Streetcar Sundays – 150

I am considering posting the remaining MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pics in batches until they are done. Can you believe that I have been posting them for 8 years already? The very first Streetcars spanking pic I posted in April 2013 (LINK HERE) and I have been posting them every month since then. Even though I also share them now with my Sunday Candid’s post. A large portion of them were introduced on this blog and can now be found all over the Internet.

I’m thinking about posting them in groups because I still have about 70 left, and while I don’t find them as often anymore, I can always add them as I find them moving forward. We will see, seventy more pics will keep the project going for at least two more years. As we reach a milestone of 150 today then I will share one of the better ones that is left.

6 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 150

  1. Hi, not a fan of swatting with a newspaper, I can’t see the point of it although this is nicely posed.
    Refering to your comments regarding your loss of interest in this blog may I say that all good things come to an end eventually. I am an F1 fan and I ran my own fantasy grand prix game for many years but it became a chore so I stopped, such is life and change is the only constant.
    I’m sure that I won’t be the only one who’ll miss your posts but a labour of love should never be an obligation.
    More power to you.
    Colin Mann

  2. Likewise, Colin, I am not a fan of newspaper spankings either. In regards to the blog though, I will always post images, its just that my commentary may be rather lacking moving forward. There is still plenty more to come.


  3. Thanks, Ed, it will come in fits and starts. There maybe a week where I don’t post, but there might be other weeks where I post every day 🙂


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