Windsor Wednesday Classic – 41

Number 41 of a series that would appear to be never ending. I anticipate the Wednesday classic going on for years with everything posted more than likely a unique spanking pic to you all. One or two may slip by that the odd person has seen before, but for the most part my project brings new “Old”pics to you every week.

Now despite all of the money that I have paid for spanking pics, wouldn’t you know that one of the better ones cost me not a penny, though it did cost me a few hours of digging through an archive that is not yet finished. This is yet another entry that will be placed in the MIND OF HER OWN spanking folder. There are only 5 pics in there so far but I have at least another eight unseen spanking pics from this play still to come.

Don’t forget that this weekend I am giving away a FREE SPANKING VIDEO download, click on the link for details, and be sure to check out my SITEMAP where you should find some of the rarest spanking pics out there. I love my hobby 🙂

De 49


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