F/M Friday 65

Dude doesn’t post for weeks and now he is posting daily? LOL.

This past week I have been looking at an AI story generator. Now for my scripts for my Youtube channel I generally put into an AI for the purposes of editing it. What normally happens is I put a three page script in to be edited, and the AI spanks out a version that is about half the length of what I wrote. This is vital for my videos because I need to put a lot of narration into relatively short videos. The AI output is actually my writing, the AI just condenses it into a shorter form.

Obviously these AI sites are not very friendly when it comes to spanking material, but with a lot of effort and manipulation from what I can tell, you can get a half decent spanking story out of it. Well lo and behold I found a story generator this week that is void of the normal censors these type of sites generally put on, and they can be quite strict sensors at that. The site I found though doesn’t seem to have any, at least not in the terms of a spanking story.

My days of actually writing stories seem to be behind me, or at least at present I don’t have the motivation to do so. The only encouragement the blog seems to give are comments such as “Good story, now write me another one” 🙂

So tomorrow I am going to give it a shot. I will put instructions into the story generator and then whatever it turns out I will share with you all. It won’t be a proper story like I normally write, but it should be fun to see. I will share the links where the idea for this concept came from tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “F/M Friday 65

  1. What a great picture this is! I’ve always had a thing about ‘in front of the class’ punishments, and from the blurred motion, that paddle is going to sting!

  2. Theo,

    I actually have a handful of ‘In front of the class’ images, and I know of at least one other where you see the blurred paddle. I left the writing on the image for context.


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