Windsor Wednesday Classic – 191

As you all know by now, I am working on my vanilla Youtube project. Last week I did my first proper narrated documentary, walking around famous graves near to me. People such as Harry Houdini, (The Cowardly Lion) Bert Lahr and mobster Arnold Rothstein amongst others. The number of views that I am getting is still rather paltry, but the “Famous Graves” video did provide something that was very encouraging. The people who watched the video actually watched it all the way through, so the video retention rate was awesome. The same thing happened on my GoodFellas filming locations. So I’m still playing to an empty house somewhat, ironic that I have felt the same way about posting on this blog for the last few years, lol, but there are very encouraging signs that I have a good product to sell. Every Thursday I am putting up a NYC history video, and I will be watching the performance of these videos closely.

On the spanking front I installed a tracking code on Dana Specht’s blog to review the traffic flow on there. Right now the top two pages match the top two Dana posts that I have on this site, but then I have to be careful in measuring this, because the traffic might be going directly from my posts to her site which is going to dilute the results.

It is probably not going to be ready for this Friday, but I will have part 4 of the MOTHER SPANKS SERIES finished soon. Chapter 4 is going to be an F/M chapter. So far Tim has heard his girlfriend being spanked, watched her best friend get spanked, and then he spanked the pair of them. Now he is alone with his girlfriend’s Mother, and her matter of fact comment that all three of them deserved a spanking, has him thinking that she may be right. He just has no idea what he could let himself in for.

The spanking image this week is a nice little dandy that will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder. With the war now over, a young Japanese girl is learning about American customs, and she seems quite happy about it 🙂

P.S. She is Japanese, but whether she is US born or Japanese born I do not know.

7 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 191

  1. In my (limited) experience most girls/women like being spanked from time to time.
    Of all my girlfriends only one didn’t like it.
    Speaking of friends is Pixie still off the scene? Not to pry you understand but because I remember something she posted a few years ago saying that she was leaving the scene and she didn’t seem to be happy about it.

  2. What was the superlative for this picture, Richard?

    I’m always so impressed by the amount and quality of the stuff you find.

    I don’t know what counts as an empty house but I can tell you I’m always in the audience here!

  3. Colin,

    On my vanilla Facebook page, I am completely open about who I am and what I do. None of my friends care, it’s just a part of who I am. With that said, being open about who I am has provided me with some playful spanking opportunities that I would have never dreamed of. A number of my vanilla Female friends have negotiated their way into a position where they could get some playful fun with me. None of it has even been serious, but it is also not uncommon for someone to tease their way into a few smacks!!

  4. Theo,

    I think it was Most Distinguished if I am not mistaken. If I am wrong I will email you the full sized image with the correct details. I put in an awful lot of work in finding these rare pics for everyone to enjoy, and my goal is to always bring something brand spanking new to the table, pardon the pun. 90% of the time I am successful, when I post something it is generally the first time that the spanking world has seen it. Not always, but most times. Eventually all of my stuff gets siphoned off, but I think by now that a lot of my readers know where to get the “First edition” so to speak 😉

    Don’t worry about the empty house comment. On occasion it gets a little frustrating that I put all of this work in, get thousands of visitors each week, but barely get any feedback. I’m just whining a little bit 😉


  5. You are entitled to a little whine!

    When I think about how exciting it was to find a single spanking picture I hadn’t seen in a whole book of Movie pics, and how blasé people are when you unearth fantastic things that no one has seen for decades, well, you deserve a spanko medal!

  6. It’s always a thrill, Theo. Just lately I haven’t had much time to do my usual searching, but I did find a great OTK pic this week. That will make for a nice Wednesday post. I know that there are still dozens out there just waiting to be found 🙂


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