Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 156

The last couple of days I had some spare time so I decided to scour through old books. To be honest I haven’t come up with anything major, but I have found a handful of mediocre spanking pics. I will keep digging though, there are bound to be some gems out there that the community hasn’t seen yet.

It has been quite a while since I found this image so the details aren’t the clearest. Indeed the title itself, I named the photo “Behold – The Star”, but now I’m wondering if the play is called “Behold The Star” without the hyphen.

This is what I remember from my research. The guy doing the spanking actually wrote the play (smart man, lol) and he had pitched it elsewhere. From my recollection it did get a run elsewhere, for some reason Memphis is ringing a bell in my mind. Anyway, it wasn’t picked up on the national level, but we do at least get to see this hairbrush spanking.

Look around the pic to enjoy what else you see, and I can’t help but notice that the spankee is barefoot.


8 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 156

  1. These are the very gems I would actually almost hyperventilate to find at the library, It brings back so many wonderful memories of my college days and perusing every theater and movie collection picture book I could find. Thanks for sharing! And a hairbrush spanking no less!

  2. Fatherjim,

    This image would have been clipped and added to the ‘Spanking tin’ lol. The same ten images that we would look at hundreds of times because we had nothing else. I have often wondered who had it better. People from the modern day who can spend 24 hours looking at spanking related material, or those of us who grew up with next to nothing in terms of spanking material. In my opinion I tend to think that us old timers appreciate what we now have more than those who grew up with it at their fingertips. Even to this day I still have a bag of spanking photos that I have collected over the years.


  3. I so totally agree with you. The other added treat we had at our age was to see so many mainstream TV shows that featured an occasional spanking. That’s almost gone today, and they are always now about sex, My first spanking related memory was of an old cartoon featuring a Japanese mouse who gets spanked by his father with a hairbrush. I was probably around four at the time. Possibly my first heart-rate increasing moment . I actually snuck to our bathroom and used the hairbrush on my own exposed butt to see how it would feel. My next thrill was The Webster dictionary, just reading the definition of spanking. I always lamented my World Book encyclopedia had no heading under spanking. I was too young to realize it may have been under corporal punishment. but oh those days of wonder! I actually have trunks full of binders of all the stuff I used to collect in the early days of the internet and memories of constantly running out of costly ink and paper. I have trunks of this stuff which is probably worthless and will be a major pain for my wife and adult kids to get rid of when I pass some day, and maybe a major source of embarrassment for them all!! I used to laugh thinking about a tornado hitting my home and the whole county being covered with my spanking material by some tornado! Bet that would make the national news! Anyways, nice to reminisce.

  4. Yes as a collector myself I did spend a lot of time looking for anything spanking related.I had a couple of boxes in a trunk of a car and it had a leak and I lost it all. My first spanking movie I remember is Public Deb # 1.Smiling Jack was the first spanking comic and my dictionary was much dogearred at spanking. My first thrill was when I found a book in the library about a doll being otk of a bear.for all collectors it does seem how to get rid of it in our later years is an ongoing problem I do hope it can be found to find a new generation of spankos.enjoy your day and thanks for all you share.

  5. A great picture, and with a hairbrush too! I assume they didn’t feature too much in plays because they hurt so much!

  6. Fatherjim, that sounds fascinating that you have binders full of old spanking images, man do I wish that I had kept mine. I bet you have some real gems in there that haven’t been seen for years. There is one image that I saw in an adult magazine once that I have never been able to find. It wasn’t a spanking magazine which is why it has probably flown under the radar, but I hope one day to relocate it. Part of the fun is discovering spanking images in places you wouldn’t normally expect them, well, it used to be before the days of the Internet, lol. Funny enough I think that I have one binder of printed images from 25 years ago that I haven’t even looked at for many years. Maybe I should peek at it and see if there is anything interesting in there.

    P.S. I’m catching up and just realized that I had already responded to your original message, oh well 😉


  7. Jimc,

    Yes, I can tell you a very heartbreaking story that is similar, lol. I had my collection of spanky stuff in a trunk along with personal vanilla photos from years ago, and of course various trinkets etc. One day I got home and there had been a main water break, I got down to my basement and it was flooded. I’m sure you can work out how badly damaged the contents of my trunk were. I was able to save about 10% of the vanilla stuff but I lost all the spanking stuff.


  8. Theo,

    Yeah, that wouldn’t be much fun with all of the rehearsals and nightly performances, eh 😉


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