The New Year Is Coming

There is this strange feeling that I have that some bottoms will be warm on New years Eve 🙂 I’m in that special toppy mode which doesn’t bode well for the girls that I will see this weekend.

Before I give you a quick post today I need to send a message out to Mr. P. I’m not going to be able to get to the phone and he doesn’t have email, so just bear with me. Mr.P, I sent you a package yesterday via priority mail so you should get it on Wednesday, though hopefully it will come on Monday. In it you will find 5 DVD’s and a collection of Sorority spanking photo copies which I know you will enjoy.

Okay, now that is done, let me give you something good for today. I gave you some Pics of Ellee for my 6th anniversary blog post, you will be happy to know that more maybe coming. Seems that girl is overdue another spanking!

This year has seen a new feature which has really taken off, more than I thought that it would.

The Sorority Spanking Sunday’s weekly feature and the Windsor Wednesday Classic feature are currently being viewed over 2,000 times each per month after just 3 months. That is just for the pages above, each individual post has been racking up the views. For example, The Chi Omega Story feature that I did has been viewed 4,600 times in just 6 weeks. That pleases me to no end because there was no other post on this site that I put as much work into this year as I did that one. Next week I will do my top ten posts of the year as I always do based on page views. As much as I would like for the Chi Omega story to be the most viewed, it currently sits as the second most viewed for the year, but there are still two days left 🙂 Not surprisingly though, both the Sorority pics and the Wednesday pics will feature heavily in the top ten, for both have become instant favorites for the readers of this site.

So, you will get another Sorority pic tomorrow, and then on Wednesday be prepared for what I believe to be the best vintage find that I have to date. Wednesday’s classic will indeed be a classic. My picture for today is from an old newspaper. Unfortunately the collection that I have of these are pretty poor in quality, though I have many of them. It is highly unlikely that this could be considered a spanking of the week, but it should be good enough to enjoy. Coincidentally,  I was a little surprised that THIS PIC didn’t make spankings of the week, but I think that you will agree that it is truly a classic vintage OTK mainstream spanking pic.

Today’s picture is from North Carolina in 1958.

NC 1958

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