Windsor Wednesday Classic – 109

It is 6am and I’m getting ready for work, but as I noted earlier I want to find the time to keep the blog updated as much as I can. So please pardon the shortness of the post, but I do want to get you something today.

As you can see from this post from the 1970’s, it takes three bullies to pin this girl down, though to be honest, she doesn’t seem to be putting up much of a struggle.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.


And here is just a random image of a big baby crying his little eyes out.


2 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 109

  • KB

    That baby though!!!!! Hahahahah

  • Richard Windsor

    There’s an old saying,KB,if you’re going to dish it out,then you had better be able to take it. Let’s see how that works out,eh? I’m going to get so many Lord Of The Rings fans ending up on this blog by the time I am done.

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