Windsor Wednesday Classic – 135

This image has been sat in my files for six years now and as I have two copies then I figured that now would be a good time to share them. Perhaps you can help with the image details.

This image is from Cotulla, Texas in 1957. I had to cross reference with another publication but the girl in the picture is a part of the school band. The spanker is the Drivers Ed teacher as well as a P.E. teacher. The image was taking on a trip and if you look very carefully you will see a bus in the background. So the question is, is this spanking taking place on the bus or on the hood of the bus?

My initial reaction would have been inside of the bus, but as you can see both of the girls legs (as well as her flailing hand) then it makes me think that it is on the hood of the bus. Your thoughts?

This will be added to my newly created PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder as I look to build it up.

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