Windsor Wednesday Classic – 107

It is with trepidation that I write this,  because it always gives me trauma that people aren’t going to understand what I say and will leave a comment offering support when none is required or wanted. Don’t make me add your IP address to the spam list and have your comments swallowed up by the hungry cyber bin 🙂

It was this time last year when my Brother texted me to let me know that our mom was now entering her final phase with cancer. She did live for another two weeks but it was this day last year that it all became too much for my Brother and he needed to talk. The two of us have always been really close and as I hadn’t had to deal with even the smallest fraction of what he had to deal with,  my role was to be the counselor. Today I was reading through his texts and smiling a little bit at our conversations,  and then I got to the final one which still to this day gives me a laugh,  though I will never tell him.

It was on the 25th that he called me to say that this was it,  the final days had approached. To give him a break I started calling the family members,  for two reasons really. Firstly to give my brother a break,  but also to give them a little surprise being that they hadn’t spoken to me in years. Thank goodness that I have a Cardiff phone number through my work,  lol. Anyway,  I spoke to mom on the Sunday and soon after she slipped into a coma. I’m sure a lot of you have been through this already so I don’t need to tell you how harrowing it is,  with the news just getting worse and worse each day for weeks on end. Anyway,  my Brother had to deal with everything from day 1 and I said to him,  because we knew that it could come at any minute,  I said just to send me a text when it finally happens and I will start making the phone calls and catch up with him later.

So he did,  he sent me that text,  and whereas I would have loved a  “She fought a tough fight,  Rich,  but she is gone now”,  that wasn’t my Brother’s style. Nope,  in the text he proceeded to give me a play by play of exactly what happened and how awful the final hours were. It’s really funny,  but I can’t help but laugh at that text. He finishes with  “I know it is tough reading,  Rich,  but I thought that you would like to know”. In my best Ricky Gervais voice I was like  “Nnnnnnno,  a simple  ‘at peace’  would have done it”. It is strange the things that make you laugh,  and I knew he meant well,  but I would never tell him that it was just a little much TMI as a final notice 🙂

So please,  no sympathy or anything like that. I don’t dwell on the past and I’m content with everything. It is like any anniversary,  you look back and reflect a little bit. So I re-read that final text and nitpicked it  “Ya coulda skipped that part,  and that,  eased up on that one,  lol”

My spanking photo for this week is from KISS ME KATE,  and as you know I am not a big fan of Kate pics by any means. However,  in this one it actually looks like the skirt is thin enough that she might actually feel it a little bit.

This is from Lansdowne,  PA in 1955 and will be added to my KISS ME KATE spanking folder,  where I must say you will find a collection of some of the best Kiss Me Kate spanking pics out there,  from a vintage standpoint that is.



4 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 107

  • Double Z

    Uh, am I seeing things, or is our Kate actually a mannequin?

  • Richard Windsor

    Double Z,

    I added a photo for you at the bottom of the spanking pic. I agree, it did look like a mannequin, but it is definitely a girl.

  • Double Z

    Rich, thank you…well, I guess she really is human, then. She just looks so unreal…I guess it’s the pose…I have a friend who collects mannequins, and something about her really does look like one of them.

  • NJSpank

    Well done and nice picture.


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