Windsor Wednesday Classic – 122

Now while I try and bring you new,  vintage photos every week,  they aren’t always of grade A quality. Still,  I would rather bring you new material than recycle the work of someone else. Every now and then though,  I find a real gem of a photo,  which is the case this week.

Many years ago I cut the spanking scene from the movie  “Naughty Nanette”  out of Dan Rivera’s Cinema Swats 5 and shared it online. It was one of those spanking scenes that really touched my spanking trigger,  a haughty girl getting her comeuppance. My edit of the spanking clip still remains online,  but no longer under my name. Fortunately though it was copied and the cut I made was left alone to include the build up,  it is one of my favorite mainstream spanking clips.

I have include the clip below the photograph,  but my main reason for the Wednesday Classic this week is that I actually found on Ebay a lobby card that features the spanking given to Dorothy Porter by Bob Graham. I’ve not seen this one before,  which isn’t to say that another spanko may have a copy of it,  I just haven’t personally seen this lobby card before. I’m really happy to have found this pic because I really love the scene.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album,  where you will find almost all unique spanking photos from mainstream films. Remember,  a clip of the movie is below the photo.

3 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 122

  1. Thank you, thank you Richard W., for posting that beautiful picture of Bob Graham spanking Dorothy Porter. It’s true that I found the clip from “Naughty Nanette” (1945) and included it in my Cinema Swats compilation all those years ago, but to see this blindingly clear photograph of the spanking at its best, is thrilling… and yes, it is a “keeper.”

    The only possible “flaw” in the pic is that Dorothy’s face is turned a bit to the left, thus keeping us from seeing her embarrassed facial features. No matter. What you have given us here is so perfect in all other respects, it is a great “find.”


  2. Dan,

    Without your cinema swats recording I would never have even known about the scene. In fact, because I took the clip that is now seen online directly from your DVD, it is fair to say that without you the clip wouldn’t even exist in the spanking world, so thank you for that.


    I’m also someone who values pictures far more than I do videos. In this instance I do prefer the video because it actually reaches me on a personal level. For the most part though, I prefer a picture so that I can interpret what I am seeing 🙂

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