White Nylon Memories

Now while I still have around 40 Japanese videos left to post, next week I am also going to resume my filming in New York City. In the next few months I am going to be heading to Europe, though I haven’t finalized exactly where I am going yet. A lot of it will depend on whether or not I have to go to England first. There are a couple of legal issues surrounding my family estate which is compounded by the fact that I live in America. Whilst I hired a company to manage the estate for me, there are still court related requirements that will probably require my presence in order to transfer everything over to me. It is all pretty stressful, and add to the fact that I will be retired in the next ten years or so,  then I also have to decide whether or not I am going to move back to England or not. Or who knows, maybe if I manage my finances right I might live on the road. My original plan for my Spring trip was going to be to Austria, Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary, but that is going to depend now on how long I need to spend in England.

When I was cleaning up some folders this weekend I came across this image from Blushes magazine. Let me confess something first though, the original image as it was presented is at the bottom of this post. The first one that I am showing here has been rotated -90 degrees. That is important to note as there are many people who don’t want images altered in any way, so I want to make sure that I include the original and tell you up front that I have flipped the image to the side for the aesthetic look.

So why this image? Dude, this image is from the early 80s, and it was in 1979 that I gave my first spanking to my girlfriend at the time. My girlfriend at the time also had on a pair of WHITE NYLON PANTIES and I dare say, even though it is over 40 years ago, that she was wearing something not unlike what you see in the image here. It gets me every time, despite how long ago it is, it is like my dream spanking. If I had my way then every spanking would be given over panties just like this all the time  🙂  It almost makes me want to write a new story!! If you want to read the story of the first spanking that I gave in 1979 then you can do so by clicking THIS LINK. Does the image also give you happy thoughts?

And as promised, here is the same photo as above as it was originally printed in the Blushes magazine.

5 thoughts on “White Nylon Memories

  1. I was wondering what happened. We’ll miss your tweets of course, but I’m glad to hear it’s a conscious decision that feels best for you. Your blog (along with Vanilla Spanking, love that one too) have long been amongst our favourites, so we’ll certainly continue to follow you over here. All the best from us two over in the SteamyBedtime household! 😉

  2. It’s all good, I saw everything that I needed to see. Thankfully this happened before the Weekend so that I have time to help the organizers make alternative plans for the tasks that I normally do. I’ll be sure to stay in touch with you both 🙂


  3. Richard
    I totally get your mood and decisions I will miss you on Twitter but I get it. You are an inspiration for guys like me who may not have the balls to come out of the spanking closet but vanilla world does rule. Loss of your brothers is heartbreaking to me. I have not yet lost my brothers but have lost my four best friends to heart issues, cancer, an accident and 9/11. I understand your pain. I will miss you so much and losing a friend in the panty spanking world hurts but so look foreword to following your other work. Your Japan vids are incredible.
    We never had that pint but know you have a life long friend.
    Be well and enjoy life sir.
    Best regards

  4. Ron,

    I’m still going to keep the blog. Obviously a lot of my plans revolve around vanilla activities but I still have a wealth of material that I have collected over the years to share with everyone. Like I said, there are important issues for me to focus on and that is what I intend to do. The road has been pretty long these last few years, and while I may have considered taking the last exit last year, there is still a long road ahead full of happiness 🙂 In December I intend to go to South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan, with possibly a visit to Laos if I can squeeze it in, and that is something that I really look forward to.

    You always have my email address,

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