for a while now”

As she said this Julie came back in and soon the girls headed towards the door, as Julie went through Amanda looked back at Mr. Rogers and flipped her skirt up with both hands “Thank you for the birthday spanking, Mr. Rogers” she said as she headed out of the door.

Chapter 2:

In the weeks that followed, Amanda had seen Mr. Rogers at least half a dozen times. Every time that she saw him her mind went back to her birthday spanking, yet Mr. Rogers made not one reference to it, even when she teased him there was no threat of a spanking nor an attempt at a quick swat, something that he had done numerous times in the past. The mind of the twenty one year old girl took over and she wondered what it was that she had done wrong, did she frighten him when she teased him by lifting her skirt and telling him that she had been needing a spanking?

As Amanda sat with Julie she felt really nervous and apprehensive that she had done something wrong, as if the spanking wasn’t embarrassing enough, she now felt like she had also humiliated herself with her parting comments. The phone rang, cutting off her thoughts, and she listened to Julie greet her Mom. If she wasn’t feeling lonely before, now she was going to have to sit here and listen to Julie talk to her Mom for half an hour. Not that she blamed her of course, if her Mom no longer lived with her she would want to talk to her all the time as well.

As the conversation went on Amanda excused herself to go and get a drink, Julie asked for a soda for herself when Amanda came back up. Making her way downstairs she was startled by Mr. Rogers in the kitchen, blushing like a bride she opened the fridge and took out two sodas. Mr. Rogers was of course his usual cheerful self and greeted her as she bent to retrieve the drinks. Amanda said hi in return and felt her face get even redder, something that Mr. Rogers noticed and he asked her if everything was okay.

Amanda stuttered as she set about her reply “Well Mr. Rogers, I’m a little embarrassed”

With a strange look on his face Mr. Rogers said “Why are you embarrassed, Amanda”

With her face still blushing, Amanda went into her explanation “Well Mr. Rogers” she said, taking a long pause as she did “The other week when you gave me my birthday spanking, I made a silly comment as I left that day and ever since, every time I see you, I’m embarrassed that I think I might have embarrassed you as well by saying it”

All Mr. Rogers could do was laugh “Ah, I see, you think I was embarrassed when you said that you have been needing a spanking for a while now?”

“Yes, Mr. Rogers”

“Not at all, Amanda, I wasn’t embarrassed one little bit”

A relief came over the girl like a big burden had just been released “Thank you Mr. Rogers”

“Not at all, now where is Julie?”

“She is on the phone with her Mom”

“I see”. Mr. Rogers grinned and sat on a kitchen chair, just like he had a few weeks earlier. He gazed at Amanda and once more she felt a flush come to her cheeks. “As Julie will be on the phone for a while, perhaps now is as good a time as any to give you that spanking”

Amanda’s mouth opened “You can’t be serious”

“Oh I am serious my girl, why don’t you put those drinks down for a minute and let’s take care of this little problem, shall we?”

Amanda’s face was as red as it had ever been “I was only playing with you”

“Put the drinks on the table and come here young lady”

As nervous as she could be, Amanda put the sodas down and slowly walked to the smiling Mr. Rogers. Probably resigned to her fate she was happy to know that she had a pair of jeans on as she approached him. Before she was able to go over his lap, Mr. Rogers stopped her in her tracks. Telling her that she knows he isn’t going to spank her over her jeans, Amanda stood there unable to move as he reached out to unbutton them. Every instinct she had was to stop him from doing it, but at no point did she try to stop him, in fact when he undid them he told her to pull them down the rest of the way.

As she peeled the jeans down over her plain white cotton panties she asked him “What if Julie comes down?”

“I’ll just say that you teased me into giving you another birthday spanking”

For some reason Amanda thought that was a reasonable solution as she tried to maximize the thin material of her panties behind her. Mr. Rogers put his hand around her waist and guided the young miss over his lap. A wave of excitement went through Amanda yet again as she felt her bottom raise up in the air once more as she was lowered over Mr. Rogers’ lap. Once in position she felt Mr. Rogers pat her bottom several times like he had done before. Mr. Rogers in turn knew a sassy little minx when he came across one and studied the cute little bubble butt beneath him straining against the thin material of her panties.

Mr. Rogers asked her if she was ready, but all Amanda could do was utter a vague sound to show that she was. Pulling her in tight around the waist, Mr. Rogers began to spank his young charge.

Now the spanking wasn’t hard by any means, but it was firm and it was steady, vastly different to her birthday spank. Mr. Rogers spanked from one cheek to the next quite methodically, admiring the girls cheeks bouncing beneath her thin panties. Amanda writhed over his lap like an eel, her legs kicking in the air, still though, it wasn’t unbearable, but she could definitely feel her bottom getting very hot. This time around Amanda made no attempt to fix her panties as the spanks continued to come down, even though she could feel that the left side of them had risen up so much that she must be getting spanked on the bare bottom on that side.

Perhaps a hundred spanks had come down when Mr. Rogers paused in the spanking and began to rub her bottom through her thin underwear “I guess after this your slate is clean, Amanda” he said

Amanda’s face began to flush once more as she replied “I guess so”

Smiling broadly he continued “At least until next time” and once more he began to spank the now pink cheeks. This time Mr. Rogers began to spank just a little bit harder, making sure to cover every inch of her bottom. Amanda gritted her teeth and tried in vain to keep still, something that of course she couldn’t do as the spanks rained off her bottom.

Once he was satisfied, Mr. Rogers patted the young girls cheeks and said “Now that is one well spanked naughty little girl”.

Amanda rose very slowly and began to rub her bottom vigorously in front of Mr. Rogers. Once she was comfortable that the sting had subsided she reached down and pulled her jeans up, not even bothering to straighten out her disheveled panties when she did so. With the jeans snugly in place, ensuring that the warmth in her bottom would stay for a while, Amanda reached over and picked up the sodas. For a brief moment she thought of Julie and wondered just how long she had been over Mr. Rogers’ knee. The uncomfortable silence was broken by Mr. Rogers when he said “Now then, I hope that you feel better after that”

Like a broken record the young lass blushed bright red one further time, yet she managed a cheeky reply “Well I am no longer embarrassed about what I said, but I might be a bit embarrassed to go back upstairs to Julie knowing that I am sporting a bright red bottom”

Mr. Rogers laughed “Don’t be too embarrassed, Julie has had her fair share of warm bottoms over the years.

Amanda got really sassy this time around “Yeah, but I doubt if she enjoyed them anywhere near as much as I did” and she winked.

Mr. Rogers shook his head “I can tell that this won’t be the last time I have to spank you”

Turning to leave Amanda muttered out loud “Not if I can help it” as she giggled.

It was a very surreal feeling as Amanda sat there listening to Julie finish talking to her Mom, especially knowing that 15 minutes earlier Julie’s Father had actually been spanking her. When the conversation finished, Julie was delighted to tell her friend that her Mom was planning on picking her up this weekend to take her away for a couple of days. Amanda of course was a little sad to hear about this as it meant that she wouldn’t have her friend around this weekend, however her evil mind plotted as she thought to herself “If Julie isn’t around, that must mean that Mr. Rogers will be alone this weekend”

Chapter 3:

It was Saturday morning and only one thought corrupted Amanda’s mind, can she find a way to get a third spanking. It wasn’t going to take her long to find out, regardless of how ridiculous an excuse she could make to pay Mr. Rogers a visit. All of these thoughts were running through her mind following her shower as she agonized over what pair of panties she would wear today, she even grinned at one point wishing that she had a pair that said ‘Spank me’ on the rear. Silly thoughts engaged her mind as she tried to select a pair and finally she decided on being a bit risky. Mr. Rogers had spanked her over a pair of pink nylon panties and a pair of white cotton ones, let’s shoot for the stars this time she smirked.

The reason that the move was so daring was because this particular pair of panties were cut higher than the others, in fact she rarely wore them for that reason alone because when she did, she was always having to try and find a way to fix them when they worked their way upwards no matter how she moved. A short skirt of course was in order as well, something that would be very quick to flip up should she find herself over his knee again, like there was any danger that wasn’t going to happen. So the skimpy white silk panties now adorned her bottom complete with a rather daring red plaid skirt.

Checking herself in the mirror and smoothing her skirt out, Amanda spun around and flipped it up to see what Mr. Rogers was sure to see that day. In literally any other circumstance she would never pair this skirt with these panties, if she did she would barely move at all from the fear of an accident happening, or a sudden inappropriate gust of wind.

Content with how she looked in her sexy outfit she headed out of the door and started the short walk to her friend’s house, still unsure exactly what her excuse was going to be for paying Mr. Rogers a visit. As she approached his house a wave of excitement came over her, even though she knew what time Julie was leaving she was going to pretend that she had hoped to catch her before she left, what a genius idea she thought.

A big smile came to her face as she rang the doorbell, while she waited she fussed over her clothes until finally Mr. Rogers appeared with a quizzed look on his face. “Is Julie home” Amanda asked joyfully.

“Um, no Amanda, Julie is with her Mom today”

“I thought she was leaving this afternoon”

“No dear, her Mom picked her up this morning”

“Oh drats”

An uncomfortable silence then came as Amanda waited for Mr. Rogers to say something, he of course was at a loss until he politely asked “Can I get you a drink or something?”

She was in, Amanda tried to stifle her grin as she quickly accepted. She followed him into the kitchen and he asked her what she wanted. Trying not to be too eager to ask for what she really wanted, she asked for a diet soda instead. Mr. Rogers was totally oblivious to any plans that the girl may have had and he handed her the drink. She asked if she could sit down to which Mr. Rogers graciously pulled out a chair for her. As she took the seat she could contain herself no longer “Makes a change to be able to sit in this seat”.

The penny had still not dropped for him when he responded “How do you mean?”

Amanda grinned from ear to ear “Well every time that I am anywhere near this chair I somehow find myself bent over your lap getting a spanking”

Mr. Rogers laughed “Oh right, yes, you have had a couple of trips over my knee, haven’t you?”

Amanda was a little perturbed that he seemed so blasé over it, like it was of little importance to him. Since her birthday spanking it was the only thing that she thought of morning, noon and night. Of course the second spanking had just sent her into overdrive and she frequently spent many a night under the covers thinking about it. Still, she wasn’t here just for him to blow her off, she had come for a spanking and she was determined to get one. So picking up on his last comment she began to manipulate herself over his lap.

“Yes, and the last one was so uncomfortable having to sit there in front of Julie knowing that I had a red bottom under my jeans”

“Well you did ask for it”

“From what I remember I didn’t do much asking, all I remember is you unbuttoning my jeans, putting me over your knee and then spanking the seat of my panties until my bottom glowed”

“It certainly was glowing, I could see the areas that your little panties didn’t cover”

Amanda scrunched her nose up “It’s not right for an old man to spank a young woman on her panties”

“I agree, that was wrong of me, I really should have spanked you on your bare bottom” he retorted with an evil smile.

Amanda’s mouth opened, she hadn’t planned on that, she was almost speechless until she was able to blurt out “I would die if you did that”

Mr. Rogers smiled “I doubt if you would die my dear, but you sure would have a very red bottom”

“Suddenly a spanking on my panties doesn’t sound so bad”

Mr. Rogers studied the 21 year old sat in the chair and finally the penny was beginning to drop “That’s a rather unique outfit you are wearing today, Amanda, is that your old school skirt”?

Despite wanting another spanking, all of a sudden some nervous butterflies entered her tummy when he started to lead the conversation. She responded with “What, this old thing, nah, I just grabbed any old thing this morning”

“Let me get this right, you show up hours after Julie has left, and I’ve never figured you to be the type of girl who isn’t very smart and alert to their best friend’s moves. You’re wearing what can only be described as a schoolgirl skirt and, Amanda, and you mention spanking no sooner than you walk in here. Something tells me that I’m going to need to spank you again”

“I think you are being awfully presumptuous to think that you are going to spank me again”

“And I think you will be lucky to leave this house today without getting another spanking”

All of a sudden there was an uncomfortable silence as Amanda blushed slightly.

Mr. Rogers finally broke the silence when he asked Amanda a question “Does Julie know that you were coming to see me today”?

Mr. Rogers was actually surprised at her answer, he thought for sure that Julie would know about this, but Amanda simply blushed and shook her head ‘no’.

There was yet another uncomfortable silence, only this time Julie’s dad was actually weighing up what he was sure was being requested of him.

When Mr. Rogers began to talk it was surprisingly of reassurance to Amanda. Rather than flat out refusing, or even taking the approach of hiding a little secret from his daughter, he talked quite frankly and with great understanding to her. In fact what he was saying was giving her the opportunity to form her own excuses should she need to with Julie.

“Obviously you need some help, Amanda” he began as Amanda guiltily blushed “This can’t be a regular thing because I think what you are looking for is a little bit more than something that is playful. However, if on the rare occasion I can help one of my daughter’s friends out then of course I am always happy to help them, do we understand each other”?

Amanda was trying to process all of his words to make sure that she understood everything that he was saying, yet Mr. Rogers wasn’t finished as she sat there thinking of his words.

Almost as if he was relieving her of any sense of guilt he added “I would never want to do anything behind my daughter’s back, but sometimes there are situations where I can do something to help people out. If a date doesn’t have a tie, do I need to tell my daughter that I gave her date one of mine? If a friend wants to buy her a birthday present but doesn’t have enough money, do I need to tell Julie that I put my hand in my pocket to make up the difference? If I see a friend of hers who is drunk, does she need to know that I drove them home? Sometimes a Father can show kindness to a friend that will actually strengthen the bond that the person has with their offspring”

Amanda had no idea how wise Mr. Rogers was. A father can do something for a friend that strengthens the bond for their daughter. His wisdom resonated with her, but she hadn’t spoken for several minutes now, and she still found herself listening as Mr. Rogers took full charge of the conversation.

Once more he began to talk “So my guess is that I was actually correct on that first day, that you really do need a good spanking. If that is correct then I can certainly give you one, but only as a favor, it cannot be a regular event. I’m fully aware that there is a certain catharsis attached to getting a spanking, and if getting one means that you get to spend more quality time with my daughter, then I would be foolish not to help that friend out as I would in all of the other scenarios that I mentioned. Just remember though, this is just a temporary fix, not a long term solution”

Amanda, now feeling completely relieved and relaxed finally spoke “Wow, you are just so smart, everything that you said makes perfect sense. It’s probably foolish of me to even think this way in the first place, my loyalty should always be with my friend first and foremost without any qualifying criteria”

And before she could go on and perhaps convince herself to go in a different direction, Mr. Rogers cut her off at that point.

“Which is a pretty good reason for a spanking in and of itself, even if I do say so myself”

The atmosphere was completely different this third time around, though not entirely in an unpleasant manner for Amanda. To her it felt like she was joining the big leagues. Mr. Rogers had spoken in such a way that he had not only convinced her not to feel guilty, but also gave her confidence in herself. In fact maybe she didn’t need a spanking after all.

Amanda sighed “Sometimes it is hard to break fantasy from reality, I really should know better, what you just said has helped me clear my mind, I guess that is all part of growing up”

Mr. Rogers stood up and took the two steps towards Amanda, not that he needed to, he already had a chair that he was sat on. He was purely doing this for the psychological effect “So let me have my chair if you please, there is something else that is also a part of growing up”

Amanda was actually flustered, she had gone around for a spanking, he had helped her convince herself that she probably didn’t need one, and now he was going to spank her. What type of a messed up universe is this?

Mr. Rogers sat down and patted his lap and it was actually funny to see Amanda’s reaction. The young woman who had specifically gone around for a spanking, now all of a sudden wasn’t sure that she wanted one, and that in and off itself was such a powerful sensation.

Suddenly a very authoritative voice rang out “If you need this spanking you had better get a move on, I don’t have all day”

Amanda pigeon stepped her way towards him and as soon as she arrived he wasted no time in pulling her firmly across his lap and flipping her skirt up in the same motion. Everything went silent for more than a few seconds as Mr. Rogers looked at what was beneath him. He delivered six stinging blows on the layer of silk covering her bottom and then said “Clearly you came prepared for a spanking today so I won’t disappoint you, but I also told you that you were getting a spanking on your bare bottom”

For the first time in their interactions Amanda actually gave a genuine plea as she halfheartedly struggled and tried to suggest that it wasn’t necessary. But to no avail, her panties were soon at her knees, and then at her ankles seconds later as the slippery material fell all the way down.

Mr. Rogers placed his hand on her right cheek and addressed her “You are not going to like this, Amanda, but I am determined to give you exactly what you need, and I am not going to stop until I think that the message has got through to you”

Poor Amanda was frantic, she had wanted a spanking for so long now, and now that she was actually about to get one she had all of the apprehension of someone who didn’t want to be spanked. The hand had left her bottom and before it even landed she just knew that it was going to sting like crazy.

She was right, she yelped out and within seconds was struggling and bouncing over his lap as his hard hand went to work all over her bare bottom. High, low, side to side, across both flanks, there wasn’t an inch that Mr. Rogers was going to miss. He wasn’t playing either, this was an honest to goodness bare bottom spanking, relentless in its application and methodic is its severity.

For two whole minutes Mr. Rogers spanked her bare bottom soundly, like he was a musician tuning his implement. Amanda’s bottom was literally red all over, there had been no preliminaries. Around the two minute mark he paused very briefly as Amanda continued to kick her legs, almost as if she was on an automatic pilot. The pause was indeed brief, Mr. Rogers said “As I told you, this is not going to be a regular occurrence, but if I feel that it is necessary you will be right back across my knee”. He didn’t even wait for an answer, he simply resumed from where he left off and Amanda wailed away as she received the very spanking that she had wanted for a long time.

By the time Mr. Rogers had finished Amanda was a crying mess. Yes, genuine tears, she had always wanted a good hard spanking and by heavens she got one, and then some. She had never dreamed that she would be sat on Mr. Rogers’ lap being comforted as she cried on his shoulder, her panties halfway across the kitchen where they had flown off several minutes earlier. It was indeed cathartic, even though the spanking was 5 times worse than she had ever imagined it would be. And as stupid as it sounded at that very moment because her butt was on fire, it was like she instinctively knew that she really did need a spanking just like that.

Within ten minutes Amanda had gathered her panties and was slowly pulling them on as her puffy face gave the last of the sniffles following her post spanking cry. Then like two responsible adults the pair of them talked in all sincerity. Mr. Rogers was genuine with his thoughts, Amanda wasn’t to use him for some type of flirtatious game, and that this spanking had been outside of the norm as a favor to her just like he would do a favor to any of Julie’s friends. It was kind of like a last resort situation, however, the option would always be on the table for her if she really needed it.

Somehow Mr. Rogers thought that after the spanking he had just given her, she wasn’t going to want another one for a long time to come. Amanda felt the same way funny enough, especially right after the post spanking phase, her bottom was literally on fire. She didn’t like the spanking one little bit, at least the physical aspect of it. The emotional aspect however, that was an entirely different story.

Amanda was fully aware of Mr. Rogers’ opinion on the situation, and through his words and actions he definitely imparted his knowledge onto Amanda. Her focus was on her friendship with Julie from that day forward, but she knew, she knew deep down that the option was always on the table for her. Indeed it wasn’t going to be a regular event, but it didn’t mean that it would never happen. In fact both of them were fully aware that it probably would happen again at some point in the future, it was just a matter of how long it will be before the next time.

Richard Windsor.


Three Girls Part 2 – Nicole’s Maiden Spanking

Think about this for a minute, I haven’t written a new spanking story for eighteen months, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I come up with a giant, 6,200 word plus brand new spanking story. There is something very special about positive reinforcement and inspiration. I have felt dragged down for the longest time, and now I feel rejuvenated, there is actually a spanking spark that has returned. If you surround yourself with positive minded, like-minded people, then that will rub off on you. My decisions this year are beginning to feel better by the day.

It is actually 2am here in New York right now, and ordinarily I wouldn’t post at this time of night, but here is the deal. On Friday I am hoping to prepare yet another blockbuster post for you all, but I literally worked my tail off writing this brand new spanking story, in fact it might even be the longest story that I have ever written. So because I worked on it for so long, I really want it to get the prime spot (opening page, first post) on my blog for at least a couple of days, you know, like all day Thursday and for a good part of Friday. So for once the remaining people who are still up on the West Coast, and all of Europe that is now waking up, for once you guys get first dibs on a new post by yours truly.

Please leave feedback or a comment if you feel that it is warranted, I spent many long hours writing this story and encouragement is always welcomed warmly and appreciatively. Now, please enjoy the first spanking story that I have written in over eighteen months.


It was the usual early evening for Nicole, she had finished work and was now driving home thinking about what she still had to do for the rest of the day. There was nothing outlandish on the menu, in fact like any small town in America, the rest of her schedule for the day would be considered rather mundane by all accounts. There was certainly nothing exciting planned, nothing like, say, maybe, a SPANKING!!

Weeks had now passed since Nicole’s friend, Tina, had found herself unceremoniously dumped over “Uncle Jim’s” lap for a firm birthday spanking. It wasn’t like Tina had complained any, well, Nicole giggled to herself, except for the part perhaps where Jim pulled up her skirt.

As she drove past Jim’s house the butterflies came back, no matter how many weeks had passed by, Nicole had only one thought in her mind, the words that Jim had uttered on that fateful day “I only get to spank you girls once a year”.

While it may seem quite trivial, throughout the entirety of Nicole’s life, not a single person had raised so much as a hand to her. In fact his veiled threat of a birthday spanking was the first and ONLY time that someone had even remotely mentioned applying their hand to her bottom, much to her chagrin.

What would ever possess a young woman who had never been spanked before in her life, to imagine herself lying face down over a man’s lap as he proceeded to turn her bare bottom into the color of a ripe tomato?

It was probably those old time movies that planted the seeds in her mind, who could forget when Elvis Presley spanked Jenny Maxwell in Blue Hawaii? Nicole certainly couldn’t, especially when Elvis said to Jenny “You know what you need, a good old fashioned spanking”, and Jenny had replied “Maybe I do”.

Yes, yes, yes, maybe she does, and I definitely do!!

Nicole must have worn out the tape on her old VHS cassette at that part in the film, watching it over and over again and memorizing every single word that was spoken. Of course it wasn’t the only film that she remembered fondly in regards to spanking, there were the old classics of McLintock and Kiss Me Kate as well, and all of those old time westerns where a spanking was likely to happen at any point in the show, or at the very least a warning of an impending spanking. It was probably just a phase that she was going through she had convinced herself, year after year, but the phase didn’t leave her. In fact now that she was about to turn 22, the need to know what an actual spanking felt like was stronger than it had ever been. That is why those words “I only get to spank you girls once a year” had such a profound effect on her. Sure, it isn’t what she had always imagined, but at least it was better than nothing.

Nicole had finally arrived home, it was only 4 days until her birthday!!

After Nicole had finished for the day she retired to her room, the place that she really wanted to be since she had got home. Just four days until her birthday and her plans needed to be finalized with Becky. Tina was working on Saturday, but she would be joining them for the night, but Becky hadn’t even mentioned Nicole coming around to her house. Why would she though? What happened all of those weeks ago was a perfectly natural event, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, as common as American apple pie, certainly nothing that required any planning. The spanking happened on the day, and by the following day it had been forgotten about, but that was because Becky wasn’t Nicole.

Nicole hadn’t forgotten about it at all, indeed, it was just about the only thing that she had thought about for the last few weeks. It was something that she had always wanted that was so close, but in reality it was just as far away now as it had always been. There was only one thing that Nicole Grant wanted for her birthday, desperately wanted, and that was for ‘Uncle’ Jim to fulfill his promise of putting her across his knee and spanking her for just that one time this year. Nicole had all night to try and come up with a plan, one that would involve her somehow making an appearance at the Wilson family household on the day of her birthday.

Once she arrived at her room, Nicole stretched as she once more pictured herself across Uncle Jim’s lap, and then, a strange feeling came over her as she went to switch on her computer. She pulled the chair out from under the desk and instead of turning the computer on, she looked towards the seat of the chair.

Nicole was in the safety of her own room, so there was no danger involved of someone inadvertently walking in on her, and tapping in to her thinking cap she flipped the chair around so that it was facing outwards, towards her bed. A big mischievous grin came over her face. She stepped to the side, paused, and the very slowly laid herself across the seat of the chair, just to get an idea of what the feeling must be like of a naughty little girl being put over the lap of a stern paternal figure. Of course a chair is no substitute for a firm lap, but even so she craned her neck over her shoulder to get a look at her bottom and desperately tried to picture Tina getting spanked all those weeks ago.

How could she forget, Tina had her skirt pulled up, didn’t she?

Nicole reached back, grabbed the hem of her skirt and wriggled it upwards on both sides until it was free of her bottom. Grabbing hold of the bottom rung of the chair again she thought really hard, oh for sure, that was definitely going to be super embarrassing. Even as she was there in her bedroom all by herself, she still blushed at the thought of Jim lifting her skirt up, she could never let that happen in real life, could she?

There was an obvious hold up for Nicole. She most definitely could picture Jim lifting her skirt up, she could even imagine him pulling her panties down as a matter of fact. The only problem that Nicole had was that Becky was going to be there as well, for she was Jim’s real life niece after all. The thoughts that she had over the years had never entailed being spanked in front of someone else, however, if this is the only chance that she was going to get for a spanking, then she would take it and make the most of it, even if it wasn’t perfect.

Nicole arched her bottom up higher on the chair, how could she connive her way over to Becky’s house?

It was two days before her birthday and Nicole’s world was about to collapse. She had been speaking to Becky on the phone, trying to come up with an excuse or a plan for a Saturday visit, when Becky told her the dreadful news that she was going to be working the 11-7 shift on Saturday, so they would all have to meet up on the night of Nicole’s birthday, Becky would just join them all after work. Nicole’s face sank, the one thing that she had been looking forward to more than anything in the world, on her birthday, had just been snatched away from her.

They girls continued to talk and Nicole said that she hoped that they wouldn’t get too drunk on Saturday, because she would have to make a quick recovery by Sunday, especially as her family excursion began on Monday after. That was something that Becky had completely forgotten about, and it started a whole new line of conversation, the dreaded family outing. They were both laughing when Nicole swung for the fences, desperate to try and get something to stick.

“That is such a shame that you have to work on Saturday, I was going to give you your pink jacket back. Now we are going to get sloshed, be out of commission for Sunday, and I won’t even get to see you again for a whole week afterwards. Do you want me to bring it with me on Saturday night”?

There was a pause in the air as Becky pondered the question. The jacket in question of course was something that she needed, but how badly did she need it in the next week? It was pointless bringing it on Saturday night because for one, not only would she already have a jacket, but two, she was just as likely to lose a second jacket if they were all out drinking.

Nicole waited patiently, there was perhaps a glimmer of hope. Becky said that she was working 3-11 on Friday and could Nicole drop it off in the morning maybe. Nicole laughed and replied that she could stop by at 7am on her way to work if Becky wanted. As if, was what Becky thought, and she pondered again whether or not she really needed the jacket back for the next week.

The adrenaline pumped through Nicole’s body as she waited, hoping against all hope that Becky would make room for her on Sunday night, the day after her birthday. What happened next though was even better than any situation that she could have ever imagined.

As Nicole stared at phone in an excited state, Becky replied to her.

“To save any fuss, is there any chance that you can just drop it off to my Uncle after work tomorrow”?

Oh my goodness, it was like the genie from the magic lamp had granted her one final magical wish. Her fists clenched as she smiled through gritted teeth, but then she had to quickly regain her composure and sound convincing. “Uh, yeah, I can do that, no problem”. Nicole then paused for added effect and added “This way we can get hammered and completely veg out on Sunday without any worries”

Nicole’s heart was pumping, awaiting any last second change of heart from Becky. It didn’t come, the only reply that came from her was the following “Yeah, like it takes much for you to get hammered as it is”

Nicole laughed, though if the truth be known it was more from relief than it was from the diss from her friend. “Hey you” she responded “I can hold my own”

And that was that, the conversation completely changed to what the plans were on Saturday night. Who was coming, where they were meeting, and to top it all off, they even had a designated driver to get them all home safely afterwards.

Once the phone conversation had ended, Nicole leaned back in her chair and sighed. This beautiful, lovely, luxurious jacket had just saved her bacon. This was a much better option to use as a reason to go around and see Uncle Jim, because had that option not turned up, then her only option would have been to go around to his house on Saturday and just blurt out “It’s my birthday, give me a spanking”. While that may sound farfetched, Nicole hadn’t ruled it out entirely. At least now she could maintain some form of dignity as she laughed to herself.

Nicole then set about choosing her outfit for work on Friday, but more importantly, she also had to select an outfit to wear once she got home after work tomorrow. Obviously a skirt or dress was required, but she couldn’t make it too flashy and seemingly out of place for a Friday afternoon.

The tennis skirt would be totally perfect for what she had planned, and as much as she wanted to wear it, it would be absurd to use that as a normal, everyday skirt. However, the idea led to another skirt in her collection, a white summer skirt. Cut a few inches above the knee, very classy, and most importantly it was flared, like super easy to life up in a nanosecond.

Now that the skirt was sorted it was time to move on to the panties. With a white skirt then it has to be a pair of white panties underneath, but with a dozen or so pairs to choose from, this choice wasn’t going to be an easy one. Nicole started by discarding the thongs and the satin panties, which left her with 6 pairs to select a single pair from, an equal number of boy-shorts, nylon and cotton panties. Cotton seemed too innocent, so now we have four pairs left. One pair of the boy shorts was low rising and didn’t feel very flattering on her body, while the other pair felt just like a thong as it left a huge part of her bottom bare. So now she was down to a choice of two pairs, both of which were nylon, each with their own features. The regular pair covered most of her backside, whereas the string bikini pair were sexier, but they left the bottom of her cheeks bare. It was a really tough call, one that she didn’t have to make until tomorrow, so she left both pairs out on top of her outfit. Her mood at 3.30pm on Friday would dictate which pair she was going to go with.

Now Nicole had some plotting to do. Going around to see Uncle Jim was as easy as making toast, getting him to take the lead and suggest a birthday spanking, well, that was a whole other matter. She needed to create scenarios where she could leave the tiniest of hints, and that would be a whole lot easier if Uncle Jim would invite her into the house. BINGO, she was sure she know how to go about that.

The minutes ticked by ever so slowly at work on the Friday, which wasn’t helped by the ever present clock in the room. The day was torture, Nicole found herself looking at the clock every third or fourth minute. It was boring, like super boring, with a capitol B.

The hardest part of all in this adventure was managing to find a way to pay Uncle Jim a visit on Friday. The conversation that Nicole had with Becky was the most testing evening for her, she really didn’t know whether she could pull it off or not, and even when she did achieve her goal she had to think long and hard afterwards as to whether or not she had sounded too corny. It wasn’t the easiest conversation to have, but she did just enough to get through to the next round.

Perhaps the funniest part of this really long boring day was when Nicole caught herself in a moment of catatonic boredom. As she sat there, Nicole suddenly became aware that she had been sat in the same spot for ages. With her elbow on the table and a hand pushing up under her left cheek, with a completely inattentive look on her face. The moment that she caught herself doing it was right about the exact same time that her mother’s words rang through her ears, “If you keep making that face it will get stuck like that”!!

That actually broke the monotony, it gave her something to laugh about, at least for a few minutes anyway. It was still two o’clock, there was still another hour to go at work, followed by another half an hour on the road. The finishing line was in sight though.

Half an hour had passed and Nicole was busily trying to finish the work that had been slacking from her desk for most of the day. It is funny how things like this happen, completely out of the blue and when you least expect them to happen, but as Nicole sat there a jolt of electricity suddenly went through her. Her head raised up and she had the literal ‘Deer caught in the headlights’ look on her face. If this was candid camera then the audience would have been laughing their hearts out at the sight of the look on her face. Her mouth opened and she audibly said to nobody in particular….. “Oh. My. God”

All of that stress that she had put herself through over the last several weeks, the mental strain of trying to connive, machinate and scheme her way into getting a spanking from Uncle Jim, and it had been sat there the entire time just staring her in the face, and she just didn’t know it. In fact, she could have even said the same thing to Becky and it would have got the exact same outcome, how could she have been so stupid to overlook it?

What was that magical potion you may ask?

All Nicole had to do when she was alone in the presence of Uncle Jim was the following. Just think of any little, silly, trivial thing about her birthday, look him square in the eyes and say the following…

“I know it sounds silly, but, IT’S THE GRANT FAMILY TRADITION”

Weeks of joy seemed to pour out of her. Shoot, she could have said that to Becky as well, and there was no way that Becky would have avoided suggesting Nicole get a spanking from her Uncle Jim. However, on the plus side, she didn’t say that to Becky, so she would have Uncle Jim all to herself. I guess that old saying is correct, all good things come to those who wait.

Nicole arrived home from work at 3.30pm and quickly dove into the shower, partially because she needed it, but also because it would help her relax and bring her down a little bit. The whole thought of an actual spanking, especially as it was something that she had thought about for so many years, was almost overwhelming.

After she dried herself off she had that huge decision to make, which panties was she going to wear?

She really, really wanted to wear the bikini pair, but surprisingly for a girl who had always wanted to be spanked, for once she was actually feeling extremely shy and embarrassed. Unfortunately for her, that just made the whole thought of the spanking even more exciting.

Her final decision was based upon weighing up all of the option, wisdom was the better part of valor. She decided on the pair that would cover most of her bottom, reasoning to herself that the nylon was so thin anyway, that she was sure to feel every single spank as if it was given to her bare bottom.

Nicole felt like a million dollars as she walked back to her car with her skirt swishing delightfully against her thighs, why, when she arrived at Uncle Jim’s house, it would be just like she had finished work for the day and stopped by his house on a whim to be a good friend.

Of course that’s not what was happening here. What was actually happening here was that a naughty little girl was plotting and scheming to get her little bottom spanked.

After a short drive she pulled up in front of Uncle Jim’s house, and her heart was beating ten to the dozen, it was exhilarating. She had wanted this spanking so badly that there was no turning back now, she had made her mind up. As she exited the car her mind said to her ‘When I sit back in that driver’s seat, it is going to be on a glowing pink bottom’.

Nicole tentatively rang the doorbell and shifted from foot to foot as she waited for Uncle Jim to open the door, in just a few seconds he had done so and he was now stood in front of the naughty minx, an excited thrill swept through her body.

Uncle Jim was a little surprised to see Nicole standing there and quite apologetically said to Nicole “I’m sorry, Nicole, but Becky is at work right now”

Men aren’t very smart, she smirked to herself, of course she knows that Becky is at work. She steadied herself though and put part one of her plan into action, making sure that he was about to be dumbfounded by her words without even getting a chance to respond mid-sentence.

“Oh I know that, Uncle Jim” she began “It’s just that I said I needed to return her jacket for her and she told me just to drop it off if it wasn’t such a big deal. Only, it totally has to go into this garment bag before it can be hung up. It will just take me a couple of minutes if that’s alright with you”

Uncle Jim was dazzled in a sea of words, almost dizzy as he had to try and process the audio barrage, but he got the gist of what she had said “Uhh, sure thing, you know where her room is, go right ahead” he replied

Score one for the naughty girl who needed a spanking!!

Of course it was complete nonsense that the jacket needed to go into a garment bag. I mean, when she picked it up after having it dry cleaned it was returned in the garment bag, which made the scheming miss quickly realize that it was a perfect excuse to get her foot in the door.

Nicole stood in Becky’s bedroom, her heart still racing away as she tried to calm herself down. She paced for a little bit, not wanting to seem overly eager to find out where Uncle Jim was, but after two minutes she exited the bedroom.

“Uncle Jim” she called out, and the reply came back from the living room “I’m in here”

Nicole smiled, opened the living room door, and stepped inside. This was it, this was the big moment that she had waited for, for years.

Nicole stepped into the living room and with a big sigh went “WHEW”. It was like she was making herself at home as she took a few steps into the living room. “I’m so glad that I was able to do that, our family is going away next week and I’m not going to see her otherwise”

Uncle Jim looked up from the dining room table, looking a bit perplexed as he replied “But you guys are going to see each other tomorrow night, aren’t you”?

Nicole’s face contorted as she looked back at him, like he was talking Swahili or something. “Umm, HELLO” she replied, giving extra emphasis on the last word “We are all going out tomorrow, and as it is my birthday I don’t think that any of us will be in any fit state to worry about an extra coat”

There, a big round of applause please, the CAT had been let out of the bag.

Jim was rather perplexed at that revelation, at least from the side of a naughty girl wanting a spanking anyway, so he just cheerfully wished her an early happy birthday.

Nicole pounced on his words before they had even completely left his mouth “Yeah, thanks” she said “All my Grandparents will be coming around tomorrow, booooooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnngggg, but at least we get to go out and have some fun tomorrow night to wipe some of the old people rust off”

“Nicole” he said, showing genuine concern at her rudeness “Have some respect for your elders”

Her hands flew out in front of her “I do, I do, I just don’t want to spend the entire day being surrounded by false teeth and giggling old biddies. But, it happens every single year, that’s like the Grant Family Tradition for this birthday girl” and then she threw in a cheeky little twirl.

When she twirled around there was of course a chance that Uncle Jim was going to see her panties, but, Nicole was already clearly aware of that. If her plan was successful, he was going to be seeing them anyway, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

A fleeting thought might have crossed his mind the moment he heard that it was Nicole’s birthday, but he certainly wasn’t going to make her feel at all uncomfortable as she was here all by herself. However, when she twirled around and mentioned a “family tradition”, it did give him a “legal” segue to at least mention his own family tradition in a joking sort of way, and, as Nicole had planned and connived for weeks to hear those words, he did just that.

Turning around in his chair he smiled and said “Yeah, we also have a family tradition in this house”

Like, oh my God, there it was. Nicole’s Nirvana had finally arrived, and it was like a hundred times easier than she had ever imagined it to be. She was actually going to get spanked!! She was going to be put across a man’s knee, her skirt was going to be lifted, and she was going to get a good hard spanking for being such a naughty girl.

Alright, maybe it wasn’t going to be “exactly” like that, but she was definitely going to go over his knee and get a small taste of what a spanking would feel like.

Nicole’s eyes bulged in amazement, and with a dramatically over the top time out sign made with her two arms, she replied “Woah, time out, Mister, I’m like wayyyyyyyy too old to get a spanking”

The challenge was accepted. Resting his arm on the dining room table and with a smug look on his face, he replied “Oh, really” putting an extra drawl on the last word “You wasn’t exactly organizing a rescue and recover party when your friend, Tina, was getting a birthday spanking”

Nicole waved her hand in front of her face “That’s different, she needed a spanking. In fact I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t spank her harder, but, you’re a guy, not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you”?

Ooh, the testosterone was rising, now he had both hands resting on his knees “It was just a birthday spanking”

Again, with her hands pointed outwards in a dramatic “Whatever” pose, she said “Like I said, men didn’t exactly get an overdose of the thinking tablets when they were created, did they? But, it’s not your fault that you didn’t know that a naughty girl needed a good spanking, and that ship has long sailed on by, Captain” and she finished by performing a ‘Dab’ to point towards the distance. Before swirling one finger on either side of her head to give the universal ‘crazy’ sign.

Oh, she was taking a BIG old bite out of the spanking bar, let’s just hope that she wasn’t biting off more than she could chew.

Well, we are about to find out right now.

Jim stood up, picked up the chair that he had been sat on and moved it to the front of the table. He made eye contact with the anticipatory young woman as he sat back down, and quite confidently said “I think I do alright for myself, and I also think that it is time for the WILSON family tradition!”

Maybe not as convincingly as she had hoped to perform, she switched dramatic roles and began to try and play coy “Oh come on, Uncle Jim, seriously, you’re not serious. I’m going to be 22 years old tomorrow”

With the same testosterone fueled look on his face that had stayed there for a minute now, he nodded his head and said “Yes, I’m serious, I only get to spank you once a year”

Inside Nicole’s mind she was saying ‘More’s the pity’, but outwardly she was playing the all of a sudden shy introvert who ambled in his direction at a very slow pace.

“It’s like, really undignified as if you didn’t know” she said, surprisingly trying to give the impression that she was a seasoned pro in the having your bottom spanked department.

Nicole was thinking that she was going to draw it out and savor the scene just a few seconds longer, but no sooner was she within grabbing distance, Uncle Jim seized her left wrist and pulled her quite firmly, clear over his lap.

Nicole was genuinely surprised at being manhandled in this manner, but maybe not even in a bad way, it was very reminiscent of Elvis grabbing Jenny Maxwell and turning her over his knee.

There was one glaring difference between Nicole and Jenny though, she was certain that Jenny Maxwell had some type of foot traction. Unlike Nicole, whose feet were well clear of the ground and couldn’t have touched down if she tried solidly for four hours. It was actually quite exhilarating, it certainly added to the helpless feeling of a naughty girl about to get her bottom smacked.

Jim wasted little time with the formalities as each cheek of bottom got a hearty smack over her skirt. It stung way more than Nicole thought it was going to. “Ow, Uncle Jim” she whined.

Uncle Jim, just as he had with Tina all of those weeks ago, confidently reached down, and as he started to speak, he also started to pull the white skirt up “You seem….”

His concentration was broken when Nicole wailed “Nooooo” and threw her hand back to try and prevent the inevitable. His sentence was broken as he seized the struggling girl’s arm and held it firmly to the side of her tummy, which also served to hold her securely in place. He began again as he easily raised the skirt with one hand.

“You seem to think that I don’t know when a naughty girl needs a good hard spanking” he stated

A wave of cool air swept over the gossamer thin layer of the white nylon covering her bottom “I was just messing around, Uncle Jim” she pleaded

And with that his hand began to slowly and firmly smack down on each nylon covered cheek in turn, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, he had already surpassed the required number of birthday spanks and he was only just starting.

If anyone had of happened to peer through the window at that moment, it would have looked like an exact replica of a strict uncle thoroughly warming the panty clad seat of a naughty niece. Indeed, Nicole’s response to this initial flurry of spanking would have affirmed that thought.

“No, ow, no, ouch, Uncle Jim, ow, ouch, that’s too, ow, hard” the birthday girl stammered out.

Uncle Jim had now passed double the amount of required birthday spanks, which were still being delivered in a steady cadence of around a spank a minute.

Inadvertently, Nicole had definitely chosen the right pair of panties for this spanking when she was trying to decide which pair to wear, because if she had chosen the bikini panties then she more than likely would have been effectively getting spanked on her bare bottom at this point. As it was, she was at least offered a faint layer of comfort, if it could be called that, because at least this pair covered most of her bottom. Unfortunately for her though, what she didn’t know was that this full bottomed layer of nylon was going to keep whatever heat Uncle Jim imparted onto it, for quite a while once the spanking had finished.

Uncle Jim had been spanking for just over a minute now when he paused and addressed the girl who was making all those silly sounds as she was getting her maiden spanking. He looked at the back of her head and said “How am I doing in the spanking a naughty girl department, Nicole”

She genuinely had no intention of affirming that he was doing a fine job of spanking a naughty little girl, that was not her intention in the least, it was just pure happenstance that it sounded like that was what she was saying. It was actually her way of trying to say that she had most definitely gotten the point when she growled “Oh, just fine”

It was meant to get him to chill out a little bit, perhaps soothe over his ego somewhat. Unfortunately, it just emboldened him to spank her just a little bit quicker and just a little bit harder.

It was perhaps premature to say earlier that anyone peeping in the window would have thought that the scene resembled a naughty niece getting a good spanking by her uncle, because if they had looked in right now, then this definitely would have displayed an image of a naughty girl getting the sound spanking that she was long overdue.

Uncle Jim wasn’t as stupid as she implied he was, he was fully aware of the little game that Nicole was playing, he was a lot smarter than that. If she wasn’t deliberately playing the role of a naughty girl who needed a good spanking, she would have walked out of the door just as soon as the word spanking was mentioned. No, Nicole definitely implied that SHE was the naughty girl in question who needed that spanking, and her Uncle Jim was more than happy to oblige this request.

For the next two minutes a pair of little legs kicked up and down, the slim hips squirmed from side to side, all the while as a firm paternal palm repetitiously went from one well spanked panty clad cheek, to the other, back and forth, back and forth, up and down and all over again and again.

By the time Jim decided to stop spanking that naughty little bottom, each bottom cheek shone like a bright red beacon through the thin layer of nylon covering it. He released his grip and Nicole bolted up as quickly as she could. Not in a sign of distress, not in an effort to get away from him, she just needed to do what all naughty girls do once they have received that spanking that they have so richly needed for a long time. She stepped from foot to foot as she furiously tried to rub away the sting of a really well spanked bottom.

Nicole was relieved, not only was it exactly as she had imagined it would be, but it was ten times better than she expected. She had had an itch that had been needed to be scratched for a really long time now, but the only problem was, was that it had very quickly become a rash that was going to require further expert treatment.

She finally broke the ice, partially out of fear that she was going to bite a hole in that bottom lip of hers that she was currently gnawing on. Without any indication of resentment at all, she actually smiled a little bit as she said “Oh man, that stings so freaking badly” as she continued to rub away at the seat of her panties.

Jim laughed to himself “So do you think that I have improved in the department of recognizing when a naughty little girl needs a good, sound spanking”?

Nicole took one hand off her bottom, gave the okay sign, and replied “Ab-so-lute-ly, goodness gracious me”

She knew immediately once the spanking had finished that she was in big, big trouble, hoping against all hope that she wasn’t going to have to have a confessional with Uncle Jim, but sadly, she knew the truth. In fact, what was the point in even waiting for it, she couldn’t be any more embarrassed than she already was having spent about the last five minutes over Uncle Jim’s lap. So she swung for the fences one more time.

“I really, really did need that, Uncle Jim”

Jim laughed and replied “You couldn’t have been more obvious if you tried” and then Nicole joined him in the laughing, he had seen right through her little ruse.

Can you imagine having to sit there and tell your surrogate Uncle, all the while that your bottom is burning underneath you, that you had wanted a spanking for the longest time?

A couple of hours passed and a delightful conversation took place, but it was time to end the day of fulfillment. Uncle Jim was much more playful this time as he walked Nicole to the door, patting her recovering bottom a few times as they walked.

Making sure that this time she was out of arms reach, Nicole spun around and looked at the man stood in the doorway. With a cheeky grin on her face she said “I mean, technically, I’m still 21, it’s not my birthday until tomorrow”

Jim was happy to see the spunky attitude return to the sprite “Well, lucky for you your grandparents will be there for you tomorrow”

With an even broader grin she continued “Yeah, but they will be gone by two, you know, they are like as old as Abraham Lincoln or something….” And then she paused for dramatic effect before cheekily adding “…. Where’s my manners? Of course you would know that”

At least she already had a pair of panties laid out for tomorrow!

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Three Girls Redux

Something very strange happened yesterday, I was inspired, after 18 long months, to write a story. Now I don’t need to tell you how things have been for me for the last few years, I’ve struggled a lot mentally in coping with the loss of my brother. To be really honest with you, I wasn’t even sure that writing spanking stories was something that was ever going to come back to me. But the thing is, I took care of my mental health, I left all spanking related social media about five months ago and it was probably the best thing that I ever did. Obviously I knew that it meant that I was going to lose touch with a lot of people, but at the same time my blog has always been here. Those people who needed, and wanted to stay in touch, did so.

Over the last few weeks I have been tinkering with things on the blog and engaging in some meaningful conversations. I’m not in a spot just yet where I feel like I can attend spanking parties anytime soon, that might take a couple of years for me to be in control of myself. If you ever saw After Life with Ricky Gervais, that was me, I didn’t/don’t give a fuck, and that isn’t always a good thing, lol. I’ve always been a pretty emotionless asshole, and that has just been magnified ten fold the last couple of years 🙂

Anyway, for the first time in 18 months I was inspired to write a story.

Now, I didn’t get as far as I had hoped. My hope was to finish the rough draft and then edit it tomorrow (today), which normally means that I would add like an additional 20% or so to the story to give it more depth. At the moment I am only about halfway through the rough draft, basically because I had a mental block, but on the glass half full side, it does mean that I have a new spanking story coming real soon. Despite the wealth of rare spanking finds that I share with you all, the spanking stories are still the most popular feature on this site by a wide margin.

If things go well then maybe I will have it ready by Tuesday, but if not it should definitely be ready by Wednesday. The story that I chose to continue was “Three Girls”, I mean, I only wrote part one eight years ago, haha 🙂 So in order to prepare you all for part 2, here is part 1 of the story. I would rather repost this now than add a link to part 1 when I post part 2 of the story, that seems a little redundant. So enjoy part 1 and ready yourselves for the upcoming second chapter.

Three Girls Part 1 – Tina’s Spanking

The three girls had gathered at the house where Becky grew up,  she had been raised by her aunt and uncle due to a bad family history and her new family was her own. Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan never had any children of their own so Becky was all that they had,  and they spoiled her rotten. Not that she was a bad kid or anything,  and she loved her adopted family more than anything. Even after the divorce she stayed close to her Auntie Susan,  though she remained with Uncle Jim once they finally separated and her Aunt remarried.

That early evening the noise in the house was absurd,  there were three girls all trying to share one bathroom to prepare themselves for an evening out to celebrate Tina’s 22nd birthday. Jim was busily counting down the clock and praying for the time that he could finally get some peace and quiet,  it couldn’t be long now he thought,  they have been up there for hours.

The clock had reached 7.30pm and it was at that time when the three girls appeared in the living room,  finally ready for an evening of fun. Jim looked up from his paper and shook his head at the sight,  clearly the days of a girl dressing modestly had long since passed. His own niece was perhaps the most conservatively dressed with a flared skirt that came to mid-thigh,  Tina and Nicole though,  well,  they would make a nun blush,  each of them clad in tight black miniskirts and more make up on than a pharmacy would own. Still,  his indignation didn’t cross his mind for too long,  he was about to have the house to himself and for that he was eternally grateful.

Ever the concerned guardian he even gave them a little speech “Now don’t drink too much girls,  and I am going to be home all night so if you need me for anything you just give me a call and I will come and get you. And please,  watch out for each other”

Tina almost rolled her eyes and looking at Becky she said “He sounds just like my Father”

Becky laughed “Just be thankful that he’s not,  otherwise you would be going out tonight with a tingling bottom following your birthday spanking”

Tina’s eyes lit up and she laughed out loud,  along with the other girls.

Becky smiled at her uncle and the memories came flooding back,  it had been a tradition in this house for as long as she could remember. Other than a quick swat here or there,  Jim and Susan never spanked her,  save of course for that dreaded birthday spanking,  he always had to make a big song and dance over it. It didn’t matter how old she was or who was present,  every birthday she would find herself face down over her uncle’s lap just like she was a naughty girl. She even blushed at the thought of his routine,  over the knee,  a few pats to start with and then the horrible sensation of her skirt being lifted. It was the most embarrassing thing in the world and she never knew exactly when it was going to happen,  therefore she had no control over who was going to be present during this time. If she didn’t know any better she would have guessed that he always seemed to do it when he could make as big a performance out of it in front of as many people as possible.

It’s amazing when you think about it that she dressed so modestly,  because there was nothing modest about it when she was over his lap and her panty clad bottom was sticking in the air,  knowing that her friends,  neighbors and cousins were all being treated to a wonderful sight as they all laughed while she lay there red faced and praying for things to be over. It was never that simple though,  he would do this little talk about how he had spoiled her and perhaps how he should have done this a long time ago,  her face a deep scarlet with the knowledge that a bunch of eyes were probably transfixed on her upturned bottom as he talked. By the time he was done she was almost begging for the spanking to start,  and oh boy did he spank when it finally did start.

Maybe he just didn’t know any better,  it could be that he had never heard of playful pats. As Becky thought this through the truth finally hit her. Nah,  he never spanked her during the year,  that was the only chance that he had to make an impression,  plus he had an audience to play for,  so every swat landed soundly and just seemed to increase in intensity until a well spanked girl was standing in front of him rubbing a scorching bottom by the end of it.

Tina’s laugh turned into giggles as she looked at the handsome man “It’s been quite a number of years since that has happened” she said as she playfully rubbed the seat of her mini skirt “I think we had better get a move on before your uncle does something he might regret”

All three of the girls had a twinge of excitement in them,  the giggles had turned into broad grins,  almost begging for a response from Jim.

Jim’s patience had been worn thin from listening to three screaming women for the last two hours,  and while he wasn’t mad by any means,  he was feeling very masculine. He put his paper down on his lap and met Tina’s gaze “Trust me,  young lady,  the only person who will have any regrets will be the spoiled,  sassy brat rubbing her well spanked bottom by the time I am finished”

His words sent flutters not just in Tina’s tummy,  but in Nicole’s as well. Just the thought of it excited Nicole like crazy,  though she wasn’t really sure whether or not she wanted it to happen,  but the exchange just then between Jim and Tina excited her very much.

Tina looked at Becky with a hopeful grin,  but Becky simply put her hands up in the air “Don’t look at me,  you got yourself into this mess”

Tina faked an open mouthed look and responded “I bet you would like nothing more than to watch me get spanked” Tina then looked back at Jim and said,  in a tone somewhere between hesitancy and hopefulness “Seriously”?

Jim folded his paper and winked at her “It’s the Wilson family tradition”

The wink was almost reassuring to Tina,  and if the truth be known the thought of a birthday spanking from Jim was pretty exciting. With a nervous laugh she responded “You people sure have some weird traditions in this house” and then,  to make sure that she could let him make the next move she added “Fine,  whatever,  clearly we are in the twighlight zone or something”

Nicole’s mouth remained open during this whole exchange,  surely Tina isn’t serious,  there is no way that she is going to let Jim spank her. It was all unwinding so quickly that she could hardly catch her breath,  the excitement level was at fever pitch and now more than ever she secretly hoped that he would follow through.

Jim patted his lap “Well,  come on then Miss Smarty Pants”

Tina said nothing,  she put her hands up and outwards and cocked her head to the side,  then tentatively made a slow bee line to the waiting man. Nicole’s stomach was in knots,  she hadn’t been this excited in years. When Tina finally reached Jim’s side it was funny,  even now she wasn’t really sure if he was going to do it or if he was just teasing her and she added “You’re seriously going to spank me”? As his hand reached behind her to push the girl over his lap it totally broke the ice,  as Becky and Nicole roared with laughter as their friend found herself looking at a carpet pattern with her bottom up high,  clearly Jim WAS going to go through with it.

Jim wasted little time with formalities and landed a hearty smack on each cheek protruding through the thin cotton material of her tight black mini skirt. He almost ignored the other girls as he looked at the back of Tina’s head and said “I dare say that a good spanking is something that you are long overdue anyway”

Tina feigned indignation “Hey,  I resent that” she replied,  as she scrunched her nose once the sting of those first two swats settled on her bottom.

What happened next caught two girls by surprise,  but not Becky,  to her it just seemed normal. In what seemed to be less than a second,  Jim had grasped the hem of the mini skirt and pulled it clear of Tina’s bottom. Not that it was difficult at all,  he only had to lift it about 8 inches after all. This time Tina was genuinely shocked,  and had he not been holding her down she would have bolted upright. “Hang on now,  that’s not part of the deal” she cried as she tried in vain to pull her skirt back down or crawl off his lap. Neither one was any use though as she was pinned tightly.

The look on Nicole’s face was perhaps the most priceless,  her doe eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth was open. Her tummy flipped knots knowing that if that was her,  she would be dying of embarrassment right about now. As much as she had been trying to hide it,  there was a part of her that was actually jealous of Tina as she watched the exchange between the two participants. Not now though,  holy cow no. All she could think of as she looked at Tina’s lily white bottom covered by a pair of the thinnest pair of light blue nylon panties known to man,  was that she was thankful it wasn’t her. Perhaps that was the final straw that would wipe those silly thoughts that she was having out of her head,  or maybe, just maybe,  those thoughts would now be enhanced tenfold in the weeks to come.

It was as if Tina had said nothing at all,  Jim didn’t even acknowledge her words. Looking towards his niece and her friend he addressed them “Twenty Two is it”

Becky gave a wicked grin “And don’t forget the one for luck and one to grow on”

That snapped Tina out of her state of shock,  though her response was somewhat delayed as she gathered her thoughts “Hey you,  who’s side are you on”?

Becky studied her friend’s current plight,  she looked just like that of a naughty teenager who was laying over her daddy’s knee about to get her panty clad bottom soundly spanked. Oh Becky knew whose side she was on,  and it certainly wasn’t on the side of the girl who was about to get a spanking.

So now we were left with the current situation. A fifty one year old man is holding a twenty two year old birthday girl over his knee. Jim looked down at his target,  the cute bubble butt that was half naked,  the only protection being a flimsy pair of bikini panties that left much of the lower half of her bottom bare. His natural instinct was to give this bottom the sound spanking that it probably deserved,  it was certainly begging for it. Tina on the other hand was in a position that she knew all too well. It had been many years,  but her bottom had been spanked more times than she would have been able to count over the years.

Jim tightened his grip around the girls waist and spoke directly to her,  but also indirectly to Becky and Nicole “I would brace yourself if I was you,  I only get to spank you girls once a year and I want to make sure that it counts”

It wasn’t the girl whose bottom was sticking up that these words resounded with the most,  nor was it the girl whose bottom had already received more than a dozen birthday spankings that she could actually remember,  the words stuck the most with the smallest of the three girls,  the one who was probably the most excited out of all of them as it was. Nicole watched intently as Jim raised his hand for the first time “He’s going to spank me as well”? Were the words that flashed through her mind. She didn’t think to protest the decision,  to challenge the morals of it,  or even to tell him that it wouldn’t be happening. When it was her birthday there was one thing that she knew,  he just indirectly told her she was going to get a spanking as well,  she figured it was a done deal already.


Everyone’s attention was quickly gained at the sound of Jim’s hand firmly landing on the thinly covered right cheek of the now wincing birthday girl,  and another quickly followed to the left cheek. A wicked grin came over Jim’s face as his hand bounced off her bottom which caused her panties to ripple in the most delightful fashion. His arm tightened around Tina’s waist and she sensed it,  perhaps even sensing what was to come as she gripped the bottom rung of the chair,  bit her lip and lowered her head in deep concentration.

She didn’t have to wait for long that was for sure. It wasn’t really a hard spanking by any means,  but it was definitely firm,  Jim’s hand went up and down alternating from one cheek to the other. Each swat caused Tina some discomfort and they definitely stung,  that’s for sure,  but then again he had intended for them to sting. By the tenth smack her bottom had already started to show some color and the spanks were just going to get worse. Yet they still came down,  one after the other,  Tina tried to squirm away,  tried pushing up on his knee,  all to no avail.

Nicole’s eyes were transfixed on the spanking,  her mouth suddenly dry. She watched as Jim’s hand would bounce off one cheek and then the other. Tina’s panties covered only half of her bottom so Nicole could quite clearly see the color enhance on her bottom at each smack,  she just as well have been spanked on the bare bottom for all that it mattered.

Sixteen swats into the birthday spanking and Tina once more felt herself being re-positioned. It wasn’t so much that her position changed,  it was more that Jim’s right knee seemed to get higher. Murmurs of discomfort had already started to come from her lips,  and when the 17th swat landed the first real “Ouch” left her lips,  it was the start of what was going to be a few more as her spanking drew to a close. By the time the last spank landed Tina’s bottom glowed,  Jim was more than satisfied with himself. He looked down at what appeared to be a well spanked bottom,  glowing hot pink. At the start of the spanking the scant protection of her panties had covered a reasonable portion of Tina’s bottom,  but through all the writhing around and the manly palm landing on them,  they had become all bunched up to a point that she was practically bare bottomed.

“Just the one for luck and one to grow on” Jim announced,  and he felt Tina’s whole body weight sink. These last two of course were to set her on his way,  so he targeted the fleshiest part of each cheek and gave each of them a very resounding spank,  this time Tina yelped for real,  those two stung like the dickens.

It was now all over,  Tina rose and immediately rubbed her scorching bottom and fixed her panties,  it took all of 15 seconds for her to realize what she was doing as she hopped around. For the first time that night she concerned herself with her own modesty,  blushed and quickly pulled down her skirt. She now rubbed the seat of her skirt,  turned towards her friends,  and with a sarcastic tone in her voice she bellowed out “Well that SUCKED” and all three girls broke out in a fit of laughter.

Becky looked at her Uncle and the two of them exchanged grins,  then she quickly pushed her friends gently in the back in a playful manner and announced “I know that look,  we had better get out of here before he spanks all of us”

Once the girls were sat in the car Tina gave them a show,  from the back seat she lifted her skirt and all three of them admired the hot pink glow showing on her tender bottom. Nicole grinned from ear to ear and stated “I have needed one of those for a long time”

Tina’s grin couldn’t have been more in evidence as it was now either,  and she answered “Me, too” and all three girls once more roared with laughter.

Becky started the engine and grinned “Be careful what you wish for girls,  because it might just come true”

Nicole’s birthday wasn’t for six weeks yet, the poor girl, and that was forty two days that she would have to wait.

The Exclusive Riding School M/F

This story takes on a bit if a different format than the stories that I normally write about. The central theme in this one is a non consensual spanking/corporal punishment and the level of severity is higher than what I would normally write about. This story was written in 2007 and I have never published it on this website before, though I did donate the story for a published book as part of a fund raiser. So if you have read the story before then that would be the place where you have read it.

This story I found in my archives yesterday, so why not share it with you all as a lot of my audience comes here to read my stories. It is a short spanking story at 1,665 words.

This morning I also finished up the arrangement of the sidebars on the right so that now all of my real life spanking stories are shared there as well. I’m really glad that I did that because I found a story that I no longer wanted on this site, so that one is now gone.


Amelia Broadhurst-White was a terribly snooty rich kid from a high class family in the West of England. Her older sister was an accomplished equestrian rider and her Father had enrolled her in the same riding school that her sister had attended. Amelia’s riding instructor was an old show jumper himself, Mr. Seamus O’Brien. When Amelia arrived at the riding school for her first day, Mr. O’Brien began the lesson in the stables, as he always did, with his new pupils and asked Amelia to escort him there.

“So, if you will follow me please, Miss White”

In the same haughty attitude that Amelia would carry for much of the day, and much the same as her sister before her, she sighed and looked indignant as she scuffed her feet following him with her arms folded.

“That is Miss Broadhurst-White if you please” she snapped back as she ambled behind him.

Mr. O’Brien began explaining to Amelia all about the horse’s diets and hoofing, plus how they needed to become comfortable with their rider before they even so much as left the stable. Amelia spent this lecture shifting her body from foot to foot with her arms firmly folded in front of her, there was a look of disdain on her face as she sighed over and over. “Can we not just get on with the stupid lesson” she barked.

“Miss Broadhurst-White, it is very important for you to understand the very nature of the individual horses” he explained to her as she mimicked his words with her mouth.

“That’s what the stable boys are for, isn’t it?” she countered with her belligerent attitude.

Regardless, Mr. O’Brien continued with the lesson, taking the young miss through the tacking procedure, the saddling, and of course the rules and regulations when riding a show horse. Throughout this morning Amelia showed as little interest as was humanly possible while listening to Mr. O’Brien. Even though he wasn’t very happy with his young charge, he decided that maybe, just maybe, her spirits would lift a bit once she got to ride one of the horses around the show course, so without wasting much more time he suggested to her that perhaps her next lesson could be spent with her getting comfortable riding one of the horse’s.

The two of them arrived at the show course and Mr. O’Brien led the horse to the arena. Amelia took a hold of the saddle on the horse’s back and put her foot in the stirrup, with a sharp tug she launched herself upwards. Unfortunately for the young miss, Amelia’s hand did not have a proper grip on the saddle when she did this and she fell backwards off of the horse, landing flat her rear end. Quickly jumping to her feet, Amelia whacked the horse with her fist “YOU STUPID ANIMAL” she bellowed.

With a slight smile at her indignant fall, Mr. O’Brien then went into his monotone speech about boarding a horse the correct way as an angry Amelia crossed her arms and sneered. The plan had been for Amelia to become comfortable with the horse, return to the stable, and then go to the arena a second time to see what she had learned.

The lesson was a disaster of course! Every time she knocked down a 12 inch hurdle she would scream blue murder at the nag and argue, BOY would she argue, with an infuriated Mr. O’Brien, she blamed the horses tack, the ground, the course design, you name it, she complained about it. Feeling that it was time to take a well deserved break, Mr. O’Brien told her to canter over to him, and of course the horse broke into a trot due to her inexperience in riding horses. This made Amelia so mad that she pulled her crop out and sharply whacked the horse with it, causing Mr. O’Brien to scream at her to stop. Once she had dismounted he began to chastise her, continuing all the way back to the stable with her leading the horse, the whole time this lecture was going on, Amelia was venting her anger by tugging at the bit in the horse’s mouth.

Mr. O’Brien tried to remain calm, figuring the second session had to be better, it really couldn’t get much worse in all honesty. Once at the stable Mr. O’Brien told Amelia to tie the horse to the rail and he approached her with a broom and a shovel. “Okay Miss Broadhurst-White, before you have lunch, I want you to clean out this stable and freshen it with that hay over there”

“I beg your pardon” she replied haughtily.

Mr. O’Brien repeated his request and handed Amelia the broom. Infuriated, Amelia shouted back at him “IF I WANT TO CLEAN UP SHIT, I’LL GET MY FATHER TO CLOSE THIS DUMP” and with that she launched the broom way across the stable.

That was it, with a red anger buried deep in his face, Mr. O’Brien grabbed the waif by the arm and dragged her to the hay bale as she screamed obscenities at him. He sat down and hoisted Amelia over his lap.

“Don’t you dare touch me you bastard” she cried out loud, but it didn’t matter to him any, his big hand was about to meet her little butt in her jodhpurs in the worst way.

Like a well-oiled machine he began to give her what she had never had before, a good sound spanking. Mr. O’Brien scolded her as she kicked and cried and tried to break his grip, Mr. O’Brien wasn’t about to give in though and his hand just kept smacking away at the writhing bottom beneath him.

Mr. O’Brien paused for a brief second before grabbing the waistband of her jodhpurs and yanking them to her knees. “NNNNNNOOOOOOOO” she cried out as she fought with all her might against probably the strongest man she had ever come across. All that was between them now was her oh so tiny nylon panties, half of the right side of which had already climbed up the well spanked right cheek. Mr. O’Brien continued spanking just as hard as before, but this time with her bottom now covered by only the scantest of protection.

Nodding to himself in some form of self appreciation, Mr. O’Brien continued his onslaught to the never before spanked bottom that was now beginning to glow bright red as he alternated spanking each cheek in turn, before covering both of them with one shot, the poor girl was shocked and frantic in her movements.

Feeling somewhat satisfied after all that she had put him through that morning, and probably more so at the feeling that he was giving the girl something that she had sorely missed out on whilst growing up, Mr. O’Brien stopped for a minute and admonished the shocked Amelia, telling her how he now expected the stable to be absolutely spotless in 20 minutes time or else. He then he unclipped his crop and proceeded to teach her a proper lesson.

“Now then, as you seem to use this freely on the horse, perhaps you can find out what it feels like yourself” he said, and then he raised the crop before bringing it crashing down smartly on Amelia’s tender bottom. That was it, the tears flowed as the leather crop drew line after angry red line across her bottom as Mr. O’Brien gave her twelve of the very best with the riding crop.

Yanking the well spanked spoiled girl up off his lap, he waved the crop at her as she rubbed her hands up and down her scorched rump. Mr. O’Brien told Amelia what he expected from his pupils and how she is going to behave from this moment on, issuing her the sternest of warnings that the next time she runs afoul of him she would be getting a much longer spanking on her bare bottom, with the back side of a hairbrush, and then with a final whack to her left thigh he ordered her to fetch the broom.

Mr. O’Brien watched as Amelia began to hop to the task, half pulling up her jodhpurs before abandoning the idea and rubbing her smarting rear through her panties as she scampered to fetch the broom and shovel. He was thoroughly pleased with himself as he watched her bouncing bottom walk away from him, concentrating his eyes on the flaming scarlet color he had produced whilst giving her the first proper lesson that she was to learn not only at this riding school, but in her young life itself.

True enough, the stable was spotless by the time she was finished. They retired and had lunch and then began the second part of her training that afternoon. This time around a smarting Amelia completed the show course in total style, even though her freshly spanked bottom was bouncing up and down on the horse’s saddle making it not only difficult to ride, but also serving as a constant reminder as to what had happened shortly before. Every time it landed back on the saddle she felt like she was being spanked all over again.

Mr. O’Brien was deep in thought as he watched Amelia gingerly complete the riding course, saying to himself “Yep, by the time I am finished with this young lady, she will be just as good as her sister had become by the time she had finished this school”.

And with that his mind recalled the many times that Amelia’s sister, Sarah Broadhurst-White, had found herself lying face down over his lap getting her bare bottom soundly spanked with the family hairbrush.

One wonders why their father, The Viscount, agreed to Mr. O’Brien’s terms and conditions. Was it just because of the renowned success of the stable in the international community, or was there another reason that he signed the contract with the terms clearly documented in black and white? He certainly wasn’t the first peer of the realm to ponder the very same question.


Boyfriend Spanks – Girlfriend And Her Bestie

This story is part three of the MOTHER SPANKS series!!

Perhaps this wasn’t the direction that I had originally planned to go in, but circumstances change as time goes on. Of course that doesn’t mean that the series has to end, and it also doesn’t mean that the central theme won’t still be circulated around the Mother Spanks premise. For now though I am going to branch the story off in a little bit of a different direction. As with the previous episodes, I have left the ending open ended. There are multiple scenarios left at the end of the story for you to choose from, including a new character wanting a spanking, and the possible introduction of Brittney’s dad in an upcoming episode.

If you haven’t read any of my stories before then know this ahead of time, my writing style generally reflects my real life style in how I view spankings. It is ingrained in me that a spanking is more realistic when delivered to a clothed bottom, even if that clothing is simply a pair of wispy panties. Now I am fully aware that a good portion of readers prefer bare bottom spankings, and while they do occur in my stories they are far from the central theme. This is something that I can’t help.

When I grew up it was in the era of television and movies and you never saw a bare bottom spanking, never. Not in comics, magazines, film or even on those very rare occasions when a real spanking took place, certainly not in public anyway. I can think of only three occasions that I witnessed which were given on the panties, and these were the days of growing up on a council estate where there was liberal use of spanking/beating with whatever object was closest, lol. There was a proper OTK that I saw given to a girl on her panties. I also saw the sister of my best friend at the time, through his living room window, be pulled up by her dad from the floor and bent over the seated area of the couch for three hard smacks. What makes this memorable was that she ran out of the living room in tears, not knowing that the front door was open where my friend and I stood. So for just a couple of seconds we got the back view of her gym knickers as she ran to the stairs. Now it is likely that she has panties on underneath the gym knickers, but I still count it, lol. The last one I never actually saw myself, but my friends did. The sister of one of them got a whuppin’ with the belt from her mom in nothing more than a top and panties. I may not have seen it myself, but I heard every single little detail that I pressed to be told about. I so badly wanted to be friends with that girl during the next year but she couldn’t stand me. Good to see that some things never change  🙂

Anyway, time for the story. I just wanted to put that out there so that I don’t waste anyone’s time. You know up front what you are going to get. Probably a bit deflating to read for those who like to kink shame, but I know what I like and why I like it. The photos used in this story are one of my own to enhance the visual perception of the spanking, and the other is of Bob Todd spanking (probably) Sue Crosland in The Ups And Downs Of A Handyman.

Boyfriend Spanks – Girlfriend And Her Bestie

When they arrived at the mall that afternoon, it didn’t take Tim too long at all to become bored out of his mind. He went into the first four shops with the girls, but without much of a compliant from anyone involved it wasn’t long before Tim was headed to the arcade while the girls shopped. Their plan was to meet up by the fountain at 3pm, and then they would head to the park from there.

Come 3pm and Tim was already sat on the bench patiently waiting for the girls. 3.05pm, 3.10pm, 3.15pm… When the two young women finally showed up it was 3.22pm on his watch, and he was less than happy with being made to wait.

Tim pointed at his watch in a fashion that was overly dramatic than the situation called for and asked the two giggling girls “Why time is this?”

The girls just laughed and Elaine answered him “Oh hush, Mr. Grumpypants, it’s Brittney’s birthday”

She had felt like getting a hysterical laugh from her friend by adding something like “Now be a good boy and fetch the car”, and while she was actually very close to saying it, at the last second she suppressed the words from coming out of her mouth.

Once they all set off Tim tried his very best to hide his annoyance, but he didn’t really do a very good job of it. The fact that he was annoyed just seemed to bring the worst out in Brittney and Elaine as every now and then they would try and poke the bear with a stick. Backseat driving was the most popular choice of all and both girl’s stifled giggles each time Tim fought his aggravation by trying to politely answer.

Always be careful when poking a bear with a stick though, because one day he is going to unleash on you, and you aren’t going to like the results.

When they arrived at the park the three of them between them carried their wares to the designated picnic area that they had chosen. It wasn’t a secluded area, but at the same time it was far away from where the basketball court and the batting cages were.

The area that they had chosen was popular during the day, but less so during the late afternoon. There was a walking path about 20 meters away and the spot that they had chosen was right up against the lake. A part of the lake jutted out and to the side of it, just like in other locations around the park, there was a picnic bench that was facing sideways looking out onto the lake, but because of the alcove of water, one side of it was also facing the picnic area and the passing path. The entrance to the lake amounted to a sand patch where people had stood for decades feeding the ducks.

Of course by the time that Tim, Brittney and Elaine had arrived, the rest of their friends were already there. In total their party amounted to eight people, five girls and three guys. They set up on the grass on the other side of the sanded area to where the picnic bench was. The group did use the bench, but only to put their food and drinks on where it could all be easily covered. There was a multitude of blankets and for all intent and purpose they were alone. On the lot next to them there was an elderly couple who were initially aggravated that their solitude was going to be broken, but they found out pretty soon that the new group that had arrived were actually a very polite group of younger people. They all gave a neighborly greeting wave and whenever one of them would get too loud there was always someone ready to make a hand gesture to tone it down.

Other than that, the only people around them were the occasional young couple passing by on the nearby path taking a romantic stroll in the park, or occasional two couples together, or a single jogger whose only interest was in the path that lay ahead of them. It was the perfect location for a quiet little birthday gathering amongst friends who were not looking to have a wild rave of a time.


Tim and Elaine were the only actual couple in attendance, though two of their friends, Dawn and Matt had been on a couple of dates and were entering the stage of a potential relationship where different forms of bodily contact were being made, such as a hand reaching out to pat an arm or the gentle brushing of lint off of a piece of clothing. Of course this is important to note because while, in the traditional sense, the closeness of Tim and Elaine was nothing more than that of a conservative boyfriend and girlfriend, compared to the other five people in attendance it just as well have been almost pornographic. There wasn’t any jealousy, but there was a certain amount of envy at what Tim and Elaine had amongst several of the group gathered there.

After about an hour of laughing and joking, the elderly couple in the lot near theirs had started to pack up, it was the other guy in attendance, Jim, who flippantly said “They have probably seen enough for one day”

Without even thinking about what he was saying, Tim laughed to himself and said out loud “I’ve seen plenty for one day as well”

While Elaine had been in attendance for Brittney’s spanking that day as well, it was only Brittney who worked out just exactly what Tim meant by those words. Her mouth opened wide and she was openly indignant at his brazenness, without thinking she dipped her fingers into her water and flicked it at him while stating “Shut up you”

The other six people who watched this all laughed out loud, and that ‘moment’ occurred where Tim raised his head and his eyes met those of Brittney, whose own eyes widened. There was a sense of playful tension in the air as Brittney pushed up on her arms in preparation, and Elaine teasingly spoke aloud the thoughts that both Tim and Brittney had already known from the look that they exchanged between themselves anyway. Elaine confirmed it when she spoke through her laughter…

“It looks like someone needs a birthday spanking”

The word ‘spanking’ hadn’t even left her lips before Brittney pushed up on her hands and feet and sprang away, virtually running before she was even upright. Likewise, Tim was already on his way up, and he was dutifully encouraged by watching Brittney leap up and managing to catch a glimpse of the same light blue nylon he had seen earlier that day as she scampered to her feet. Brittney didn’t really have anywhere to run, nor did she want to be tackled from behind, so basically she ran about ten feet and then turned around. With both arms outstretched, and nonetheless grinning from ear to ear, she said “I’m warning you, stay away from me”

If she was really warning him then she would have been 50 feet away already, hollering at the top of her lungs. Not Brittney though, she had actually known Tim for longer than Elaine had known him, not in the sense of any romantic interest, they had just simply known each other for longer.

Earlier that day she had been embarrassingly placed over the knee of her best friend’s mom, and she was initially mortified when she felt her dress go up, right in front of Tim no less, for the revealing of her panty clad bottom to all and sundry. Her face was bright red during that time. However, and nobody had even seen this, during her wriggling about over the maternal knee, Brittney had quickly glanced at Tim’s face as he watched her struggle. She couldn’t help but notice that Tim’s face was focused intently on her fanny, with his mouth slightly open and his eyes slightly wider. Despite the circumstances that she was in, the mere thought of seeing Tim enjoying what he was seeing made her smile through her blushes. She had also looked at Tim’s face when she suggested that he should spank Elaine, he had a look that appeared to say that he would if he had to. Regardless of all of that though, she had to warn him.

What was she warning him with anyway? That the hand of the almighty would reach down from the sky and swat him away? That the local police would arrest him if he laid a finger on her? Or was she simply warning him that if he was going to spank her, then it wasn’t going to be easy for him. Once again it was only an answer that Brittney knew, and it wasn’t either of the first two. As the six other friends either propped up on their knees or stood up outright, all eyes were focused on Brittney and the fast approaching Tim who was now just mere feet away.

Tim was determined as he reached out to grab the girl, and Brittney was equally as determined to swat him away. She had landed at least six puppy punches on him when Tim finally caught hold of her arm. Brittney’s immediate reaction was to curl up in a defensive posture as Tim extended his grip by reaching around her back. It took seconds for the pair of them to fall on the floor.

From her position on her back Brittney was able to put up the good fight as Tim tried to flip her over. Of course Brittney wasn’t going to just give him and let him spank her, or at least she wanted to make it look like she was putting up a valiant fight before letting him win. She punched and slapped and kicked, of course none of it being anything more than a halfhearted playful attempt to fend him off.

Tim finally grabbed one leg to attempt to torque her body around and flip her onto her stomach into the prone position. The two of them were at an impasse when Brittney bellowed out “Let me go”, using her own vocalization as a cover for relaxing the tension in her leg and letting him flip her over onto her stomach. Tim quickly sat upon Brittney’s back, facing her legs as Brittney went into overdrive with her dramatic performance that she had hoped was convincing enough to make her friends think that she wasn’t willingly lying face down with her bottom sticking up, waiting for it to be spanked.

Tim didn’t disappoint her.

While the laws of gravity made the wrestling match a combative battle that Brittney could have easily kept up for fifteen minutes or more if she really want to, now that she was in the position that she was in it was much easier to ‘fight’ while giving in. Tim leaned forward and put his left hand on the ground next to Brittney’s hip, and then with his right hand he began to pepper the seat of her thin blue summer dress, almost beside himself as each swat made her cheeks bounce delightfully. He wasn’t spanking her hard, but at the same time they were no love pats either.

Brittney put on an Oscar worthy performance, swaying her hips from side to side and pounding her fists into the ground. She then turned her attention on Tim by reaching her hand back and slapping him on the hip and butt. Tim was just reaching the final few slaps of her 19 birthday spanks when she reached down and pinched his ankle.

Tim briefly stopped and looked behind him with a furrowed brow as he said “Ouch”, then turning back to his task at hand he wasted no time in grasping the hem of Brittney’s dress, which was already halfway up her thigh, and pulled it clear of her bottom. This time Brittney genuinely wailed and tried to turn her body away from him right away, but it was too late. As the rest of the group whooped and hollered as Brittney’s skirt came up, Tim now had unfettered access to a pink bottom now scarcely contained by a thin layer of light blue nylon. In what can only be described as ‘Proper spanks’, Tim gave the final four, two on each cheek, hearty spanks to the panty clad bottom beneath him. He even amazed himself when he saw his hand-prints quickly develop on the skin that was showing.

Tim hadn’t intentionally miscounted, the pinch on his ankle had thrown him off and he had actually given 21 spanks instead of required 19. Each of the last four spanks were accompanied by either an ow or an ouch by Brittney, and then with a brief pause he gave the final two spanks, though these two were much lighter than the previous four had been.

“And one for luck, and one to grow on” he announced, once more savoring the ripples in her panties as her bottom bounced delicately beneath them. The other thing that Tim did was a bit of a surprise for Brittany. On those last two spanks he definitely left his hand there after each swat had landed. It wasn’t super long, but for those last two swats it was long enough that she felt the increased warmth of his palm as it rested briefly on her panties.

Tim flipped her dress back down and climbed up off of Brittney’s back. In one last act of defiance she slapped him hard on the calf as she cried out “JERK”

Tim was back with the laughing group before Brittney had even risen to her knees. Of course she was embarrassed, but she tried to laugh it off as she walked back to the waiting friends. She wanted nothing more than to put both hands on her bottom and rub the sting out, and even when she reached the group with a forced smile on her face, she gave the death stare to Tim. Not that she actually minded in all honesty, quite to the contrary, there was a big difference being spanked by a friend, especially when compared to the structured spanking followed by a strapping from her father.

Tim had been confident going into battle, but now that it was over he was beginning to have some doubts. What did the death stare mean? Was it anger? Was it defiance? Was it a look that told him that revenge is a dish best served cold? If he only knew what it really meant. In fact if he really knew what the look meant, then perhaps he wouldn’t have to wait until Brittney turned 20 years old a year from this very day for another spanking!

Brittney knew!!


The rest of the picnic passed by without anyone saying anything about the events that had taken place, why would they, playful spankings were a very common occurrence everywhere, just like birthday spankings were. In fact one of the girls was sat there replaying the spanking over and over in her mind, secretly wishing that it was her who had received the spanking that day. It was three months to go until her own birthday came around, but she had made a decision on that day that she was going to become besties with Elaine. Her name was Judy, and while she leaves the story at this stage, her return is fully expected three months from now.

As the group began to dwindle in-between the tidying up, pretty soon it was only the three main characters in the story who remained in the park.

Tim was feeling testosterone fueled, like a lion with a pride, he was pleased with himself. It was only earlier that day that he had realized that there was an erotic component to spanking that he hadn’t realized before, perhaps because it was a gene that he never knew that he had. Watching Brittney get spanked, and then actually spanking her himself, it didn’t take long for him to realize that he enjoyed this far more than he ever imagined he would. Of course if Brittney had lost her mind over the whole incident then perhaps he would be thinking differently, but she didn’t. In fact it would be fair to say that she didn’t seem to mind at all, save perhaps from when the cool autumn breeze swept across her unveiled bottom.

Brittney was both happy and sad. She had received two spankings that day, neither of which she minded, in a funny sort of way, it was somewhat cathartic for her. However, by the end of the night she would be alone, and in that alone time she would feel sad that there was something missing in her life. That was still to come though, there was still an elephant in the room, for now at least. Only she held the key for the elephant in the room to be addressed, and she was looking forward to it more than anything else in the world.

Elaine was perhaps the quietest of the three, but that didn’t mean that her mind wasn’t racing ten to the dozen. Her thoughts were mainly romantic, far different to the other two. Her appreciation and affection towards Tim was higher now than it had ever been. It had started early that day when he volunteered to help her mom out later that week when Elaine was out of the way for the day.

With Elaine going off to college within a year, her mom decided to switch rooms around where she would have the larger of the rooms that Elaine currently occupied. A lot of the moving they could do by themselves, but the lifting of the dressers and beds was going to require an extra pair of hands. It impressed her more by the way that Tim took charge of the whole thing, and he even said that he had a friend who could lend him a dolly on wheels which would make the whole thing 5 times quicker and easier. Of course watching him spank Brittney turned her on immensely, but not particularly because of the spanking. It was just from the confidence that he had shown. She didn’t even know that there was an elephant in the room. Not yet anyway.

The only person who knew that the elephant was in the room was Brittney. After Elaine had prompted her own mom to give Brittney a spanking, Brittney had actually mentioned it in the car soon after they had left her house. Elaine had seen the elephant right there and then, but she had forgotten all about it, and now that Elaine had encouraged Tim to spank Brittney as well, the time was drawing very near for her to be reminded about it. Brittney had a feeling that it wasn’t going to take much at all to achieve this before they left the park that early evening, even if she was going to embellish Elaine’s lack of consideration as Tim waited for them earlier that day. If she was going to have to ride home on a hot bottom, then you could bet your bottom dollar that Elaine was going to be sitting on one as well.

Now what was it that Elaine had said earlier that day when they were walking around the mall, when Brittney mentioned that they should get going?

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got him right where I want him, under my thumb”

Yep, that was it, perhaps not in the context that it will now be repeated, but nonetheless Elaine did say exactly those words. Now if Brittney could just combine that in a sentence with the phrase “If anyone ever needed a spanking, it’s Elaine”. With a bit of prodding she felt pretty sure that she could talk her friend into getting a spanking without even trying. Damn, if he would spank her friend, he better darn well spank his girlfriend as well.


It was still light out but soon the sun would begin to set, the picnic area had been tidied up save for a few scattered items. As the three of them who remained consolidated all of the items into containers on the picnic bench, Brittney started to put her plan into motion, I mean, it shouldn’t take too long, right?

As innocently as you like, Brittney said to Elaine “We still have to fold up the blankets”

Elaine was completely oblivious as she clipped the potato chip bags, so she answered quite casually “We’ve still got plenty of time”

With a wicked grin on her face Brittney added “Well why don’t you get him to do it, after all, when he was waiting for us at the mall you did say that you have him right under your thumb, right where you want him”

Elaine’s mouth opened wide “SHUT UP, I said no such thing”

Brittney looked at Tim, who had an eyebrow raised, and said “She did say it. When I told her that we should be getting back to meet you she said don’t worry about it”

Elaine gazed at Tim and then back at Brittney “Brittney Anderson, I said no such thing, you fibber”

Elaine’s mind raced back, and it didn’t take her long at all to realize that she had indeed said something along those lines. Brittney just nodded and looked at Tim anyway and carried on “She did say it, obviously you must be a bit of a walkover”

Elaine looked indignant and said in a screeched voice “WHAT HAS GOT INTO YOU”?

“I’m just saying, we have the blankets to fold, and you said that Tim was under your thumb, you did say it, you know you did. So just say chop, chop and get him to pick up the blankets”

The face on Elaine looked like someone had just told her that Santa Claus wasn’t real, Tim of course was a bit perplexed by this. He stopped what he was doing and said “Under your thumb, am I”?

Stung by reality Elaine changed her tune very quickly “Time out, it sounded nothing like she is making it out to sound”

Emptying his hands he replied “So you did say it then”?

Brittney gave a pompous grin and joined in “I told you earlier Tim that you should spank her, but nobody listens to little old me”

With saucers now for eyes, Elaine looked at her friend and said “BRITTNEY, hush your mouth, he will do no such thing”

And now the elephant was out of the room, and Brittney laid down the trump card as well as she addressed Tim once more “Well, I guess you just got your orders, better do as she says”

What an outright stinking rotter her friend turned out to be!!

Brittney was bang to rights, Elaine had said it, and now she remembered saying it as well, and she quickly remembered the affirmative look on his face that he had when she had said “You wouldn’t spank little old me, would you”? The realization of her predicament caught up to her in a nanosecond “Now wait a minute, not here”, as if she had resigned herself to the fact that he was going to spank her at some point.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Brittney thought “Hang on a minute, you didn’t have a problem with him spanking me out here, in fact you found it pretty funny, didn’t you”?

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak, Tim wiped his hands on his jeans as walked towards a backing up Elaine “Tim, noooooooooooo” came her reply as he seized her by the arm. Half through laughter and half through embarrassment, Elaine continued “Tim no, not out here, let go of me right now”

It was futile to think that would work, Tim’s testosterone level was at an all-time high, and while he was playing along, to some degree he was a little stung that Elaine had said what she had said. She genuinely didn’t want to be spanked in the park where anyone could walk by, like the two couples who were already headed in their direction, but Tim didn’t really give much of a hoot, he agreed with Brittney.

In one motion he sat down on the picnic bench facing out to the pathway and pulled Elaine over his lap at the same time. It was almost poetic how quickly they settled into the time honored position with next to no effort. Elaine pleaded with him to stop and threw her right hand back to protect the seat of her skirt, which in effect was a silly mistake because he was able to grab her wrist with ease and tuck it into her side where he now held her around the waist. She was effectively pinned and she could do nothing about it other than kick her legs in the hope that she kicked him in the head.

Elaine was pretty helpless at this point, she was pinned over her boyfriend’s lap, held securely around the waist with no free hand that could reach back for protection. She didn’t know what to feel when she felt his hand rub her bottom through her white summer skirt, she could probably accept it in another setting, but not out here. She pleaded with him, practically begging him not to spank her, and even apologizing profusely, all the while as Brittney just stood there with a big shit eating grin on her face.

If you thought Elaine was carrying on before, you should have heard her when he actioned the thought that was in his mind, that thought being, a white skirt probably means that she is wearing white panties as well. Her voice raised as he revealed the prize by lifting her skirt high up her back with comparative ease. Indeed he was right, white panties they were, and the nylon looked ever so thin and skimpy for what he was planning to do to them.

With her face flushed she looked at the laughing Brittney “You’re a bitch, you know that”

Brittney just put her arms out in front of her and shrugged as she replied “What goes around, comes around”.

Elaine’s face was a mixture of revenge combined with pain as for the first time her boyfriend’s hand landed on her bottom. He admired that first swat as he watched her bottom move beneath the panties and almost shrugged himself as he set about his duty as if he was a seasoned pro. She kicked and hollered as Tim’s hand went up and down as fast as he could muster, covering all areas of her nylon clad bottom. Well at least it started out covered, with all the kicking she was doing it was making her thin panties just ride up more and more.

Elaine may have thought that the spanking went on forever, but in reality it was no more than 40 spanks. Thankfully it had stopped right when it did, or at least that is what she thought initially until she realized that Tim had stopped only to wave to the two laughing couples who were walking arm and arm past them, not 20 meters away. She sounded deflated as she buried her head, mortified at the sight of the strangers and she simply uttered “Oh Tim”, knowing that they all had a bird’s eye view of her half naked bottom.

The embarrassment didn’t last that long though when she heard Brittney’s voice who was likewise waving to the four laughing strangers “Hey guys, have a great old night”

Oh that bitch, she was going to pay for that with virtually her life. What was it that she had told Elaine? That it had been four years since her dad had spanked her, we will see about that!

As the couples had almost passed, though they were still in range to have a clear view of what was now a deep pink bottom showing on the girl over that young man’s lap, Tim looked down at Elaine and asked. “So I’m under your thumb, am I”?

Elaine started to reply but was interrupted by a stinging palm multiplying the heat on her bottom “No, I’m sorreeeee, ow, Tim, don’t, ow, ow, ow, I’m sorry, I won’t, ouch, say it again, ow”

It was a repeat of the first part of the spanking, another set of around 50 spanks as Brittney watched intently. Damn, if she knew that he was going to spank her like that then she would have suggested it months ago. For his part Tim must have taken notes from watching Brittney’s spanking earlier that day from Elaine’s mom. He didn’t spank in one area, his hand slapped all over her bottom, right from the top of her panties to the unprotected bare cheeks that met her thighs. At least when a spanking is in one area you can have some mental preparation for it, for the style of spanking that Tim was employing, Elaine didn’t have time to mentally prepare for anything, her bottom was stinging all over the place and maybe it was just her, but she could swear that Tim’s hand connected with an un-spanked area with each and every swat.

Tim was suitably impressed as he looked at the glowing red bottom that was on his girlfriend. He rubbed his hand across his girlfriend’s red hot bottom as she relaxed, having feelings that she would have never dreamed that she was going to have. Of course she wasn’t going to readily admit them, and she sure as shit was less than happy that two couples out on a romantic stroll had probably watched her get spanked, and with her panties showing as well for goodness sake. Tim by now had covered her bottom but continued to rub it with Elaine almost forgetting by now that Brittney was even present. It was only when Brittney said with added sass “So, who’s going to get the blankets then”? that Elaine finally snapped out of it. She was mad, but she wasn’t mad at the man who spanked her, she was mad at her friend who got her spanked. She couldn’t care less that she had caused Brittney to get spanked twice already herself, that thought didn’t even cross her mind.

Elaine climbed up off of Tim’s lap and their eyes met ever so briefly, the intense stare for however brief of a second that it was, was as hot as her bottom felt. They both had simultaneous thoughts of taking their relationship up a notch to the next stage, and that flicker of eye contact was one of the strongest moments that their relationship had encountered so far to date. Nonetheless she pouted and placed both of her hands on her stinging bum, feeling the deep heat radiating from both cheeks. Tim remained seated, he pretty much had to. After spanking his girlfriend, he then had the pleasure over rubbing his hand over the thin silky material that was covering her seat. The combination from feeling her feminine attire, combined with the heat that lay beneath it that was radiating into his palm, it was more than he could bear. He had to flip her skirt back down more for his benefit than for Elaine’s.

Elaine turned around and looked right at the smiling Brittney, she then walked right past her with her finger outstretched, pointing at Brittney’s face as she headed to where the blankets lay. Her voice was that of a woman who was not playing around “You’re going to pay for that, mark my words, you’re going to pay dearly for that”

There was some genuine anger in Elaine’s voice, perhaps a bit misplaced considering that she had in fact gleefully instigated Brittney getting spanked twice, even if comparatively speaking they were quite playful to what she just had to endure herself, and the ride home was much quieter than it normally would have been. When they had arrived at Brittney’s house Elaine had calmed down to some degree, and indeed by the following day things were pretty much back to normal. That doesn’t mean that Elaine has forgotten about it though, not a chance, she was going to make sure that her friend got a good old fashioned country whuppin’ if it was the last thing that she did. And she was quite prepared to go the extra mile to make sure that Brittney got it good.

As Tim pulled away from the driveway and they both waved goodbye to Brittney, Elaine leaned over and put her hand on Tim’s thigh. She was acutely aware that they still had a few hours left yet before she had to head home for curfew, she had been aware for some time. “Did you want to go back to the park”? She asked.

A spanking from Tim was vastly different to a spanking from her mom, at this moment in time Elaine’s bottom was glowing delightfully, the heat in her seat felt vastly different than it had before. A smile came on her face as the car headed towards the park ‘I’ll have to get him to spank me more often’ she thought. What a lovely warm feeling.

Mother’s warning about breast touching and penis touching was about to go out of the window. A secluded park, the stars now forming in the sky, and plenty of blankets to lay upon.

1986 was a different time, a time where songs told a story about events that have appeared in the lives of all of us in some way, shape or form, stories that we remember fondly as our years in age advance. In 2020, those of us who are old enough can hear a song on the radio even to this day and say “Ah, I remember that feeling” and we can smile at what once was.

Cast my memory back there, Lord
Sometimes I’m overcome thinking ’bout
Making love in the green grass
Behind the stadium with you
My brown-eyed girl


So there you have part three of the Mother Spanks series, feel free to leave your comments down below if you wish to, I always love hearing feedback on my stories.

Like I did in the previous two episodes, I have left the story open for reader’s suggestions. While I may not write the stories to the exact specifications that people set, many of the elements suggested in this story came from the contributions of the people who filled the form out on the previous episode.

Initially I had no intention at all of Tim spanking Elaine and Brittney, but that was a very popular suggestion, either for one of the girls, or for both of them to get spanked by Tim. Likewise I would never have thought to have strangers passing by when a spanking was taking place, but I had received an email from someone who had informed me that when a spanking was being witnessed by a complete stranger, it was a big cog in the wheel for that person to enjoy a spanking tale. Many elements of all three parts of this story have been taken directly from reader suggestions. Obviously my stories have to have my own elements of enjoyment when I write them, and dare I say my own unique synopsis style when I format the story. However, if I can include an element that someone will enjoy then I am always happy to do so.

If you have a suggestion that you would like to share, then please do so by filling in the quick form below. You only have to answer the elements that apply to you. Right now I can think of four likely scenarios that have been left open, but perhaps you have your own ideas as well.

So this is what I see is possible for part 4. Perhaps you see other avenues that we can go down, let me know your thoughts. Not everything will happen, and perhaps only one situation will feature in the next episode.

Firstly there is Judy. Her birthday is still three months away, but she is looking forward to having her bottom smacked by Tim. I don’t plan on bringing her in just yet, but who knows, perhaps someone has an idea as to where she can fit in.

Next up is Tim. He has already heard Mrs. Ferris spank Elaine, and he watched her spank Brittney as well. Very soon he is going to be all alone with Mrs. Ferris and the subject of spanking is bound to come up. His job is to rearrange the two bedrooms so there is likely to be a hairbrush lying around somewhere. Does she suggest a “If you were my son” scenario? Does he suggest a “What’s it really like” scenario? Or is there something that he does while he is there that justifiably warrants a spanking?

Then we have Brittney. She enjoyed her spanking, then she enjoyed watching Elaine’s spanking even more. Elaine has vowed revenge though. My thoughts on this so far have been for Elaine to use a tape recorder when the girls are speaking, and then in the presence of Brittney’s father she plays the tape back, which will include Brittney cursing in it. I’m a little torn though as this seems rather harsh compared to what the scene warrants. Perhaps Elaine arranges for a day out to a secluded area for an afternoon of fun spanking adventures between the three of them. I’ve got a ways to go before I develop this part of the story. Perhaps Brittany finds some time alone with Tim to explore her feelings?

Finally there is the wildcard, Elaine. Her bottom is safe from nobody. Mom still spanks her, Tim has just started spanking her, and while a likely scenario has not yet entered the story in any form, her best friend’s dad owns a wicked strap for woodshed lickings. Is it possible that Mr. Anderson enters the story?

Let me know your thoughts below, submit the form as many times as you like, I’m always happy to hear from you.

Free Spanking Stories

I haven’t done this in a while and I think that now would be a good time to post the updated list of free spanking stories on my website. As you all know I am leaving for Japan the first thing on Monday morning and I won’t be back online for a couple of days. There is already a post scheduled for Wednesday so hopefully this will give you all some reading material until then.

Hopefully these stories will send some good vibes your way and bring some positivity into your lives. I look forward to sharing the details of my travels over the coming weeks. Peace to you all.


Story Characters

This was a topic that crossed my mind last night so I looked at my fictional stories to see if there was a trend as to what type characters people like to read about. I’m not a person who is a  ‘stat whore’  by any means,  but for this post I did go back to check on the number of story views that each individual fictional story has. These are genuine numbers as well,  not manipulated or heavily inflated ones. While I am not sure if I can see that much of a trend,  it is clear that a certain type of story that I write is not as popular as others.

Before continuing,  I did want to point out that my final vendor’s page has been added and the page is now complete. The page is MISS CHRIS’  TEXAS TOYS where you can view the items that she makes,  and also included is a link to her professional spanking website. Check it out HERE.

There are many story writers out there and I have a feeling that almost all of them stick to a formula that works for them. This formula would generally be an extension of who that person is. Their characters fall into a  ‘type’  pool,  indeed as does the structure of the story as well. In their spanking stories the same types of implements are always used,  the same principal type of characters are used,  and also how the spanking is conducted also follows a pattern.

Like anything,  there are always deviations to these patterns,  but for the most part certain elements always appear in their stories. I get that as well,  in fact I pretty much advocate for it because fans of a person’s work will gravitate back towards that person if they like the style and structure of the stories that have been written so far.

My fictional stories are no different to what I have stated above,  there are certain elements that I always include and there are certain elements that I never include. For example I never include the cane in any fictional story because I’m not able to relate to it. That’s quite ironic to say really because many of my REAL LIFE SPANKING STORIES feature the cane in abundance,  but that is almost always at the request of another person. Girls tend to like the way that I cane so it is something that is frequently requested of me. It is also super rare that I have used a belt in a fictional story,  which is somewhat surprising because leather can be really hot in the scene.

Another item that I try to avoid is any type of family dynamic. As with the MOTHER SPANKS series I can go as far as including a Mother – Daughter spanking,  but that is pretty much the limit for family involvement. Spanking in my mind is as far away from family involvement as can be. You will never find nudity in my spanking stories,  that’s the polar opposite of how I see spanking. Rarely will there be any description of genitalia in my stories either. In regards to structure there will never be any ABDL in my stories,  even though I know that the genre is getting very popular at spanking parties,  it isn’t something that I understand so therefore it isn’t something that I can write about. And lastly,  even though I have had numerous requests for the opposite,  in my stories the spanker has to be older than the spankee. In real life it doesn’t matter as much to me because we are all adults,  but in a story though it can only work for me if the spanker is older than the spankee.

There are many other nuances that apply to myself as well as all other writers,  I can’t cover them all but what I am going to do right now is break down my fictional spanking stories and talk about the characters who are involved.

The most read fictional story on my website since the inception of this blog is the story 3 GIRLS. There are a couple of non fiction stories that have been read more but this is the most read fictional story. If stats are your thing then the story has been read 28,678 times since I posted it.

In this story a girl gets a birthday spanking from her friend’s dad. This is a common theme in my stories,  it is the dissociation from family that I have to have. Of course the friend’s dad takes liberties and raises the skirt of the birthday girl which is also exceedingly common in virtually every story that I read. I’m fully aware that for some people it has to be bare bottom 100% of the time,  but I have a mental block there. From an early age the biggest embarrassment and humiliation that a person could have during a spanking would be that their underwear was on display. It is more realistic than I think people give it credit for,  which is perhaps also related to my desire to avoid any family style interactions. It would be extremely rare for a spanking to be given bare to a non family member,  unless we are talking about someone’s fantasies. It is something that has always been a part of me,  to me a non bare spanking is far more realistic than a bare one. I understand that I am in the lower percentile with those thoughts,  but at least they are my honest thoughts.

As we arrive at the second most read fictional spanking story I was able to see a little trend when combined with the third most read story. The second most read is purely a fantasy spanking in an unrealistic setting and it is called JANE’S BIRTHDAY SPANKING. The characters in this story are a summer camp director and a camp counselor.

For a four year period I lived at a camp year round as they also had a respite program,  so a camp counselor getting a spanking has long been a fantasy scenario for me. In total I worked 5 years at a summer camp during the actual summers,  but it was only really the first one out in Ohio that could be considered frisky. The other four years were in the New York region and while there was a lot of action if you know what I mean,  for the most part it was all vanilla. Out in Ohio it was quite common during the Reveille,  and the raising of the flag first thing in the morning to be greeted by the contents of someone’s panty raid being removed from the flagpole first before the flag could be raised. Birthday spankings,  while not common,  did occur,  and it was commonplace to see a girl get a swat on the butt every now and then.

The third story on the list of most viewed fictional spanking stories is just about the exact same type of story as the two above,  nothing more than a playful birthday spanking. This spanking is between the next door neighbor and a frisky young female,  it is also implied at the end of the story that the mother of the girl is going to get a spanking as well. This story is called BIRTHDAY SPANKING FOR LAURA and is one of many stories that I have written that needs a follow up badly. While I haven’t written that many spanking stories featuring neighbors,  it is a theme that comes up fairly often in my stories. It is quite funny really because having lived in New York for the last 25 years I rarely have any interaction with my neighbors whatsoever. It is vastly different from the time I grew up in England where the neighbors were pretty much seen as an extension of ones own family,  albeit in a different light. Communities were much closer when I grew up.

All of the first three stories are pretty much the same in regards to their structure,  a playful birthday spanking given to the seat of the birthday girl’s panties. Each story has over 25,000 views and for whatever reason it is a genre that people like to read of my website. The next story on the list of fictional spanking stories is just shy of 25,000 views having been read 24,270 times at the time of writing and it is the last of the big four stories before we start to see a big drop off in views,  though the numbers for the rest of the stories are still fairly decent.

The fourth story on the list is called THE FLY ON THE WALL and to me it is somewhat surprising that it has garnered so many views. The reason that I find it surprising is because it is the one genre that I have only ever written one story about,  so it isn’t the normal type of story that I write. The characters in this story feature three dynamics,  girlfriend and boyfriend,  girlfriend’s mother and boyfriend and finally a mother spanks daughter scene to finish it off. In fact they aren’t totally boyfriend and girlfriend rather next door neighbors,  but there is a romantic element to them.

It’s also unique in that after the mother catches her daughter playfully spanking her boyfriend,  she has no problems in baring his bottom to use her hairbrush on it in front of the girlfriend. That is also something that I rarely entertain when I write my stories. So in terms of non playful spankings this is the most read serious spanking scenario and it features a heavy dose of the one genre that I don’t write about,  F/M spanking. Obviously I know that there is an interest in this genre,  but I didn’t really expect it on my site as that genre is very rare on here. Also,  in the MOTHER SPANKS – THE BEST FRIEND story I left a survey as to what people would like to see in part 3,  and at least 40% of those responses requested that Tim should take his turn over the lap of his girlfriend’s mother for some maternal spanking justice.

My guess is that the request is so frequent because I assume that 75-80% of my blog readers are male. I don’t know that for sure,  I’m just taking an educated guess. It is a tough genre for me to write about because I don’t have any psychological experience to draw from,  so I have to use guesswork to describe the emotional aspect.

After these four stories we drop down to under 20,000 views. The next three stories in order have been viewed between 18,000 to 20,00 times,  which is in the second tier,  but after these spanking stories there is a huge drop off. The stories in this section are as follows. A SIMPLE BIRTHDAY SPANKING which is just like the first three on the list,  though this one is a lot shortly and features next door neighbors. This is followed by Nurse Byron and the Manor House which is probably my darkest story to date,  and perhaps the longest. The unique part about this story is that the characters are not your standard pairings for a spanking story,  in this story it is Stately house owner and a nurse.

The last story in tier two with just a shade under 18,000 views is part one of the recent series that I started, MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – OVERHEARD. Obviously the dynamic in this one is right in the title,  mother and daughter. If I was to revisit this post a year from now I am going to guess that this story will be in the 1st tier by then as the story is read far more often than the rest in the period of the last two years.

Once again the story views drop off in a large number again down to a third tier. NEED A RIDE HOME has 12,573 views and straddles the line between playful and serious. The characters in this story are coworkers, which is a genre that I don’t think that I have written about other than in this story. This is followed with 10,211 views by A LODGER’S REGRET which is self explanatory when it comes to the spanking dynamic of Landlord and Lodger. Yet again this is a serious spanking with no playful elements and it is the last story with over 10,000 views. The story INTO A FARAWAY PLACE is just short of 10,000 views and is my most ambitious effort to date. The nexus of the story is a caning between a School Master and a Student,  but it isn’t conventional. This story features the dream of a girl who is caned as a boy at the turn of the 20th century.

The last four stories on this list are on the bottom rung in terms of views,  each only garnering between 6,000 and 7,000 views. There are other fictional stories on my website that I haven’t cataloged under the fictional spanking stories banner just yet,  but I’m pretty certain that none of them have generated more than 7,000 views. Here are the bottom four on the ladder and the spanking dynamic between the participants.

THE FIRST TIME IS NEVER PERFECT features the first spanking between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

THE PHONE CONVERSATION is a playful discussion between a college girl and her former neighbor. What could have been may still happen.

THE FAKE RAT this was actually written based on discussions with the model Amber Grey. Not only did we act the scene out at a party once,  we subsequently filmed it as well at a later date. The characters in this story are camp counselor and camper.

MOTHER SPANKS – THE BEST FRIEND has the least views at 6,131,  however,  it is almost certainly going to be the most viewed post on my website in 2019 as it was only posted this year,  and it will eventually be a tier 1 story of which I am in no doubt. This chapter features a Mother and her daughter’s best friend,  a playful spanking with a little zest put into it.

Do you have story characters that make or break a spanking story for you?

Behind The Story

Before I get started on my prose today,  I just want to tell you about a book that I picked up last week.

At the party,  Violette De St-Sienne was selling her new book. As I am a firm believer in supporting people’s efforts in the spanking community I went ahead and picked a copy up. Now I haven’t read it as of yet,  but I did want to let you know about it so that you can check it out. If you go to THIS PAGE on Amazon you can have a look inside of the book.

On Twitter a couple of days ago I made a random tweet and for some reason it started getting likes all over the place. It was only 45 likes,  but for a male spanker on Twitter that is quite a lot. In fact I am going to guess that it is the most likes I have ever got for a Tweet.

The reason that I made the tweet was based on MY LATEST STORY. There was some self-evaluation based on the fact that after spending 6-8 hours writing the story,  it only got two replies. The thing is I think that I get it though,  I only know one way to write and that is how spanking pertains to me,  it isn’t the same for everyone.

Spanking story sites seem to be a thing of the past,  there are a couple of traditional ones out there and then some where sexual activity is the primary focus of the story. Of course there are bloggers like myself who also write stories,  and I have mentioned it many times before,  the stories alone on my website account for 25% of all traffic. That is quite a high number considering that I don’t write many stories,  and most people come to my website to look at the latest finds that I am bringing to the spanking world. The stories though,  even the ones that I wrote back in 2007 are read frequently.

The main story site that I know of is THE LIBRARY OF SPANKING FICTION. This site is frequently updated and I have even donated a couple of stories for them to sell in compendiums to raise money for their site along with other authors.

Now I’m treading on dangerous ground here,  because there is always the likelihood that someone will misinterpret what I am saying,  but there are trends that I observe that make me understand that people have their own writing styles and I am no different than that.

One time it was said to me that nobody can tell if they will or will not like a spanking story in a few seconds. Now I disagree with that wholeheartedly,  in fact if in the synopsis it is indicated that the story involves the cane,  then I won’t even open it. That’s quite funny really considering that everyone and their mother seems to want to ask me to cane them,  but I get zero interest from reading a story involving a caning,  literally zero. Likewise,  if I start to read a story and it begins  “In 1874”,  I’m out of there. While I can read a story from the 1930’s or 40’s,  I predominantly want the stories that I read to be from the 1950’s onwards. If I’m not mistaken,  I only wrote one single fiction story that involved the cane,  and that was INTO A FARAWAY PLACE.

There are a lot of authors who stick to their chosen format,  and I’m one of them so this isn’t a criticism. Some of them always use the same implement,  even if other implements are involved. I’m a hand man myself so I understand it,  for many others they always have to have the cane used,  or the hairbrush or the strap. Likewise for some there is no variation when it comes to the bare bottom,  every spanking in every story has to be on the bare from the get go for some people.

So this is where I think that I sometimes fall short,  my stories almost always use the same formula. The formula is based upon fact however,  these were the spankings that I either witnessed growing up,  or saw in comic books or in mainstream movies,  and indeed they also reflect how I play. Virtually every story that I have written on this site has been of the M/F genre,  combining that with my REAL LIFE STORIES and my site is almost exclusively M/F to be honest. It is a formula that I have rarely deviated from since I started writing stories. On my site there is one,  just a single one that involves an F/M spanking,  and even that is mostly F/F. That story is THE FLY ON THE WALL. Then to break the M/F genre once more and try to promote a little diversity,  the last two stories that I have written were F/F stories. Again though,  those are the only two F/F fiction stories I believe.

In the LATEST STORY I took some of the reader suggestions into account and tried to incorporate a lot of what was suggested to me. Obviously I couldn’t do everything asked,  but I did use the opportunity to build some character development and include some of the things that readers wanted. So in regards to the spanking itself,  even though the story was F/F,  I also include flashback spankings that covered every genre,  M/F,  F/F,  F/M and even M/M memories.

Going back to the root of the topic though,  the formula that I use is almost always the same. I focus solely on spanking,  predominantly spankings with the hand,  and almost always the spankings are given over the panties.

When you ask for feedback on what people want to read,  you will be amazed at the passion that people have when it comes to their preferences. Obviously the main one,  and there are times when people actually complain,  but the main one is that people want and expect is the spanking to be on the bare bottom. A person has to write how they feel about something for themselves though. Starting from when I was growing up at an early age I never once witnessed a bare bottom spanking,  at the very worst it was given on the panties or underwear,  and that was at worst. Every single comic book that I read the female got it on the panties  (POST HERE)  save for the ones that wore shorts,  and on television it was never on the bare.

It is a part of me just like the spanking itself is,  and I know that this sounds stupid,  but if a spanking is given on the bare bottom then it doesn’t register as a genuine spanking to me. I’m pretty weird,  aren’t I?  I mean that in all honesty and sincerity though,  the most genuine spankings that I watch are normally the ones that are the opening spanking scene in a spanking movie. It is something that I just cannot help,  it is something that I have felt for as long as I have had an interest in spanking. It started at an early age and the seeds were sewn long,  long ago as to what spanking means to me in terms of one being genuine. This is something that is DEEPLY ingrained in me.

Having had many a discussion with fellow spankos in person,  I am by far not alone when it comes to open displays of genitalia in spanking films. For me it is a complete turn off and I switch the movie off the moment it becomes a vagina show. Thankfully there is a small network of people who agree with me on this one which is comforting. Now I’m not knocking the practice,  I want people to produce whatever sells for them,  I’m just speaking from a personal level that it has the opposite effect on me.

The bottom line is that I have tried my hardest to change things up whenever I write a spanking story,  but there is a formula that is set in my mind as to how I want to represent spanking and what it actually means to me. When people leave suggestions in the story recommendations I do try my hardest to take them into account. I’m afraid that I will never write a spanking story that starts on the bare from the get go,  but suggestions such as  “Ankle socks”  do it for someone,  or the mother has to straighten her skirt first,  and many such quips like this that people really want in a spanking story that makes a spanking work for them,  then those I can include in the story quite easily.

Let me make one addendum to this prose though. From a personal level I have always thought that panties should be worn under pajamas,  however,  if a spanking is given and the pajamas are taken down and the spankee is not wearing panties,  then for some unknown reason that spanking does come across as being genuine to me. Maybe it is because I find pajama spankings to be so freaking hot that the simple fact that a person is wearing pajamas circumvents my usual inability to see a bare bottom spanking,  if they have on pajama bottoms then it doesn’t matter to me if it then goes to bare bottom,  I’m perfectly fine with that.