Windsor Wednesday Classic –16

Here we go again, yet another classic entry into the world of vintage spanking pics. Today I was going to also write about my reasons for withdrawing from the spanking blog of the year contest, but that can wait until later in the week. Also be sure to check my anniversary post where I have pictures up of myself spanking Ellee and Beth.

Last night I culled a handful of pics for the Wednesday classics, and just before I went to bed I decided on trying a new search time, and bingo. Another 10 classics showed up featuring what I believe to be some unknown spankings in stage plays.

Incidentally, if you want to see all of my Wednesday classic contributions in one place, just CLICK HERE. In the last 3 months this page has been viewed 6,500 times alone.

This weeks classic is from a play called “A mind of her own”in 1952 from Forestville Central High School. This is truly a classic, but it isn’t all, I still have a stack of awesome spanking pics. Come back here every Wednesday and Sunday and I will give you something unique and original. Last night I scored some real gems, worth the money alone that I paid for them. My recognition comes from bringing these pics to the spanking world.

Forestville Central High School - 1952 - mind of her own

5 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic –16

  • Richard –this is a great find! Not only is it of historical interest,the OTK positioning is unusually good! (I wonder who staged the scene? Maybe a true spanko.) This is unique and valuable.

  • NJSpank

    Just a wonderful otk pic,thanks Rich for all the research,I like this one.

  • Richard Windsor

    Web-Ed and NJSpank,

    This is one of several grade A vintage pics that I have. Over the coming weeks there will be more classic OTK action,my own personal spanking of the week 🙂

  • What,exactly,is he spanking her with? It looks like a phone book or something.

  • jim

    Like the others i really think this is one of your better finds as the otk positioning is really great although whatever he is spanking her with does detract a little bit from it being perfect. Thank you for all your research and i look forward to more classic otk action. these high school productions really do capture the imagination. Thanks again. have a great day

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