Windsor’s Sunday Candids 45

As you will probably see,  things have been a little busy the last week or so. It is something that will happen every now and then as I have to work out of town quite often.

This weekend we had the SSNY party and I am happy to say that I am back playing. I took an awful long time off after becoming really burned out by the scene. Spanking is my happy place and a lot of the fun went out of it,  but after enforcing a break I feel so much better. In fact so much so that I am almost ready to commit to going to 50 freaks in February,  assuming I didn’t lose my invite after missing the last one.

Last night I didn’t go overboard with playing,  it was just so nice to get to hang out with good people again. It is always special when you go to a place and people are happy to see you,  exuding warmth and friendliness. On Friday I had mentioned to Funnybratgirl that I would like to play with her the following evening and at one point someone said that when I had a chance,  FBG would like to play. So I took my sweet assed time until a second person elaborated on the first person’s statement. What they should have said is that she was waiting for me.

Now in the last 18 months I have played just twice,  and both of those times were with Pixie. So to say I am a little out of practice is an understatement. I gave it the good old college try,  but I don’t think it will go down as an example given in training videos. However,  I was back playing,  that is the important thing,  and FBG has always been a very kind individual to me. The hospitality that her and Kor-E display to the spanking community is second to none,  and I wanted to mention that here to thank them for their warmth and friendship.

One unexpected surprise last might was that on two occasions I was approached on the same subject. Once from someone I know,  and another time from someone who recognized me not from my image,  but from my voice. Obviously I know that I have a unique vocal tone,  hell,  I milk it for all it is worth. Anyway,  both individuals approached me about the audio interviews that I used to do and their liking of them.

The group of people over the years who have mentioned them are somewhat small,  but,  they are very passionate about audio interviews. So that is something that I think that I will pick up again. In fact I have done 7 video interviews with Dana Specht so for the interim I can transfer those into audio recordings. These interviews were done exclusively for Dana’s website so unless you were a member,  they are pretty much going to be new to my audience.

Anyway,  the night went on and I had another spanking to give. There was a special friend of mine who I haven’t played with for 18 months and someone who has featured on this website frequently,  and we had some catching up to do. The person of course was the delightful ellee Evergood. One of the few girls not afraid to wear red panties to a spanking party.

ellee has always been one of the true joys in the spanking world,  such a lively young lady who I have often said has an infectious attitude towards our lifestyle that she makes everyone around her happy. It is really a gift and her company is something that I very much missed during my hiatus. We didn’t do anything over the top,  it was just a simple hand spanking,  just the way I like it. A few giggles,  a few over the top vocal inflections from me,  and ten minutes of getting reacquainted with an old friend.

Other than that I didn’t play in the traditional sense. There were a few girls who got a couple of swats here and there,  but it was nice to be back among the warmth of good people.

Okay,  so onto the spanking pic for this week,  or in this case shall we say a pic and a half a pic?

This week I am going back to the play,  Act Your Age. The play features a 20 something young woman dressing much younger to foil a plan and ends up getting a spanking for it. The pic this week is from 1945 and I have also included a newspaper cutting from 1949 in which you can just about see a spanking happening.

This will be added to my ACT YOUR AGE SPANKING FOLDER.

If you wish to read the full synopsis of the play including the relevant dialogue for the spanking scene,  then check out Harry’s review of the play right here.

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