Streetcar Sundays – 40

It is time for the weekly Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic. As I noted last week, Harry posted his own version of Streetcar Sunday’s last week where he shared over 40 Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics. A few of them I had already posted before on this blog, though I want to stress that he shared his own copies of the pics, there were two that I didn’t have, and the rest of them were ones that I owned a copy of that would have been shared in this weekly feature. I’m still going to share them in due time but I will concentrate first on pics that you haven’t seen.

This week I have something very unique for you, and the reason that I say it is unique is that it is a one of a kind pic. As in I paid $8.99 to own it!! Most of the time I pay for Internet subscriptions to get these pics for you, as does Harry, but occasionally there is no choice but to purchase a hard copy.

There is a problem with this pic though which I will now get to.

When I came across it there was no description for the pic other than the relevant information would be shared once the pic was purchased. The description was that of an original 4×6 negative from 1957. Well it was true, the relevant information was included in the note attached, the exact date, the location, the state, about the only thing that wasn’t included was the damn play, lol.

So when I got it I went on an extensive search to find that information and I was delighted to find the publication that would have included what the play was. The only problem is, there was no mention of the play in the yearbook. This came from a newspaper archive so now I have to do an even harder search to find the newspaper. The good news is I have the exact date that the picture was taken so if I can find the newspaper then the chances are the pic would have been published at some point during the same week.

Oh, and there is another problem that I should mention. The description of what I was buying was correct to the letter. Yes, I didn’t purchase the pic, what I purchased was the original NEGATIVE of the damn pic, lol. So I haven’t actually taken the time to develop the negative yet. Hopefully today I will rig my photocopier to develop this. What I’m told I need to do is to put the negative on the scanner, then place a sheet of paper over the negative, and once that is done I have to then put my cell phone with a flashlight on top of that. That’s a lot of darn work for one pic, eh?

Now even though the information doesn’t state that it is a Men Are Like Streetcars pic, I’m going to take an educated guess that it is based on the couch and the left handed spanking. It could also be “It couldn’t happen to a nicer girl” which is the same story as Men Are Like Streetcars. When I develop the negative I will post it this week at some point, but until then I will share with you the version that was sent to me. When I scan the negative the pic will be about ten time the size of the one I am currently sharing.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.


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