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The other day I was just perusing my stats for the site to see what was popular for 2012. As I have mentioned several times, the traffic for the Sorority Spanking Sunday’s posts and the Wednesday Classic posts are mental compared to everything else that is posted. There was one video though from 2011 that was just outside the top ten which made me look to see what the most popular video has been on this site since I started. Because I am an honest guy, the top viewed videos are the ones that I sell, but that is because I spam the snot out of them in many places. The actual top free video that I have done is this one, which might mean a lot more strapping videos coming your way 🙂

At the bottom of the video is a little poll about the video itself. There are 4 options and please feel free to be honest. There is also a section where you can say anything that you want about the video. It is totally anonymous so if you have a yellow streak running down your back, here is your chance to be an Internet hero 🙂 At the end of the week I will copy the responses and post them so hopefully there will be some funny ones!!

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