Streetcar Sundays – 60

So where have I been lately? As crazy as it sounds,  we are in the middle of an office move and the hours I have been working is scandalous. I’ve been with this company for 14 years so you can only imagine the amount of equipment we have to move,  but what makes it worse is that almost all of our staff are in the UK or in Boston. Bottom line,  we aren’t exactly flush with hands on staff. Here is the funny part though,  our actual moving day is Monday,  the day after the Boardwalk Badness Weekend. Because we have to unplug the network I’m more than likely going to leave the party on Sunday night and sleep at the office that night.

In good news though,  I just paid for my website for another year which I am very happy with,  because once I get some time I am going to have lots to say. That’s the part that is really frustrating at the moment,  there are so many things that I want to write about but I only get a couple of hours to myself each night at the moment. Today is no different,  I have a couple of hours this morning and then I am meeting a friend from Florida in the city this afternoon.

Anyway,  you aren’t here to listen to me whine,  you are here for spanking pics,  right? What I am going to do moving forward will be to add the really poor Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics to the regular ones I post each week. I still have dozens of them to post,  but amongst them are some pretty shoddy ones. So starting this week I will give you a good one along with a poor one.

The first pic is from 1953 and what I like about this one is that the girl has kicked so much she has lost her shoe. Let’s hope that the vigor of the spanking itself matched what appears to be a pretty good spanking in the pic. The second picture is from an angle that I personally love,  unfortunately you can’t really see much. You can see a hand in motion and the girl pushing up,  the rest is for your imagination I’m afraid.

Both pics will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.

baldwin 53Hammond 60

4 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 60

  • Jim

    Richard you are without a doubt a true Titan in the spanking world. Your site and your generosity in sharing your treasures are unsurpassed and very rarely equalled! I can not give enough thanks for each and every gem you share!

  • jimc

    I love the fact that you share good and bad stills. (I like the good ones better of course, but enjoy seeing any spanking as well. ) Thanks for sharing the great finds. Enjoy the Boardwalk Badness weekend and I hope your job will be less stressful after you have moved and got all the kinks out. Have a great day.

  • NotKat

    I heard that friend from Florida is a huge brat. I hope you beat the snot out of her. 😉 😉 😉

  • Richard Windsor

    Wrong Florida friend, NotKat 🙂 This is my vanilla buddy who I have known for 29 years.


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