Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 50

The big 5-0 on the Sunday candids. Pretty crazy when you combine it with all the other features that I have,  literally hundreds of rare spanking pics. Now before I start I wanted to provide you with an update of all of the responses to the audio interviews that I do. There are only 30 responses,  not that high of a number when you figure a thousand people a day come to the site,  lol. Anyway,  here is the pie chart on the simple question as to whether or not the interviews are liked.


That is no surprise at all,  in fact those were the type of numbers that I expected. Two thirds enjoy them so there will be more by the bucket load.

Now a handful of people took the time to offer their thoughts on the interviews themselves. These are all of the responses that I got.

How Can They Improve?

Not Sure
My preference is younger tops. And young bottoms.
Would be cool if they were on video
I love the flow of the last one just continue with the process you follow and maybe add some updated spanking scene they had. Really well done
Keep doing them
Fine the way they are.
Ask if they are available for private sessions. Ask what their favorite personal fantasy involving spanking is . Ask what famous person or persons they would like to spank.
If possible videotape it
More recollections of spankings from the past.

So a couple of people asked me to videotape them but I have to be honest,  I prefer to do both. I have plenty of video interviews out there and I wanted to focus on something that people can play in the car or add to their phones to listen to. Obviously there is some praise and also some suggestions,  such as younger scene people and of course the ever popular recollections. I will definitely take on board your suggestions and add them to my list.

The final question I asked was who you would like me to interview and here are all of the answers to that question.

Who Would You Like Me To Interview?

Amelia Rutherford
Pandora Blake
Ah the dear Amber Wells and focus on her amazing transition to a sexy stern lap. Would love it
Sarah Gregory
Sara Gregory again include transformation to a switch. This is Ron writing I still would love Amber first. Thanks
Alice Morningstar
Someone not well known in the scene,  your average next door neighbor type.
Queen Bleu
Clare Fonda
Miss Brown

Now there is one answer here that I really love,  but we will get to that. Amelia I do not know but I will at least put a feeler out there,  same goes for Alice Morningstar. Amber Wells is a definite no go at this stage. While I went to the theater with her a couple of weeks ago,  at this stage of her life she is focusing on her professional career and is not involved in spanking presently. I’m sure in the future that will be a great interview. I believe that Clare Fonda is also out of the scene at present. I have to admit that I do not know who Miss Brown or Queen Bleu are,  but I will look around to find them.

Now Pandora would be an excellent interview,  there is so much that I could cover with her and in this day and age I can easily hook up a speaker phone on my PC and record our conversation. I even have a UK phone number through my work so it would be an easy hook up. Sarah Gregory I have interviewed already and as soon as I finish my interview page you will get to see it there. If you want to check it out though you can find it on Spankingtube. Here is MY VIDEO PAGE.

And finally,  a big YES to the person who requested the people not well known in the scene,  those are the people who I would really love to interview. In fact when I started this I had hoped to interviews some known industry people,  but also the people who just have a story to tell. Because a persons voice will be public it isn’t going to be easy,  but I will work twice as hard trying to get your everyday person involved,  that would just be awesome.

Right,  I suppose I had better give you the weekly candid pic,  eh? This pic is from Lincoln Park in 1956 and features a superlative paddling.

This will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES spanking folder.
Lincoln Park 56

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