Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 58

It has been far too long,  hasn’t it? Just the other day I was thinking about my top ten lists for the year and then laughed at myself wondering if I have even made ten posts this year.

It’s just one of those things,  my life is just very busy right now. Between my normal work and running back and forth to Boston every other week to close an office there,  I’m not getting much time to myself. So as I once again hit the road this week I thought that I really should get something up for you all to enjoy.

If you want to keep up to date you can always follow me on Twitter,  I’ll be out of town for the next week so unless I use my phone to post it might be a quiet week on here. MY TWITTER FEED.

So for this week I am going to delve into my archive for a play not posted here before,  though I am sure Harry has either posted it or will do so in the near future.

This reminds me of the spanking scene in the film  ‘Nice Girl’  with Robert Benchley and Ann Gillis. Certainly the outfit of the spankee is the same,  nice thick housecoat,  pajamas and probably panties as well. Come on guys,  you need me to demonstrate for you?

The play is entitled  “My Hearts In High” and will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.




3 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 58

  • js666

    You refer to the spanking in “Nice Girl.” I can’t find it now, but one of the newspaper ads for the film had a pic of the spanking, but with a considerably older spankee, implying that people would get to see Deanna Durbin herself over Robert Benchley’s knee.

  • Dan Rivera

    The only spanking scene in “Nice Girl?” (1941) comes when Robert Benchley, playing a stern father of three daughters, puts his teenager over his knee and gives her a sound spanking while she is in her pajamas. The spankee is played by popular teen actress Ann Gillis.

    Dan Rivera

  • NJSpank

    Nice post and love the pic so awesome.


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