Windsor Wednesday Classic – 267

Take me home, country roads!! Or perhaps “Cowboy take me away” by The Chicks.

Okay, so you are going to need to get your monocle’s out for this one, lol. It isn’t the clearest picture in the world, but you can let your imagination run free.

How great is this, huh, a cowboy giving a spanking on the porch. While I’m perhaps not one who really cares to read a story like this, I can’t help but find the whole thing appealing from a historical standpoint. A spanking on the porch by a cowboy. It conjures up images of a trip to the woodshed, or perhaps a Texas style belt whoopin’.

Like I said, the picture isn’t very clear, but hopefully your minds are enough to create your own scenario here.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 267

  1. He’s taking his ranch hand to her homestead! My top choices:

    1. Rancher’s daughter teases shy cowboy to get his attention
    2. Newlyweds, training his new filly 🙂
    3. A wife demanding a new store-bought dress

  2. Warmhand,

    I love the first scenario!! There is a video online of Hank Williams and Anita Carter singing a duet, one of only two Hank Williams videos to exist, they would make a perfect couple for that scenario 😉


  3. Coming from the South and near Texas a spanking on a porch would have been a great scene. I like to think of all the western with a cowboy spanking a cowgirl.great find thanks for sharing.enjoy your day.

  4. Jim,

    Even though the picture isn’t very clear, it is still a wonderful image to let ones mind imagine, isn’t it? I’m not particularly into cowboy/cowgirl, BUT, if the cowgirl is wearing a summer dress then I would be all over it!!


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